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RayO   Rayo1526@hotmail.com
05-20-2011 4:51:56 PM EST
Justice served finally after 3 long yrs may this murderer never walk the streets again,lets hope his friends face the same justice "cowards" god bless Vinnie and family

05-20-2011 4:08:04 PM EST
I am sorry you had to hire your own attorney to see that you had your day in court. I hope that many other people will be brought to justice in this case. It is wrong that Vinnie's family had to work so hard to bring justice in this case. There are many witnesses who lied and probably obstructed justice. I saw no evidence of remorse or that they were at last telling the truth. May Vinnie's family and friends know that thanks to their diligence and John Lavoie's hard work in presenting the facts of the case, the jury came to a swift and fair decision. And I know this to be true because I was on the jury.

05-20-2011 11:27:00 AM EST
Finally Justice! I look up to you for all of your hard work and dedication to Vinnie! I know he is very proud of you and all though this will not bring Vinnie back he may now Rest in Peace. May God Bless you!

Gina Lawless Atkins
05-20-2011 9:35:22 AM EST
My message below was suppose to be "How about (not bought) you get on with your life and stay off of this website...Randy, message well said !!!!!

05-20-2011 5:48:18 AM EST
To 'Vermont': First: you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to demoralize the name of a great state with unsubstantiated venom. I understand your pain for losing your friend to a bad decision. I lost a friend, and family member for the same reason. I can also tell you there were 12 people of Vermont that fought their way through the 'lies' you state. However, they're not the same lies you believe. They're the lies of Kyle's friends that took that stand in his defense. We weren't there to hurt anybody. We were there to right a wrong. We weren't there to judge Kyle, either. We left that to twelve fantastic people of Vermont that can walk with their heads high, knowing they did what this country gave them a right to do. You should be as proud of them as we are.

Gina Lawless Atkins
05-20-2011 1:59:06 AM EST
"VERMONT" How bought you get on with your life and stay off of this site !!!!! JUSTICE is served !!!!

vIN sR.
05-19-2011 11:32:30 PM EST
Thank you to everyone for you support. Though it is justice and we are very happy justice has finally been served it will never bring our Vinnie back. But at least we made sure no other family will have to go through what we have gone through.

Kaley McClain
05-19-2011 11:16:08 PM EST
Iam so glad justice has finally been served and that this killer will no longer be free to harm another family we love yall and I cant express enough how happy iam that justice has been serve

Gina Lawless Atkins   ginalatkins@hotmail.com
05-19-2011 10:16:13 PM EST
To "the truth" what are you hiding from? Why don't you post your name? Because THE TRUTH is your scumbag buddy is going right where he needs to be going.. Maybe you can get you a sleeping bag and go spend a couple of nights with him in prison because you sound just as much as a scumbag as Kyle is.... I can not believe that you would get on this website and post such statements. You are probably upset because your dealer is now going to be spending his time behind bars instead of supplying you drugs.... Vinnie, Ronnie and family I am so proud of what y'all have accomplished, some many people would have given up when y'all continued fighting. It has now paid off. I pray that y'all can now start living your life. I am sure Vinnie is smiling down on you saying "Thank you Mom and Dad, you never stopped fighting for me" !!!!

05-19-2011 10:10:05 PM EST
Vin Sr, you are to be admired. Well done sir, well done. Your dedication and courage is inspiring. Now to further cleanse rebuild the Vermont Judicial System. Sands must go. What an incompetent DA. This case only exposes how white trash and backwards Vermont's judicial system is. It makes me embarrassed to be from this state, to call myself a Vermonter. That's why I moved away from Southern Vermont, if your a passionate and intelligent young man in your 20's its just bad news all around. No future. It's time to promote change. Good work. Proud of you man.

05-19-2011 10:06:16 PM EST
Now to pursue charges against Sand and others involved in your son's murder.

05-19-2011 10:05:14 PM EST
Well Done!!!

Justice in VT
05-19-2011 9:53:42 PM EST
Bolaski Found Guilty Jury Reaches a Verdict POSTED: 8:50 pm EDT May 19, 2011 UPDATED: 8:55 pm EDT May 19, 2011 White River Junction, Vt. -- A jury found Kyle Bolaski guilty of second degree murder in the shooting death of Vincent Tamburello Jr. The jury found him not guilty of aggravated assault following the shots. They deliberated for just a few hours before announcing their verdict Thursday night. Bolaski will serve 20 years to life in prison.

Christen Wright   crod524@yahoo.com
05-19-2011 9:32:31 PM EST
To "the truth" you obviously are connected to Kyle personally. You seem bitter and angry. I can sit here and cuss you out, threaten you, etc. however as Vinnie's cousin and as a member of this "bad apple's" family I'm going to respond with dignity, pride, and self respect. As Vinnie Tamburello's cousin I'm relieved & grateful to say Kyle Bolaski has been found guilty of 2nd murder. This was not self defense...thank God the jury saw through the lies. The final shot that ultimately killed him was to the back as he turned to retreat. He had the opportunity to attack Kyle with the axe instead he decided to beat the truck. They have attempted to make my cousin look like a crazed mad man & thankfully they were unsuccessful. My cousin can finally rest peacefully and Kyle Bolaski can rot in jail for the next 20-life. My family has been destroyed by our loss and hopefully now we can move forward and actually start living again. To actually get to the point where Kyle was sitting at the defense table was a victory...the guilty verdict was a blessing. The mistake you and your friends made that day was thinking if you showed up in numbers my cousin was going to back down...obviously not! The mistake the state of Vermont made was very similar. Thinking if they came at my family with power in numbers they were going to back down. Well Vinnie learned that somewhere, huh? GET THIS STRAIGHT...WE WILL NEVER BACK DOWN. We will continue to battle, we will be at every parolle hearing, every appeal, etc. to make sure the your "friend" will remain in prison for as long as possible. The only person that black mailed anyone was Kyle Bolaski & Atty. Sands. Sick and twisted is when someone shows up ALONE somewhere and it takes an army with guns to take him on. Sick and twisted is really believing that after taking someone's life you think it's acceptable to complain that your life has been ruined for the last 2 1/2 yrs. due to legal proceedings. Sick and twisted is thinking when you shoot someone in the back, you coward, as he his retreating that it's called self defense. Sick and twisted is cracking open a beer as another human being is lying on the ground dying and not doing anything to help him. Sick and twisted is to hit a man while he lay on the ground helpless & dying.Sick and twisted is really thinking you can choose who deserves to live and die. My aunt and uncle have given up their entire lives to make sure justice has been served not because of guilt but out of love and for you to come on their dedication website and be so ignorant as to write the nonsense that you just did is not only out of line, but disgusting. My aunt and uncle are amazing parents and I don't think I need to even defend them when it comes to loving their children. It's obvious. Vinnie was never thrown away or abandoned and no one has said he was an angel in his life, but that does not make it acceptable for some piece of garbage to take his life. Trust me if Vinnie wanted any of you dead it wouldn't have been the truck that was damaged. As far as we're concerned Kyle is the one terrorizing your area and that's from Vermont residences not our opinion. He has been arrested how many times since Aug. '08? And for what? Oh drugs; who's the junkie? How did you really think he was going to get off? As far as I'm concerned justice has been served. Remember my cousin was the victim...there's a reason Kyle was at the defense table. It was the state of Vermont vs. Kyle Bolaski, not the Tamburellos vs. Kyle Bolaski. Remember a Vermont jury convicted him. You will soon know how it feels to be resentful and angry as we have been for the last 2 1/2 yrs.; however you can go visit Kyle in jail, speak to him on the phone, write him letters and possibly one day see him outside of prison (I pray to God you won't though). For us, no matter what the verdict read today Vinnie is never coming home. So you will never understand the true pain of loss. I'll end it by saying if Kyle thought the last 2 1/2 years were so terrible the next 20-life are really going to be a bitch.

susan newhall   susdurg@aol.com
05-19-2011 9:28:31 PM EST
@The Truth, this message is for you. Kyle is the one that terrorized Vermont and he belongs in jail, he is the one that brutalized Vinnie after he shot him in the back and beat him with a rifle in the face and then they kicked him, so shame on Vermont for denying justice for so long. It's about time one less punk will walk the streets there in Vermont. And I don't believe for one minute that the only crimes there are speedying tickets, that statement in itself is a bold face lie, but I'm not surprized the Vermont people have a huge problem with punks running the show there and getting away with all sorts of crimes and for a time murder, until they murdered Vinnie and they met thier water loo and though his parents would go slowly away and forget about thier son being murdered, but they stood proud and fought tooth and nail til they got a conviction, and they won't stop there, they will get every last one of them that helped in killing thier son, so if your one of them, then your free life is about to end. So face the facts you can't get away with murder with lies and have the police protect you.

Terry & Al
05-19-2011 8:33:52 PM EST
Vinny and Ronnie and Family. I am so proud of you's for never giving up of theis case and I am so happy that you got what you wanted. It was a very hard road for you's the last 3 years, but you's never stopped fighting for what you's wanted and the way it was handled from day one. I am so happy for you's and hopefully now he can rot in jail and be sentenced to natural life and rot for what he did to Little Vinnie. Congradulation for never giving up even though at the beginning with Sands who sucked. I wonder what he is thinking now, that scumbag. Little Vinnie is watching over you's and saying thats my mom and dad who is my voice now and they never stopped at anything. Congradulations maybe changes can happen in Vermont because of you's. Let me know when we are going over to the cematary to celebrate with releasing of the balloons and other things that you's want to do. Love you all Terry & Al

Susan Newhall   susdurg@aol.com
05-19-2011 8:19:21 PM EST
I just heard the wonderful news, they convicted him guilty. all the prayers have been answered. Justice has been served. I'm so so happy truth has been spoken and the jury came back with this just verdict. I'm so happy for you Vinnie and Ronnie. you guys have been through so much. I know your son is happy his killer will be put away and won't hurt anyone ever again. this is so wonderful this punk is going to jail for a very long time. My heart is overflowing with joy at this conviction for you and your family. Finally justice has been served. You guys fought long and hard and your love for your son has gone over mountians and through the darkest vallies but you stood your ground and fought til it almost killed you guys. I'm so happy you got justice for your son, Vinnie.

05-19-2011 7:50:51 PM EST

Christen Wright   crod524@yahoo.com
05-19-2011 7:42:13 PM EST
After almost 3 yrs. justice has been served. Kyle Bolaski is finally found guilty! All your hardwork has paid off. I know Vinnie is so proud of you and I know he has been with you this entire time. Kyle Bolaski will rot in jail!

Laura Bohne Bourgeois   ljbourgeois1@comcast.net
05-19-2011 7:05:43 PM EST
Ronnie, Vinnie & Family: Thinking of you and want you to know that justice will be served.... Stay strong!!! You are amazing and he is looking down on you watching over all of you. My prayers are with you.

Susan Newhall   susdurg@aol.com
05-19-2011 8:14:22 AM EST
Ronnie and Vinnie and family, I've been praying so hard that justice is served and this jury sees through all the lies Kyle is telling. I pray this jury opens thier eyes to justice and they convict him of this horrible murder. I've been thinking of you guys everyday and praying it's over soon. I'm sorry you have to sit through all of this and how painful it is, but know thier are many friends praying for you guys and we all want justice for Vinnie.

Jenna Glatzer   jg@jennaglatzer.com
05-19-2011 1:02:49 AM EST
I've also been shocked by the way our court system can be so corrupt and twisted. Thinking of you and hoping for justice for Vinnie. It can happen. It does happen. My friend Susan Markowitz finally endured her last trial last year for her son's murder-- everyone involved was convicted, with sentences that ranged up to the death penalty. It was a huge relief for those of us around her to see that justice was served properly, even though it took so many years. I sure hope we'll say the same here at the end of this trial. And let's hope the next trial is Sand's... for his obvious corruption and fraud.

Al and Terry
05-18-2011 8:59:08 PM EST
Vinny Ronnie and family I'm thinking of you all everyday. It won't be much longer when Bolaski will be sentenced for the murder of Little Vinnie and I hope it's life for what he did. He is such a low-life coward, sumbag and a MURDER. Justice will prevail. Thinking of you all everyday. Terry & Al

Cecil Jones
05-18-2011 8:52:48 PM EST
Hey Vinnie and Ronnie, I know justice moves slow, but it looks like it is finally coming to you and your family. I read up on the story, and I was ashamed of the Law Enforcement/ District Attorneys original lack of commitment to the community and your family and lil Vinnie. I hope the jury can see the evil that took place that afternoon and give lil Vinnie and all of his loved ones the justice they deserved years ago. As a dad I can not imagine the pain you had to fight thru just to get a fair shot at holding those who are responsible, accountable for the horrible action they committed. My thoughts are with all of you during this stressful time.

Mary (Owens) Long   mary8078@gmail.com
05-18-2011 8:21:54 PM EST
You're such devoted and patient parents to put up with some of the b.s. I see posted on this page. Reading through your side of things makes it clear that there IS only one side and this horrifying event could happen to anyone. Actually, I'm sure it has happened to others and what you're doing is really fighting for them too. God bless your family. You'll prevail in the end, you have to. There's a whole bunch of us staying updated on Facebook and we're all thinking of you and sending good wishes your way. Take care.

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