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07-12-2012 10:34:28 AM EST
I read all these messages about Arbuckle and agree he belongs in jail forever. I know you all talk about him being a repeat offender for DUI, but his record is far worse then that this is a guy who has beat numerous woman, Arbuckles brother used to dated and has a child with Kyles current GF Michelle he was charged with assult on her years ago then she dropped the charges against him, Tim then abused his GF at the time Kelly Kindschi she just never reported him, He was then charged with Domestic assault on Darcy Lovell, Katie Kingsbury, Jen Wilson and there was some investigation on him abusing another GF Ashley Merrow and her son, He is a felon he hunts regularly when not locked up yet isnt suppose to have a gun, He put his own father in the hospital who has since passed away, DUI isnt even a quater of the monster this man is, He has abused many woman the above are just names that have publicly been thrown out there, He gets drunk and fights with everyone then drives around and has been this way since in High school he's now 30+ and still doing it this guy alone shows they lack in Vermonts Judicial system, In the state of Vermont you will do more time for having drugs then for abusing or even killing someone, I am by no means defending Sands but he isnt the only screwed up member of Vermonts Judical system there are many of them. Vermont should do the world a favor and sit Arbuckle in a federal prison for life.

06-26-2012 9:26:59 AM EST
Chad, it's clear you're signing this under a fictitious name. no person with any self respect would come onto this site and spew such garbage. While I'm not going to get into the particulars of the case, because I'm sure your more knowledgable than the general public about the outcome, I'm sure you're not happy with the result. I'm sure you also know it only took a jury 2 hours to determine that Bolaski would spend a looooooooong time in jail for his actions. Deliberations like that don't happen in 2 hours if there was any doubt. Now, the easiest thing for belligerence to do is point fingers when one isn't happy with the result. But the fact remains, Bolaski was wrong, his buddies are wrong, and you're wrong.

Vin Sr.
06-15-2012 11:12:18 PM EST
Thank you Tommy. It's nice to hear when Vinnie has touched someone's life in such a positive way. We miss him so much and it's comforting to know that he lives on in the hearts of so many.

Tommy   tommy8370@hotmail.com
06-14-2012 11:24:03 PM EST
I went to school with Vinny at St. Catherines. Im not going to claim we were best friends. I hated the fact that he was better at everything athletically than I was, except baseball, but that was only because he didn't play. Even thought he knew he was better it was still fun to compete with him because he never made you feel inferior. Its hard to describe, but it existed. The best way to describe it was, his cockiness was contagious. I remember the kid that skateboarded down by St. Catherines, the kid that would play ball in the projects, he even played hockey with us honkies. I remember he had a million hats, once egged me and my friends at Halloween, but apologized later because he didnt know it was me. I remember the kid that I was jealous of...but couldn't help but like him. He had this smile, that smile is what I remember. Im sorry for your loss. I just randomly thought of him today and I was so saddened to find out what transpired...I had no idea. I moved out of Charlestown awhile ago. I also wasn't aware of his struggles, like so many of us Townies go through. Basically, I just want you to know that that young fun-loving kid you remember....I remember him that way too. God bless.

Terri Kays   terrikays@sbcglobal.net
06-09-2012 12:18:33 AM EST
Vin, I just read your Vinnie & Trayvon Martin comparison. Well said, my friend, well said. I love how you listed by name each and every person that ignored your pleas. I love Rob's idea to take out an ad at election time. Most of all, I love you comment that TRAYVON HAS THE WILL OF AN ENTIRE NATION BEHIND HIM! *VINNIE HAS ONLY US. I suppose African-Americans have learned that they must unite to fight for justice. Most whites have never experienced injustice. We need to learn from them. The only way I know how to do that is to keep screaming as loud as I can. I think we also have to keep sharing the injustices of others even if it's just one person at a time. I shared Vinnie's story - along with others that are in our shoes - in my letter to the editor - What Makes The Ideal Victim comparing Adam's murder to Trayvon's - all the way down in Odessa TX. We have to make people aware that things like this happen everywhere, every day, to every race. I think most white people would never expect something like this unless, God forbid, it happens to them. I know I didn't. Blacks expect injustice in the justice system. They know it happens because it happens to them in greater numbers. We have to spread the word and hope that someday someone will listen. Take care and keep up the fight. I know you will.

06-01-2012 9:50:13 PM EST
Mr. Tamburello you're absolutely right, it's not only unfair but criminal. The similarites between Vinnie's and Trayvon's killing are amazing! It's incredible they are being handled so differently and it's a sad but true fact that the only reason is because of their race. It's a fact that angers me because as you point out it it takes away from the seriousness of the crimes and puts a race card on them. You've nothing to be ashamed of Rob. It's those that are using the deaths for personal gain, Sand, Sorell Holder, Obama, just to name a few, are the people that should be ashamed. They play the race card and puts us in a bad light. While it's true that Jackson and Sharpton are doing this for their own agendas they got results. Now if they would only do the same for Vinnie Then they could really say that they are for justice for everyone not just their race. But that won;t happen. Mr. Tamburello I wish you the best of luck in your fight and pray that you and your family get the justice you so rightly deserve.

Vin Sr.
05-30-2012 9:47:36 PM EST
Rob, I must say, your post is by far one of the most passionate and emotional messages I've ever received. I'm very sorry to hear about your family's loss of your parent's first born. Vinnie was our first born also. It doesn't matter the age the pain is the same. Please give them our heartfelt condolences. You're absolutely right in what you say, they probably wouldn't do what they're doing if they didn't feel they would be held accountable. The same goes for Eric Holder, President Obama, etc. And that's the shame of it all because it perpetuates ambiguity. They make it into what it becomes, a question of race rather than justice and, because of the way this was handled by the justice system, this is not going to be avoided. Trayvon's parent's deserve the truth and justice. Unfortunately to get this they will have to pay the price of relying on a justice system that is rife with hypocrisy and deceit. My heart goes out to them. Thank you for your kind words of solace and Peace to you and your family

05-30-2012 3:14:07 PM EST
I just read the Trayvon Martin section and am so ashamed that I stopped reading it before picking it up again. As a black man, the injustices and privileges we are granted in this country make me cower in shame. The two pimp stooges who claim to be the ambassadors for black people are nothing but hustling vultures who are some of the most hypocritical beings I have ever seen. They are some of the most divisive individuals I have ever seen and I will go as far as saying that their bias perpetuate racial tensions in this great nation. As far as the Trayvon Martin killing, which is incredibly sad and atrocious, the reason why a lot of black leaders helped out is because if they didn't, they would have been outcasted from our community and called "traitors." That is right, this race thing is so astonishingly idiotic that we have concepts like that still around. Race is still an issue in the U.S. As a member of the black community, I must denounce the immense hypocrisy and baffling bias we have. It's disgraceful and I condemn that kind of behavior. You should run an ad, during the next election in Vermont, denouncing Robert Sand and his commarades' wrongful handling of criminals in the Vermont area. He is, pardon my language, a slimy reptilian crocodile who, in my belief, has secrets he's hiding by helping out these offenders. My parents burried their first child. He died as an infant and that pain still haunts my dear mother. Please accept my earnest and most sincere best wishes you seem like a hard working, honest family man trying to get by in the world. May each day be a new start of life for you and your folks and you aren't fighting alone. With love and resolution, Rob

05-08-2012 7:08:59 PM EST
I have watched CT for years on MTV. I remember hearing about his brother so last night I researched it. I read your entire site and had nightmares last night as if I experienced what you have had to endure. My heart is so sad and appalled by the ferocity with which those scum plotted your son's murder. You should write a book to get more attention to the horrible injustices served on your family. Sands should be behind bars as should all of the degenerates involved. I can't fully express how deeply your son's murder and the aftermath has affected me! Keep us posted on all of the losers involved and I hope they one day truly feel the pain they caused everyone.

Vin Sr.
04-29-2012 5:10:12 PM EST
Anonymous, believe me I know your frustration. I understand how you and many other Vermonters feel about not being able to rely on the judicial system to protect you, especially in White River Junction where Robert Sand has made it a safe haven for criminals. But taking the law into your own hands is never the answer. You as a citizen should never have to be in the position to protect you and your family and face the consequences of doing so. Unfortunately, because of corrupt officials who care more for the criminal element than their own citizens, people are being forced into that decision. But Resorting to vigilante justice will only make things worse. The best way to protect yourself is not with guns or violence but with your vote. Use it to make sure that corrupt officials like Robert Sand are taken out of office. This is how the people must protect themselves. I wish you luck.

04-27-2012 8:03:00 PM EST
Another man was shot in the back in White River junction. For no apparent reason. They traced the shooter to his apartment, found the gun and DIDN'T ARREST HIM! This time in Hartford. Then they tell us it's safe! But even if they do arrest him Robert Sand will just let him go anyway, so why bother. We're just not safe anymore. We can't trust our judicial system to protect us so we have to protect ourselves!

Jerry P.   jprev@hotmail.com
04-17-2012 12:56:51 PM EST
DISGRACEFUL, DESPICABLE, DISHONORABLE! I can't think of better words to describe Robert Sand's and David Cahill's actions. Sand's now making his puppet do his dirty work. They have to go. I agree with fed up, we need someone in there that's going to fight for us not the criminals.

Another fed up Green Mountaineer
04-16-2012 1:37:05 PM EST
How dare you come on this site to explain your reasoning, Mr. Cahill. You could have emailed Mr. Tamburello this message. I'm inclined to believe Mr. Staples and wonder if you did this deliberately. If voting against Robert Sands is the only way to stop your nonsense, then I can't wait for the next election. If I had the backing, I'd run against him. I hope someone has the knowledge, courage, and compassion for our people to take back Windsor County from your ridiculousness. Fed up in Vermont!!!!

Fed Up Vermonter
04-16-2012 8:10:48 AM EST
David Cahill, YOU'RE A DISGRACE! You and Robert Sand don't deserve to be in that office. You had no right to go on the Tamburello's website and dredge up the pain your office has caused them. Shame on you!

Vin Sr.
04-15-2012 7:05:06 PM EST
Corrections, Thanks for the information but believe me , no one knows more than us the way that the Vermont judicial system favors the defendant. Before, during and after sentencing. That's why I asked for the maximum of one year for Arbuckle for the simple assault. I knew he would only do a few months, but that's better than nothing at all which was what he got for the more serious DUI violations by Cahill. He got charged under the 4 strike DUI law which was recently passed in Vermont, which means that anyone charged with 4 DUI felonies can receive a minimum of 4 years and a maximum of 7 years. So if Cahill had asked for any jail time, even though Arbuckle would have been released early, he still would have been off the streets and the people of Vermont would have been safe for that much longer and justice would have been served. Instead to save a few bucks they released Arbuckle free and clear which in the long run they will lose money because of the many other times he will break the law. Vermont dispenses justice according to cost and the people suffer for it. Arbuckle will do time for what he did to Vinnie. Serious time. John Lavoie isn't Robert Sand. Sand is a corrupt, dishonest person who broke the law. Sooner or later he'll have to account for what he's done. It's only a matter of time.

Randy Staples
04-15-2012 6:44:10 PM EST
To Corrections: I, for one, appreciate your candor. As one affected by what they did to my nephew down MaKenzie Park, we never held the people also fed up with this crew responsible. From my perpective, it appears the only way to prevent the Bolaski brothers, the Jerry Ucci's, The Tristan Blanchard's, and the Tim Arbuckles from hurting anyone else is to unseat Sands. While Sands may not have laid claim to Cahill's position, he IS responsible for not only Cahill's actions, but anything these kids do to anyone else in Vermont. I'm not sure if you're aware, but Blanchard was detrimental to his sister getting shot, also. How many more people have to get shot for Blanchard's total disregard for the law? And how many more victims will fall prey to Sand's inability to protect the good people of Vermont? Blanchard got up on that stand and laughed in the face of Justice. He also perjured himself, as the other parties involved in my nephew's killing did. He also stated he was clean, and not dealing drugs, but was arrested shortly after his testimony for dealing drugs. I can't say it enough, as long as Sand is in that seat, these kids have a corrupt prosecutor on their side. Once again, thank you for your honesty.

04-15-2012 5:45:13 PM EST
I used to work in VT Corrections and am fortunate not to have interacted with Kyle Bolaski. These are my personal views not those of VT DOC. Arbuckle is a known bad apple and Lavoie needs to charge him with more than a misdemeanor (what Sands should have done 2 years ago). We have been dealing with him for years. The sad truth is Arbuckle wouldn't have done real time in VT on the DUI felony even if he got an unusually stiff sentence like 5-7 yrs to serve. We have this legislation called Challenges for Change that forces DOC to release repeat DUI offenders (and other, get this, "nonviolent" offenders) well before their minimum sentence is up. It's all about saving money. So Cahill's plan to ship Arbuckle to NH was decent enough. I doubt it was Sands idea. Arbuckle will probably serve 2-3 years in NH prison out of his 2-5 year sentence. If he had been sentenced in VT first, our sentencing rules would apply, and Arbuckle would have walked out the prison doors on furlough and on bail for simple assault. The pending simple assault case would prevent him from being extradited to NH, so in a truly messed-up way it would keep him free for a while. Screwed-up, huh? That's one of the reasons I quit corrections. Anyway, sorry to hear about this whole situation. I can personally vouch that most people here in SE VT are really disturbed by what's going on.

Windsor resident
04-15-2012 11:42:29 AM EST
David Cahill. I can't believe you admit to letting Arbuckle go free! Arbuckle's a menace to society. You had finally had a chance to put him behind bars. To show punks like him that they're not above the law instead you protected him and make excuses. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Randy Staples
04-13-2012 9:17:47 PM EST
You know, David Cahill, I need to point something out here. Excluding the racial divide in the Trayvon Martin killing, what happened to my nephew is similar in many ways. I want to point out the similarities, and differences. The Bolaski brothers, Ucci, and Blanchard hunted my nephew, like Zimmerman did to Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman had a weapon on him, as the above stated crew did, with one objective in mind, as the above crew had--to make sure their target will never go home again. To make sure their intended target will suffer the rage they planned to inflict as their prey lay dying. To make sure the person none of them knew would never live to tell their side of the story. If that wasn't enough, your office failed to protect the citizens of Vermont by allowing these people to continue their reign of terror by allowing them to walk free, as Sanford, Florida did with Zimmerman. From the preliminary facts, there was enough evidence to charge the Bolaski brothers, Ucci, Blanchard, and Arbuckle with second degree murder, as was Zimmerman, but Robert Sand, as well as the prosecuting attorney in Florida allowed the killers to walk free. You know what was different between these two states. These two incidents. Florida's prosecuting attorney, and Chief of Police was smart enough to realize they made a mistake, and stepped down. Not Robert Sand, though. No, unlike the new prosecuting attorney in the Florida case, who knew she had enough evidence to charge Zimmerman with second-degree murder without a Grand Jury, Robert Sand not only convened a GJ, he led them to their decision. Rather than present ALL the evidence, and let the GJ make a righteous decision, he withheld evidence and made those poor people on that GJ live with a decision they were FORCED TO MAKE through Robert Sands's corrupt lifestyle. As if leading the witnesses into perjuring themselves wasn't enough, he walked out arm-in-arm with the killer. THAT was the statement he made to the good people of Vermont. He told them, as long as he's in office the people that pay his salary will never be free from people like the Bolaski brothers, the Jerry Ucci's, the Tristan Blanchard's, and the Tim Arbuckle's of Vermont. He told the good people of Vermont, as long as no one runs against me this is what you'll have to deal with because I'm untouchable. Well, David, Robert Sand didn't just smear the Vermont Judicial system's name, he also smeared your name. And you have the nerve to come on here and break a code of ethics you swore to by upholding the law of the land without prejudice. You come on here and tell the good people of Vermont you have the same disregard for the law as the lawbreakers you're supposed to convict. Shame on you, David Cahill, for openly expressing that disregard for the law your supposed to uphold to protect the good people of Vermont.

Vin Sr.
04-13-2012 7:06:42 PM EST
David Cahill. You're right. It is a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo and the fact remains you let Arbuckle off scott free from very serious charges he committed in Vermont not New Hampshire! He faced 7 years on the charges in Vermont because he's a repeat offender! Yet you let him walk WITH NO PUNISHMENT FROM VERMONT! How can you even try to justify letting New Hampshire do your work for you?? They punished him for the crimes Arbuckle committed in New Hampshire not Vermont and you let him walk from very serious felony charges that is YOUR responsibility to protect the people of Vermont from, not New Hampshire's! They did their job and protected their citizens. Because you and Robert Sand did not do your job from the beginning, and continued to allow Arbuckle walk free time and time again, after multiple violations and felonies, the state of New Hampshire and it's citizen's were put in jeopardy. Like your boss, Robert Sand, You took the coward's way out! Then you make excuses! Now Arbuckle will be getting out from New Hampshire in short time to continue his reign of terror on the citizens of Vermont. How do you justify that? How can you justify letting this man on the street over and over again to terrorize the people of Vermont? Arbuckle is a very serious repeat offender. Even after his involvement in Vinnie's murder he continued to commit numerous felonies! These are FELONIES, not traffic tickets! It's your job to ensure that the citizens of Vermont are safe from his type. As usual you failed to do that and you trying to convince me otherwise shows that you and Robert Sand knew exactly what you were doing. You say you're sorry we don't have closure on the Arbuckle front yet it's not over yet. Unless once again you're already planning on setting him free! Is that true Mr. Cahill? Is there already a plan to protect Arbuckle from justice? Not this time because there's a real prosecutor named John Lavoie who believes in justice, that plans on making sure Arbuckle is held accountable. That will do the job you failed to do! I don't understand your sense of justice. Criminals have a free hand in Windsor County where even murderers walk free and just like Sand, you make excuses for not doing your job. Your post just proves what I've been saying from the very beginning, Robert Sand is a corrupt prosecutor who cares nothing for the people of Vermont only for the criminal element. And you're following in his footsteps. How many more will die because of your office's cowardice? How many more innocent people must suffer? Do your job Mr. Cahill and you won't have to go on websites to try to convince anyone you are, or follow Robert Sand into shame!

Randy Staples
04-13-2012 4:19:11 PM EST
David Cahill...I remember you. First, isn't it illegal to peruse the internet on the Vermont taxpayers' dime? Take a look at ther time of your post. 11:40:03am on Friday. Is this what the taxpayers of Vermont pay you to do? What other sites do you frequent? I think the Vermont taxpayers have a right to know. What I find more disturbing about your post is, Arbuckle is still facing charges. You're post recuses your office from any further actions against him on, pretty much, anything that crosses your desk because you subjected your office by injecting your own emotions to my brother and his family...and extremely poor judgement. Is this sound? Or is it a deliberate action? Not only did you recuse your office from prosecuting Arbuckle on any charges crossing your desk, and you know they will, you also gave Arbuckle a license to continue terrorizing the taxpayers of Windsor County. Shame on you and Robert Sand for making such poor judgement by injecting your emotions. What you did is illegal, and if you can break this law, what other laws are your office breaking to openly subject the taxpayers of Vermont?

David Cahill
04-13-2012 11:40:03 AM EST
Mr. and Mrs. Tamburello: my heart goes out to both of you for all the suffering you endured. As you noted on your page “Tim Arbuckle, A Coward’s Ruse,” I was the prosecutor assigned to Timothy Arbuckle’s felony DUI case. I want you to know that there was no plan to let Arbuckle off easy on the DUI. When Arbuckle was arrested by VSP for that offense, I personally called Asst County Attorney David Park (Sullivan County, NH) to inform him that NH should be filing a violation of probation against Arbuckle. I worked with Park to ensure that Arbuckle would receive a controlling sentence of 2-5 years to serve for his DUI conduct. Since probation revocation proceedings in NH move quicker than new criminal cases in VT, Arbuckle had already served many months at the NH State Prison in Concord before it came time to address his VT case. I know this sounds like a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo, but the overall 2-5 year result was achieved by teamwork between myself and my NH counterpart. Depending upon one’s perspective, 2-5 years could be seen as too lenient or too harsh for a repeat DUI (I guarantee you, no one will say it’s “just right”), but I suspect the real issue is, as you correctly point out, that Arbuckle has yet to answer for what he did to your son. I’m sorry for you and your family that you don’t have closure on the Arbuckle front.

mike wozniak   wozniakmike79@yahoo.com
04-06-2012 12:48:06 PM EST
First I'd like to express my condolances to The Tamburello Family.You don't know me but Vinnie was a really good friend of mine.I met him in 1994 through a mutual friend and we hung out and had some great times for a few years.We spent one New Years together in either 95 or 96.I will never forget my memories of Vinnie.We laughed so hard together thay we would be in tears.Everytime we would go pick him up in Charlestown he would always say don't worry Mike you're with me,nobody is gonna bother you.We lost touch around 97,but i felt like i knew him my whole life.My old girlfriends bday was Sept 11,vinnie and his girlfriend at the time was the 12th and 13th so we would spend those 3 days together celebrating.I will have those memories forever.I will never forget when i hear the song Zombie by the cranberries it makes me think of vinnie cuz he would make me play it over and over again and he would sing along at the top of his lungs.The world has lost a great person,and heaven had gained one. RIP Vinnie love Mike Woz..

04-03-2012 8:14:18 PM EST
This is such a touching story. So happy that your son Vinnie received justice. Noone on this earth should get away with murder no matter what the situation is. If you take a life you should do a life. All the best for your family. Stay strong.

A Concerned Juror
03-29-2012 8:07:25 AM EST
Mr. Tamburello, after hearing about the tragic story of Trayvon Martin and the misconduct of the police there I was wondering if Robert Sand has been investigated at all? I remember reading on your site that the U.S. Attorney General was asked to investigate Sand. Has anything come of that? It would be a disgrace if they've done nothing about the misconduct of Robert Sand, especially seeing first hand the evidence that was available to him and that he didn't use. He's a disgrace and he should not be in office!

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