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Kim   Kimmiev323@gmail.com
07-07-2011 10:20:14 PM EST
I would like to express my deepest symphony for the loss of your beloved Vinnie. And I commend you for the strength your family has had to fight against the animal that did this to him. May God bless the Tamburello family.

A juror
07-07-2011 3:02:39 PM EST
Tim Arbuckle is the worst. He has to be kept off the streets and away from driving and assualting people 24/7 for YEARS!! I'll never forget horrible, pathetic Jerry Ucci saying Tim Arbuckle was like a big brother to him. What is the point of limiting Arbuckle's driving to all but 7 hours of the day? Please send this info to Jim Kenyon at the Valley News. He will publicize this latest travesty. More people need to know about this.

07-07-2011 9:48:26 AM EST
This is the worst story of injustice I have ever read! My deepest condolences to your family. Why has Sand been allowed to continue? This is inexcusable! Why do they protect him? There's only one reason I can think of. There are more people involved than just Sand! It will all eventually come out. I hope that you and your family can find peace. God Bless.

07-04-2011 11:34:13 PM EST
My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. What you and your family went through is heartbreaking to even read let alone having to live with. Your courage and strength is an inspiration and really shows that if you fight for what you believe in and never give up you can prevail. I thank you for sharing your tragedy with us, god bless you.

Vin Sr.
07-04-2011 9:26:47 PM EST
On behalf of my family I would like to thank everyone for their kind words of support and encouragement. I can't tell you how much it means to us to know that Vinnie has touched the hearts of so many wonderful people. It is also good to know there are so many people concerned about injustice. It is through your support that we gain the perseverance to continue our fight. On behalf of Vinnie I would like to thank you.

07-03-2011 7:26:02 AM EST
I to found myself on this site after hearing you son mention his brother...your beloved Vinnie. I have no words to express what your devotion to your son means to me. I just feel like saying thanking on behalf of Vinnie for fighting for him. I know your son would be so proud of you, because after 2 hours I am proud of you. Please know that your Vinnie didn't die in vain...he died to help others through you. Because of your Vinnie that bastard Sands and all those others won't be able to play God with peoples lives...YOU and your Vinnie did that! Thank God for you and Vinnie...

Former res of Vt
07-01-2011 2:35:30 AM EST
I found myself on this site like others out of curiosity after watching CT mention his beloved brother on TV. I grew up in Vermont and I am ashamed and disgusted by what I have read about the horror your family has been through. Why are judicial representives allowed to revictimize? Sands needs to be held accountable. I applaud your determination & resilience. Thank you for having such a strong voice for Vinnie and sharing his life with us.

Former res of Vt
07-01-2011 2:35:30 AM EST
I found myself on this site like others out of curiosity after watching CT mention his beloved brother on TV. I grew up in Vermont and I am ashamed and disgusted by what I have read about the horror your family has been through. Why are judicial representives allowed to revictimize? Sands needs to be held accountable. I applaud your determination & resilience. Thank you for having such a strong voice for Vinnie and sharing his life with us.

06-30-2011 6:08:27 PM EST
I found this story just curious to find out what happened to CT from the RW's brother. I didn't know what I was about to read. I finished this story hurting for the Tamburello family and Vinnie. So sad what they had and are still going through for justice. It's sickening the Tamburello's had to put up with and rely on a guy like Robert Sand. Thank God they had the strength to continue to fight when things looked so bleak. After just watching the documentary 'Dear Zachary' and reading this story, I am beginning to have little faith in justice systems. The ironic thing is that this story teaches to not be a vigilante, but all you want to do during this story is take the law into your own hands! I am glad they had the strength to fight for justice the right way when our own justice system didn't want to fight for them the right way.

06-30-2011 2:55:52 PM EST
First of all I want to say how sorry ( am for your loss. Second, I agree with you. Robert Sand must step down! He is only for the drug dealers and criminals. He hasn't done a decent thing for the people since he's been in office. The only reason he won last time was because he ran unopposed. Thank you for bringing out how corrupt he is! I only hope someone listens!

06-30-2011 2:11:26 PM EST
Sorry for your loss.

06-29-2011 8:24:40 AM EST
My deepest sympathies to the Tamburello family and my admiration. It is shameful what the justice system of Vermont did to them. They trusted them to bring their son's killer to justice and they betrayed them. It shows what a corrupt system Vermont has. Something should be done about the way the DA's have the Grand Jury under their control to do what they want. My father is a retired New York District Attorney and told me that Sand could not have acted on this alone without some collusion and knowledge from higher ups. It's sad to know that no one in Vermont government cares what these so called public officials have done. Probably because they were all involved. It's amazing the devotion you had for you son to fight a government and not give up. Truly inspirational! I pray that your suffering will soon end and you can find peace. God is on your side and he will not desert you. Sooner or later your perseverance will win out. Good luck and may God Bless you!

06-26-2011 8:02:27 PM EST
First off, my deepest regards to the whole Tamburello family. I got acquainted with this painful tragedy by total hazard as I was streaming through the internet. I want you to know that you have shown tremendous courage and uncanny strength, through your pursuit of your son's trial,by getting up everyday and continuing to live your life. I was in tears when I realized how small and cute your son was when he was an infant. The sight of him as a grown man made me realize that no matter how big he was to the rest of the world he was and will always be baby Vinnie to his mom and dad. I send you big hugs and may God guide you through the rest of your lives ROb

06-26-2011 1:04:22 AM EST
Coming from a complete third party in Texas, I feel the need to point out that all of the arguing in the posts isn't necessary. This site was a dedication from the Tamburello's to their son. Can you blame them for their disdain toward Kyle and the other perties involved? Their son has been taken from them forever. They have no chance of getting him back. Kyle still has the chance to come out from behind bars and fix his bad reputation, since that's what a lot of you seem to be worried about. It matters not what the Tamburello's say about Kyle. If you knew him personally, good for you. But you should be ashamed for coming on a site dedicated to Vinnie to slander Vinnie or his family. Create your own site for Kyle if you wish to slander. To the Tamburello family, I am extremely sorry for your loss. I hope that with each new day, the pain becomes less and less of a burden. Just know that your son is in a much better place, and I hope that brings peace to all of you.

06-25-2011 7:52:25 PM EST
I can't believe what your family has gone through at the hands of Robert Sand and the judicial system of Vermont! It was very hard to read through your site. I lost a loved one to murder and understand your pain and anguish. But in our case justice was swift and honest and the men are now serving lengthy jail sentences. I am so sorry you and your family have had to suffer so much. Your strength and will to fight for justice for your son is very admirable. I'm sure your son is very proud of you. I hope that the other people involved are also charged and this long journey finally ends for you. God Bless you.

06-24-2011 5:46:14 PM EST
I came to read this story because I saw CT on TV and he mentioned this life changing event that happened to him. I had to search it. My eyes have been glued to the screen till I finished reading. Im so sorry for your loss. I have never had anyone I know murdered however I have lost the most important person in my life and I know the emptiness left in your heart that you describe. It never goes away. I cant imagine having lost your dear son in this matter. I am amazed at your determination and am proud even though I dont know you, that you fought and stayed on top of this day in and day out. Many would have quit not knowing where to turn after so long. Reading this story helps me believe there are still good people out there in this tough world. The description of your families emotions made the reader understand and feel what you were feeling it is so real. My eyes teared up reading just thinking of the feelings your family must have felt all those times. Brings my own feelings of loss surface, I feel your pain. I feel you are good people because you did say something real that some dont see. You talked about no winners on anyside and although it may seem the end of the world to Kyle and their family there is a brite side to their story and that is that they have him here. It may be hard for them to see that or maybe not but its true. No matter what its all hard. I hope your family finds the strength to stay strong and finds piece. We never forget the people we love and it hurts forever to know they are gone. No one should ever have to endure the pain of losing anyone no matter what. You and your family are an inspiration and appear to have acted with dignity throughout such a classless journey. God Bless

06-24-2011 4:21:31 PM EST
This is an unbelievable story, I am so sorry to you and your family for your loss and the heartache you have indured since Vinnie's death. You never truly come to know the injustice out there until you read a story like this. I am so happy that justice was served! It will never become easy but everyday you remember will keep Vinnie alive within!!!

06-24-2011 3:18:25 AM EST
My heart goes out to you all. I came across this today and have not been able to stop reading your words. I have cried today for a man whom I've never met and I have felt wrecked inside for a family that has suffered a tragic loss made worse by people placed in positions of power that couldn't be bothered to do their job. Your strength to fight for justice for your son is admirable. No family should have to endure what yours has and I pray that the people that were a part of that will pay dearly. May you all one day have some type of peace in your heart.

Jen   firewall219@hotmail.com
06-22-2011 11:55:35 PM EST
I was very sad to read about this today. Your poor son was literally lured to a fight, by a bunch of (what sounds like) lowlife rednecks. What made it worse was when I read the message left on your message board by the Bolaski brothers. "Don't bring a knife to a gun fight?" It gives satisfaction to know that he will rot in jail for the next twenty-years of his life. It unfortunately came at a cost that was far higher than any parent should have to pay. I'm so very sorry that you have to live with the loss of a child...

Annoyed Taxpayer
06-22-2011 5:43:46 PM EST
Great point about Griffin filing motions and billing the state. But at least he couldn't convince the jury that this was "the clearest self defense case you'll ever see". It was a clear case all right...but for the state. And what will it take to bring charges against some of the other thugs from Springfield? I hope this forum will let us all know when creepy Tim Arbuckle is in court (for this case, as opposed to his MANY other offenses, such as DUI, assault, etc.) I don't mind too much paying for Bolaski to have 3 crappy meals a day as long as he's in prison, hopefully with a new "girlfriend", who's not a girl!!

Money pit
06-21-2011 9:12:37 PM EST
I hate to say this but being in the court system I can tell you the taxpayers of Vermont pay for everything for Bolaski from now on! Motions, appeals, everything! Griffin is loving this. He soaked us for the last 3 years and now he will soak us for the next 20 years. I can tell you he will file frivolous motion after motion after motion in order to soak the state. We're his money pit. Tragic but true. Griffin is a flunky public defender who has hit the lottery with this case.

06-21-2011 12:41:45 PM EST
I agree Vermonter and anonymous. What does Lavoie being sarcastic have to do with the evidence that was presented? All of Bolaski's witnesses were proved to be liars. What is the sense of a new trial? The evidence is the same. Who the Bolaski's should be going after is the one that started this whole mess, Tristan Blanchard. He turned on Bolaski in the trial. But they are all guilty. They should all be brought up on charges including Robert Sand who was a co-conspirator in the cover up of a murder.

A concerned Vermonter
06-20-2011 9:10:38 PM EST
SO the defense says Bully Bolaski deserves a new trial in part because the Prosecutor used sarcasm. Lavoie also presented evidence and eyewitness testimony that showed Bully Bolaski shot Vinnie in the back when Vinnie was in retreat!!! Yes, Lavoie called Blanchard a liar and Blanchard admitted he was a liar. Bully Bolaski and his brother and their buddies are thugs and they got caught for murder. I still pray that others will be in court for their significant roles in this sad , senseless death. I don't think Kevin Griffin is billing the Bolaskis...he is also a public defender (you can be both private and public in Vermont). I believe he is Bully's PUBLIC defender. I hope the Valley News will do a story on how much the public has had to spend SO FAR to defend the bully/convicted murderer. Justice has been served on Bolaski...start the clock while you spend at least 20 years in prison. He got a fair trial; live with it.

06-20-2011 8:01:21 AM EST
Kate, you're right. He doesn't say anything about any evidence that was presented. The evidence is too strong. Where was his defense in the courtroom? The jury had the option to go with manslaughter but didn't because of the evidence not because the prosecutor called Blanchard a liar, which he admitted he is! Griffin is just wasting the tax payers money with more frivolous motions so he can soak the Bolaski's for money.

06-19-2011 12:16:54 AM EST
Cannot believe that (Kyle Bolaski) is asking for a new trial! Just read it in the Valley News published on June 17th! He deserves to be in jail 20- life if not worse! Doesn't belong out and about ever ever again! As far as I am concerned Arbuckle and anyone involved including the DA deserve the same! My deepest deepest condolences to the Tamburello Family and Thank You for trying to clean up the trash in Vermont and making it a safer place for our children! RIP Vinnie!!

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