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TinaMarie Sloan
08-12-2011 2:04:19 PM EST
Just like so many visitors, I too had my interest sparked after seeing Chris on the television speak of his beloved brother. After reading the Intro Page I was hooked for the next few hours. My heart was so heavy while reading this entire site. I have to admit that I shed tears while reading how you felt when you finally got notification of Vinnie’s passing. I have two sons of my own and cannot even imagine what that must have been like. Your writing is so bold, articulate and motivated with emotion that I felt instantly connected with you. The bravery of yourself and your family is amazing and should encourage others to not be intimidated by authority and get the justice that should be served. My prayers are with you and your family, as well as Vinnie. I hope that each day becomes a little easier until the day you see your son again. Stay strong and keep writing, I am planning on sharing your site with people that I know. There should be more sites like yours to truly show people what corruption is lurking in our country, that the people who are supposed to protect can sometimes fail us. Please know that you have support here in New Jersey and hopefully it will keep spreading like wild fire. * RIP VINCENT TAMBURELLO JR.*

t kays
08-11-2011 3:47:52 PM EST
I just started reading. The story sounds way too familiar. My nephew was murdered in Odessa TX (google Ryan Adam Moon) in May 2008. My family has been dealing with a corrupt DA and police department that is covering for a murdering drug informant for 3 years now. I cannot wait to finish reading to see how you got a guilty verdict. I hope I can gain knowledge from your experience so we can get another killer off the streets. I will keep you in my prayers. God Bless.

08-10-2011 11:36:55 PM EST

I'm sorry for your loss. It took me 2 days to ready your story. Im glad this is finally over. It's been a long road. Now is time for healing. As I was reading this story I could not help picturing what Sands might look like. I pictured a meek little weasel. I had to google his name and see for my self and I was right!! Total chode! This loser actually teaches law students! My thought and prayers go out to you and your family. God Bless

08-10-2011 5:00:34 PM EST
This is an amazing story, full of sadness, yet also filled with so much love, and a feeling that our loved ones will never be forgotten. I truely think that that many can learn from this story, and perhaps a life can be saved. These men were motivated by pure hatred, and it grew and grew untill a life was taken from this world. I hope that your family will again find the strength to but together a book, or movie, or something to bring this story to the world. It needs to be shared. People need to see that fighting never solves problems, it only brings pain. Something so silly can turn a man into a monster and that needs to end. Many young people get in with the wrong crowds, and even when they have the right people around them, they make poor choices. Sadly this story could have had a very different ending if we all can learn that the bigger person is the one who walks away. I wish your family all the best and hope that people can learn from this, and in the future make a choice that can lead to making a friend, so nobody has to loose one in this way.

08-09-2011 1:52:28 PM EST
I too like many, found this website after seeing CT on the Challenge and hearing him say his brother was killed. Its truly sad to know what your family has endured over these years. I know what we see on tv isn't always the best of a person so that ratings come in, but what I always seen in CT was that he was was genuinely a good guy. Though nicknamed the "Beast" he is a remarkable man, because of his upbringing. Because he has family such as yours who has held their heads up high despite all the negativity that came with this. I can only imagine that Vinnie was identical to CT and thats why he stood up for his girlfriend and like CT could knock out a 400 lb guy with a simple punch. I don't condone violence, Vinnie stood for what all men should be. Respectful and protective of the ones they love. Its too bad his life ended the way it did. All these guys at court laughing as if they didn't care a young man's life was taken away, I'm sure if you put each man by themselves in a room with CT they wouldn't be laughing. Sorry for your loss and God Bless you and your family for never giving up on Vinnie when he needed you the most.

kaycee813   kchad@comcast.net
08-04-2011 9:52:00 PM EST
wow...I am amazed by the strength of the Tamburello family. The strength to fight the judicial system, the strength to NOT fight the offenders on sight, and the strength to deal with the loss of a son and brother. This story is so unbelievable that at times i forgot it was a real life story. I pray that Vinnies family can one day find closure to all this madness. I truely hope everyone involved pays for their actions but mostly i want to see Sand out of that office. Uncle Randy hit the nail on the head about CT also. I never met CT but from watching him on tv i have this attraction to him and thats how i came across this site. Hopefully with all his fans and everyone else we can get Sand out of that office. Please let me know if Sands email is still the same because i have a team of people ready and willing to e-mail him. the Tamburello family is definately the strongest family i ever heard of or seen: mentally, physically, and emotionally. Continue to pray and be there for each other. God is always working so keep the faith. I know this isnt important but i really think u can get a movie deal out of this. Your family deserves some compensation one way or another. May your family find peace through the chaos.

08-03-2011 12:33:39 AM EST
I watch CT on "The Challenge" and when he said that his brother had gotten shot and died I found this website. I read every single one on those post. I'm only 14 and when I read about the whole thing going on with Sand and the people who shot Vinnie, I was disguesed. He should not have had any bail! In my eyes vinnie was the one who was self defending NOT ANYONE ELSE. It's sad to think that the family had to go through that. I'm very sorry for you loss. Vinnie seemed like a really nice and loving guy. He did not deserve this in no way shape or form. Again, I'm very sorry for your loss.

Nancy Q.   qnancy15@aol.com
08-02-2011 3:03:59 PM EST
Like many I came across this site because of watching CT on TV mentioning his brother’s death. I literally just sat in front of the computer screen for nearly two hours reading everything in disbelief at the actions of not only the people involved but at the DA for letting these people roam the streets freely after such a horrific cowardly act. I am so very sorry for what you and your family have had to endure. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain and suffering you have been through but commend you tremendously for having the courage and love, despite the pain and rage to continue fighting for justice for your son Vinnie. You have all my support. God bless you and your family.

Julie   Jewels.hill68@gmail.com
07-30-2011 3:24:47 PM EST
I just spent the last 2 days reading this site after learning of it from watching CT. Wow what a wonderful family to keep fighting for your son. I lost my 37 yr old brother June 24 2008 he was at work (out of state) putting an awning up at a Walgreens the scaffolding fell & so did David he also died out of state 2 hours away with no family beside him. So I know your loss but not the horror you all had to endure. If a DA doesn't work for the victims why is he working for the state??Can Not believe Sand is still practicing. Praying for complete justice for Vinnie. Thank You, Julie

Julie   Jewels.hill68@gmail.com
07-30-2011 3:24:47 PM EST
I just spent the last 2 days reading this site after learning of it from watching CT. Wow what a wonderful family to keep fighting for your son. I lost my 37 yr old brother June 24 2008 he was at work (out of state) putting an awning up at a Walgreens the scaffolding fell & so did David he also died out of state 2 hours away with no family beside him. So I know your loss but not the horror you all had to endure. If a DA doesn't work for the victims why is he working for the state??Can Not believe Sand is still practicing. Praying for complete justice for Vinnie. Thank You, Julie

07-29-2011 11:31:19 PM EST
I'm so sorry for what your family has gone through. I was in disbelief the whole time I was reading this. I'm glad that your family got justice for Vinny. Vinny can now rest in peace. Again, I am so sorry for your lost. Just know that Vinny is watching over your family. God bless you.

Paula M..   missyp@aol.com
07-29-2011 10:47:00 PM EST
OMG! I just finished reading the site and I can't believe what your family has gone through! I cried over every word! I can't tell you how sorry I am. What a crooked dishonest justice system in Vermont. It makes me so angry what they've done. Thank God you had the courage to stand up to them and get justice for your son. That dirty DA should be prosecuted for what he's done. I made a donation to your cause and I will tell everyone I know about your website. I wish I could do more. God Bless you.

Vin Sr.
07-29-2011 9:49:06 PM EST
I am compiling all of the statements and Grand Jury minutes and they will all be published shortly. They show without a doubt, the manipulation of Robert Sand and how the Grand Jury can be used and abused by a dishonest District Attorney.

07-29-2011 5:47:33 PM EST
I see tabs for Grand Jury and Police statements from Bully Bolaski and all the other low-lifes involved in this crime, but when I click to open there is no text, just one line? I would like to read the statements and hope they will be up. Keep up the good work for JUSTICE.

Danielle Nemith
07-28-2011 9:26:40 PM EST
I was hoping I could get in contact with the family. I was told I could through this website. I am so sorry for your lost and for what you have had to go through. I could never imagine. Anyway- I posted on CT facebook page that I would be interested in buying buttons lots and lots of buttons, but hes busy I'm sure and I'm just a girl from Ohio, but I would truely love to help in any way that I can. You can find me on FB my name is Danielle Nemith. I'm sorry & god bless

07-24-2011 12:45:55 PM EST
Lissette, I'm Vinnie's uncle. There was a post on here degrading CT, and I simply pointed out the posters ignorance...nothing more. What are we when we act without morals, or standards, to come onto a memorial and blast other people? You're right about Vinnie's parents, and siblings. Either one of them would have taken those bullets, as any parent would. So, as a parent, I commend you for feeling that same way about your daughters.

Lissette V.
07-23-2011 1:45:39 PM EST
First off idk what this Randy character is talkin about. I did stumble upon this site because i also saw CT mention his brother's murder. However, when i found this site and read the contents it became abt Vinnie and not CT. So I really dont understand why it is such a big deal that a lot of us found this site because of CT. When such an injustice has been done on a family, i would welcome all open ears no matter how they came to find this site. Now i would like to say that it took me a couple of days to read all the information on this site and i can't tell you how many times i cried. I feel so angry at the Vermont Judicial System, Sand, and those punks that didnt have enough balls to fight Vinnie. i commend your family for being so strong, persistent, and great parents. As a mother of two, i will die for my grls. And although you didnt get the chance to make that decision i believe u wouldve protected him with all you could give. I feel terrible for your situation. I don't think i will ever forget Vinnie and his story. May god bless you and your family and rest assure the great man above works in mysterious ways. we might not see or hear about it but no deed goes unpunished.

Thinking of you
07-20-2011 1:46:54 PM EST
This story is absolutely heartbreaking. I wish for some peace for your family now that dirtbag and his worhtless friends have been served some justice. I dont think I could have kept such composure after all that you have been through. Your perseverance just proves that youre an honorable and loving family and its unfortunate that there are such disgusting, cowardly people in the world to ruin families such as yours. God bless your family and Ill be sure to say a prayer to your son.

07-17-2011 8:13:32 AM EST
vt: first of all, to come on a site dedicated to the loss of a loved one and spew venom doesn't do much for your demeanor. Personally, if I were a Vermonter, I'd be offended that my people could mislead the rest of the country in this fashion. Now, you really don't know much about programming, so let me enlighten you. Does the word 'ratings' mean anything to you? CT is their biggest draw. It has nothing to do with his MTV personna, it has everything to do with the magnetism he has when he lights up those cameras. Do you know how that works? I wouldn't assume so if I were to refer to your post, so let me enighten you there also. Magnetism comes from within. The only way to connect to that magnetism is to find the love you have within your soul. Once that happens, people become attracted to you. Most won't know why. They'll only know there's something about you they want to be a part of. That's magnetism. Chris found that long ago. That's why he's attractive everywhere he goes, whether it be to do his laundry, shopping, or simply walking a beach. But, do you know one of the biggest ways of making that magnetism work for you is? I didn't think so. It's really simple, he doesn't go on memorials and spit venom. Kyle has been tried, and convicted, by a jury of his peers. I don't think he found that magnetism. You would benefit by trying to find your own, before you end up in a cell beside him.

zulie   zuliedeediva@yahoo.com
07-14-2011 4:45:56 PM EST
I, like so many others, found this page out of curiosity when I heard CT mention he lost his brother. I don't know what I thought I would find when I began my search, but I know for certain I was not expecting to find such a horrible story. As a parent, I can't begin to imagine your pain. I applaud you for not giving up on what you knew to be true and I'm happy to know that murderer was found guilty. I can only hope the verdict will give you some peace, and will pray that God spares you from any more pain, and provides your family the strength to continue on until you meet Vinnie again.

Gloria in Cambridge
07-13-2011 4:47:23 PM EST
I am so sorry for the loss of your Vinnie. I am a friend of Karla's. I too had to go through a terrible loss of someone due to violence (my grandson's dad 11-6-10)and in his case they (police)also apprehened the killer and he still remains in jail for only probabtion violation right now so he hasn't even went to trail for my grandson's dad death but, jus like Vinne justice will be served!! I jus wanted too stop by and show my condolences to the family and god bless you all.

Springfield Vermonter
07-13-2011 4:11:48 PM EST
This entire thing makes me sick. I didnt get to know Vinne. But Julie has been one of my best friends since she first moved to Vermont. I'm so glad that justice has been served for Vinne. Everyone that was involved makes me SICK. And, makes me want to run over them with my car when I see them out in Town. Kyle and his loser friends are going to meet there maker one day. And spend forever rotting in hell. Jail is nothing compaired to what the Devil has in store for you. I personally hope Kyle never see's freedom again. As well as everyone else that was involved. It makes me ashamed to live In springfield. They turned this town into a hell town. God Bless Vinnie and his family. I want you to know that the majority of Vermont HATES Kyle and those other pieces of trash for what they did to Vinne and your family. Our little town will never let them live down what they did. Much Love.

07-13-2011 7:48:46 AM EST
How sick is that?!? 10 years for a repeat drunk driver, and a year for kicking a dying man!!! Clearly, Sand has no concern for the good people of Vermont. You have to wonder how this guy can actually mingle with the public. I know I'm not the only other person, aside from Vinnie's family, that experienced his wayward, and blatant, disregard for carrying out the justice he swore to uphold. I actually heard him say if Vinnie's family didn't stop their justice4vinnie campaign against him, he would walk away from the case and then there would be no justice for Vinnie, bnecause no one else would take the case. Well, John LaVoie said, 'We'll just have to see about that'. Not only did LaVoie do what Sand should have done, but he restored my faith in the Vermont Judicial system. He told us there will be justice for Vinnie, and he embarrassed the hell out of Sand by doing so. How Sand can be happy with the image looking back at him in the mirror is just as disgusting as his malicious handling of a case that should have never gone to a Grand Jury! He should be impeached, disbarred, and jailed for what he did to Vinnie's family, and what he continues to do to the good people of Vermont. I'm sure Bolaski can use a bunkmate!

Springfield Mom
07-12-2011 2:25:28 PM EST
I am so sorry for the loss of your son and the part Vermont has played in it. As a parent I can't imagine losing one of my children in any way much less to murder and the pain you have had to go through. I'm very concerned about what's being done about the other men involved in this crime! What's being done to get them off our streets and protect our children? Arbuckle could have killed someone! My children drive. To know they released him again was unnerving. I read that the jurors in this case have asked for the other men to be charged. I hope that they are. Must we be protected from our own justice system as well?

Kim   Kimmiev323@gmail.com
07-07-2011 10:20:14 PM EST
I would like to express my deepest symphony for the loss of your beloved Vinnie. And I commend you for the strength your family has had to fight against the animal that did this to him. May God bless the Tamburello family.

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