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Ms. Mathers
06-22-2010 5:01:28 PM EST
I heard about your website in church. It is in our prayer sheet. We all know these men. They are definitely capable of this. We pray that you find justice. What we find just as despicable is that Robert Sand is still on the job! It is obvious that he commited crimes himself by aiding these killers. What we can't understand is how he is allowed to do this and still keep his job. There is something terribly wrong with our justice system that allows these killers to roam free and let's the DA do whatever he wants without penalty. If even half of what you say is true then this man is guilty of aiding the killers, obstruction of justice, manipulating the jury, threats and God knows what else. Robert Sand is a horrible person and a worse District Attorney. He should not be allowed to practice law any longer and those that allow him to continue are no better than he is. I can tell you this, come election day he will not be there any more. But he should also be in jail. If any ordinary citizen did what he has done they would be locked up. he should not be any different! We in our prayer group pray for this. may God answer our prayers.

Vin Sr.
05-20-2010 5:17:42 PM EST
Thanks Mark. I know now that not all members of the judicial system are corrupt. I have received a lot of e-mails and letters of support from members of law enforcement. Some have even given me good tips and information that has helped significantly. Some have even told me they would go on record if they were sure they wouldn't lose their job, but because of who is involved there is no chance of that happening. Which is clear to me upper echelon of the justice system is involved. Anyone else it wouldn't matter. But their help behind the scenes is very encouraging. There are men and women that believe in the oath they took! And are ashamed of those that besmirch that oath. Once the real truth does come out though they will see that they will have nothing to fear. Thanks again.

05-18-2010 10:04:01 PM EST
Vin Sr. I have read your site with great interest. I am a former long time Vermont resident that has since moved to new hampshire. i still have many friends around white river junction including local police officers. I want to tell you that you have the support of many residents there. Believe it or not even the local police support you. or at least the one's I know. They are disgusted with Sand. That he should never had substituted a murder for drug dealers! From what I have been told Sand did use these guys as informants in exchange for getting them off of the murder! believe me when I tell you they do not agree with what Sand did! This whole thing has brought shame to vermont and as law enforcement members they feel that shame tenfold. I hope this has helped a little. I just felt that I had to let you know that not all law enforcement people agree with what Sand did. That more and more people are supporting you. God Bless you in your fight!

05-12-2010 4:53:59 PM EST
Blanchard showed his true colors. He's a coward hiding behind other gangs of cowards! Too bad the bullet hit he wrong person!

05-10-2010 1:30:29 PM EST
Sunshine I could not have said it any better myself. I agree, you should come forward and reveal yourself. Or are you a coward like Kyle and can't handle things like a man/woman?

05-06-2010 10:58:19 PM EST
Anonymous: sounds like you have a personal stake in all of this. People have problems everyday but they don't go and shot everyone. What the hell is your problem? How do you know about the behavior that you speak of? I find it odd that you have such an interest. How about the next time you piss someone off they just go ahead and shot and kill you. YOU HAVE AN INTEREST, WHY DON'T YOU TELL EVERYONE HERE WHY. You seem to know an awful a lot about who's who in the drug scene. Are you a player anonymous? You forgot one other thing, "premeditated." Judgement errors?? Wow. As I read your post and listen to how you minimize a homicide to a judgement call, I think of how shocked your going to be when reality hits. Taking a life should get life. Your insult of how you feel for Vinnie is as fake has the world you live in. When you consciously chose to kill a man when he is down, then savagely beat him you deserve the book thrown at you. Your posts disgusts me. Man up and reveal who you are.

05-06-2010 8:36:15 PM EST
Currently, I am composing an email to you. Thank you for you immediate reply.

Vin Sr.
05-06-2010 8:18:10 PM EST
JC, I moved your post to my files. Thank you.

Vin Sr.
05-06-2010 7:50:35 PM EST
JC, Check your e-mail.

05-06-2010 7:33:20 PM EST
Vinnie you must email me, I have important information for you.

05-06-2010 7:14:54 PM EST
Anonymous: YES YOU ARE RIGHT IN YOUR POST, "Let Freedom Ring." Freedom will ring alright and send Kyle to jail. There's a difference between right and wrong, and then there is the consequences of those actions. It's called breaking the law. The problem is corruption in our system and it shows people like yourself that your thinking/behavior is acceptable when in fact, it is NOT.

05-06-2010 6:56:13 PM EST
Corruption: Gov. Dean and AG. Sorrell. Interesting read. I wonder if Sands is a long time friend, it would only seem logical.

JC   windyspirit8@yahoo.com
05-06-2010 6:23:19 PM EST
Vinnie- could you please send me your email address? I have a question for you, along with a comment regarding the situation. Thank you, JC

Heads Up
05-05-2010 9:32:08 PM EST
This guy should not be free to roam the streets.

Vin Sr.
05-04-2010 7:40:42 PM EST
Thanks for the info HEADS UP. That is unbelievable. Again, blanchard and a gang of toughs invade a persons private property, threatens him and his children and wife and when things go wrong, they say "they only wanted to talk!" This is the same excuse they used when up to 20 people trespassed on Vinnie's girls property and assaulted the elderly owner. This is also the excuse they used to get Vinnie to the field and when they approached the car. I don't know whether or not the shooting was justified but I do know this would not have happened if they didn't go down with a gang. What a shame, again many lives will be ruined with the help of Tristan Blanchard. This guy obviously knows what they were capable of and took no chances where his family was concerned. Thanks again for the "HEADS UP."

Melissa   mlcmkhc@netzero.net
05-04-2010 6:15:22 PM EST
I can't believe they let him out on "Conditions"! Really how many people do you have to hurt/kill in Vermont for them to realize you are a bad person? Mr. Tamburello, no matter what anyone has to say bad about Vinnie I could triple it with good things. I was very close to Vinnie for a long time and he was the kindest man.

heads up
05-04-2010 6:00:32 PM EST
Sorry My Message was cut short. Go to today's Rutland Herald, Southern VT news: Man denies guilt in car shooting incident Tristen Blanchard drove to the shooter's house, looking for trouble

heads up
05-04-2010 5:54:38 PM EST
Are you aware that Tristan Blanchard was involved in another violent incident. I tried to post the lin but the site would not let me. Go to t

Vin Sr.
05-04-2010 3:03:42 PM EST
Thank you K and Melissa for your kind words. So many bad things have been said about Vinnie by the defendants and allowed to by Sand, that it is good to hear kind words. With all the bad being said no one has a chance to hear about the real Vinnie. Keep him in your hearts and he will never be far away.

Melissa   mlcmkhc@netzero.net
05-03-2010 12:04:53 PM EST
To anonymous, How can you say it was not a "cold calculated murder"? They moved their guns from one vehicle to another and then after Vinnie was shot once they decided that wasn't good enough and shot again in the back! They then proceeded to beat him as he lay their dieing! Maybe you should just keep your comments to yourself since you obviously have no clue! Vinnie may have had problems in his past as we all do but I knew him for several years and he was the kindest man I had ever met! He would give you the shirt off his back! Vinnie did not deserve this and Justice will be served. To the Tamburello family stay strong and know that Vinnie is watching over you. He was a kind gentle soul and is very missed!

05-02-2010 10:14:38 AM EST
Just wanted to let you all know that I LOVE this site! I think its great! I was one of Viinies good friends in VT! He was a wonderful person that would do anything for his friends!! I miss him and think about him almost everyday I always pray to him to keep my daughter and I safe! And so far he's been listening! I can not wait til the day I see kyle go to jail for the rest of his damn life! I hate living in VT having to see his ugly face around town or in walmart and other places I go, I get the worst feeling in my gut every time I see him! But I just wanted to write and tell all you HATERS to fuck off you didn't know Vinnie or ANYTHING about him! You only seem to look at the bad and you choose not to see the good in him! He was a great person! Vin sr. I hope you and your family are all doing well! And just know my family and I are behind you 100%! :)

05-01-2010 2:05:09 PM EST
Sand Criticized in Springfield Case, Valley News May 1, 20101 “A lot of mistakes were made in this case from the beginning. The way the evidence is being looked at now is very different,” said Lavoie, a Franklin County prosecutor who took over in February when Sand, under relentless pressure from the victim's family, stepped aside. “Shooting somebody who doesn't present an imminent danger to you, that's a problem right from the first shot,” Lavoie said in Windsor District Court. “This is a charge that should have been in place all along. He was not using (the ax) to attack anyone, he was using it to attack his truck. You don't have a right to kill somebody because they’re beating up your truck.” The prosecutors' difference of opinion is far more than a legal debate: It means Bolaski, instead of facing a lesser penalty for manslaughter, could serve a maximum of life in prison. Justice will prevail

Vin Sr.
04-20-2010 7:16:06 PM EST
Anonymous, quite a turnaround from your post of 3-5-10. But this time you showed your true colors! And both faces! You slander someone who cannot defend himself and do it behind the mask of anonymity! It is easy to write and run but it takes courage to speak like a man. Though you do not, and I usually do not allow cowardly responses, I will allow yours. Because it shows desperation! You and everyone of his friends are getting desperate because you know that justice is coming! Your post is not something new. It is the same shameful attempt at degrading Vinnie and us. If you read the site, which I'm sure you did, you should have known that, According to the coroner's report Vinnie had no drugs in his system! And yes he and his girlfriend argued, but what has that got to do with him getting shot in the back? Have you ever argued with your girlfriend? Should you die for it? If Vinnie beat her, like Arbuckle did to his girlfriend, then I might say you have a point. But your post had no point other than to slander. And you even did that while hiding. These posts and others like it, show one thing for certain, There is no remorse! No remorse from the killers or his friends, like you, that aided him. By not having remorse for this they will also not have it for the next victim. And, if at all possible, I will try to see that there is not a next victim! So you see, the only thing this post did was strengthen our resolve to make sure the killer and those that aided him are taken off the streets. To ensure this can never happen again!

Native Green Mountaineer
04-20-2010 10:05:28 AM EST
To post negative information about someone who was shot and killed by a drug, and drunk crazed killer whose only reason was that he was outraged that his truck got dinged is despicable. Vinnie Jr. may not have been an angel on this earth, but neither is anyone else. We all have skeletons...yes, including you anonymous. And...as a native Vermonter...I agree there should be no more charges brought against Bolaski, because Bolaski should have been charged with murder...IN THE FIRST DEGREE...right from the start. This new DA is doing what that other DA SHOULD HAVE DONE. You don't hear the stories flowing through these streets about the Bolaskis. They are drug dealers and their selling there crap to our kids. Early on, that kid Blanchard was telling everyone what really happened...and let me tell you the only reason why Bolaski was never charged with murder in the first place is because our system is corrupt. This man was hunted by the Bolaskis, but they couldn't find him so they tricked him into going down where he got shot by threatening his girlfriend. Yeah...real men those Bolaskis. That's okay, because rumor has it, someone is talking to this new DA. If it were me, I would tell them everything because theres no way I would do life for drug dealers. Let it be known that not all Vermonters believe the way these negative posters are, most of us are behind the Tamburellos. Maybe now, some of you will stand up for what is right, instead of being a coward. That's not how we were raised.

04-20-2010 8:30:28 AM EST
Again, I feel for what you have been through, BUT, there should be no more murder charges brought against anyone as I assure you this was not a cold calculated murder. These were errors in judgement with the unfortunate outcome of someones life being taken. THAT SUCKS!! This all really started around drugs which unfortunately was part of Vinnie's world. I understand your hurt and frustration but where is all of the information about Vinnie's drug abuse and the incidents surrounding that? What about his beligerent and abusive behavior toward his girlfriend and Rockingham Hospital? No one should have lost their life over this but Vinnie's behavior played a huge part in why this incident took place. I feel it is only fair to share that while Vinnie may be an angel now, he was no angel on this earth.

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