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Vin Sr.
01-30-2010 9:43:05 PM EST
Agrees with thoughts: No messages of hate will ever get on this site. No cowardly rants, hiding behind the veil of hatred and bigotry will ever have any place in this society. You do not even have the courage to sign your name or give your e-mail. I will not give your hate filled diatribe the dignity of a post. I will not insult and embarrass the good people of Vermont by allowing you to shame them before the world. It is people like you, with your hate and bigotry that cause these things to happen. If you want to post give your name and e-mail. I would like to show the people of Vermont just what type of person they have speaking for them!

Another thought
01-30-2010 4:14:48 PM EST
As a homeowner, and Parent, in Chester, not everyone is thinking the way Thoughts is Vin Sr. I also saw the bumper sticker at Jiffy Mart, and I have to say, I had no idea this would be about the MacKenzie Park incident. What got me to open it was the “We’re not safe in Vermont” thing. But, after hearing about all the crap these kids are telling everyone, I knew there was more to the story. First: I commend you on your search for justice. All of us Vermonters are sick and tired of the drugs and crap these kids are slinging around here, and we have a completely different take on this, than Thoughts. Here’s my take. Once the trigger is pulled, it makes no difference where the shooter was aiming. Each and every person has a main vein running through their limbs. If that vein is severed, there is no chance of stopping the flow of blood. When you point a gun at a person, you risk severing any of those veins. The fact that Bolaski is a hunter, doesn’t justify what he did on that day. I don’t care if he’s the greatest marksman on the planet. No one can predict a bullet trajectory once it leaves the gun. From what I gather, there was a lot of drinking going on so there was no “going down to the ball field they thought would have been a stop coming around our friends saga, and scare him back to where he lives.” They knew what they were doing. Now, if I were to walk into a store with a few of my buddies and an argument breaks out with anyone in that store, if one of my buddies shoots someone in that store, anyone with that shooter is as guilty as if they pulled the trigger themselves. Whether they knew it was going to happen, or not. In your son’s case, the threat of bodily harm was over when he started smashing the truck. Anyone there had all the time in the world to escape. They chose not to. In fact, they participated. While I don’t know all the facts, I know enough about the law to say All persons involved in the cold-blooded killing of your son is as guilty as the Bolaski boys. Both of them. It doesn’t matter what Thoughts says their intention was. They both knew the risk, and neither of them chose to stop each other. I agree with you, Vin Sr. You’re doing the right thing by going after all involved, because they’re all guilty of the crime, itself, or lying to the Grand Jury to cover the crime. THEY COMMITTED THE ULTIMATE CRIME AND THEY ALL SHOULD BE PROSECUTED. By the way, I never got the impression that you were attacking us as Vermonters. I don’t know where thoughts got that. I felt you were protecting us from the same system that failed you. Please know our hearts go out to you and your family and that all Vermonters don’t feel the way Thoughts does.

Vin Sr.
01-29-2010 8:04:52 PM EST
Dear Thoughts, Thank you for your input about our site. We welcome the opportunity to hear from different views. However, I believe that you did not read thoroughly enough. You say you can understand the pain we feel. Unless you have felt the loss that we have in such a violent manner you could never understand the pain and anguish. You state about actual "Facts". Yet they are so far from the actual facts that I have to point them out. You say that Vinnie would have killed Kyle first. When the actual facts are Vinnie did not go after Kyle, but the truck. According to all witness accounts including Kyle himself, Vinnie did not chase Kyle around the car when Kyle went and got the gun. He stayed on the other side. Kyle, after getting the gun then ran around to Vinnie. You say they carry the guns 24/7 yet by their own admission stopped to get the other gun. You say Kyle gave Tristan the gun for protection but it was Corey who brought the gun out and by Tristans own admission he did not ask for the gun! This story was made up by Kyle and Corey and discredited by Tristan himself! Also you say that Tristan called Kyle up balling, but the facts are Kyle called Tristan! You then state that Kirby called Ucci, again this is wrong, Ucci called Kirby's phone looking for Vinnie several times! You say that call had nothing to do with The Bolaski's yet by their own admission encouraged Ucci to get Vinnie on the phone and down to the field. You say Ucci persuaded Kyle to go down to the field, but again by their own admission it was agreed to by all. You say 3 men advanced to Vinnie, conversations unknown, again, by eye witness accounts and by their own testimony there were about 6-8 people advancing toward Vinnie stating they were going to kick his ass, threatening him! You said I stated Vinnie zoomed in on Kyle, which I never stated at all! I and all witnesses to that, state Vinnie went right at the truck! You say that Vinnie was running at the Bolaski's and that Kyle is such a good hunter he would have shot him in the head. Well, according to all witnesses except Kyle and Corey, Vinnie was limping away from them trying to get away! It almost sounds like you condone the cowardly act of shooting Vinnie in the back! Vinnie was shot in the back. How do you explain that?? You say that the only reason Corey shot at Vinnie was because Vinnie was running at him! Running at him? After being shot through both legs? They could have run backwards away from Vinnie and he still would never have caught them. It almost sounds as if you condone this cowardly act of shooting Vinnie in the back even though you admit he was shot in the back. You say that Corey, Ucci and Arbuckle should not be called killers. Well, anyone that willfully plans and follows through on the plan of murder and then kicks a dying, defenseless person while he is laying helpless are murderers! You then state that I have threatened the people of Vermont. That couldn't be further from the truth! Never in my whole site do I once say anything derogatory about the people of Vermont! On the contrary I am trying my hardest to help them and the majority of people understand that. I don't understand your post at all! Where did you get the statement that Corey pleaded with them not to go down to the field "because it's none of their business". This is the first we heard of that statement. If true, It just proves that Corey knew it was wrong and that there were other intentions rather than just talking to Vinnie! You talk as though you know more than you are actually saying. It is obvious that though you say you read my site through thoroughly you did not. If you did you would not have gotten so many facts wrong! You say I should be going after Sand, Well, if you had read my site you would see that is exactly what this site is about! From the very first page to the last. Kyle may have been brought up by a good loving family and I'm sure they did not bring him up to be a drug pusher and a murderer, but he is! Those are the facts! As corroborated by many of your fellow Vermonters. Your statement that "If Kyle had wanted to kill Vinnie he would have shot him in the head or heart, but instead shot him in the back" was totally absurd! You have distorted and twisted all the facts of this case to try to condone the cowardly act of shooting Vinnie in the back! Like I said, I welcome all views but views that are backed up by facts! I am under the impression that you are close to the men involved. You state things as having first hand knowledge, but knowledge of hearsay, not "ACTUAL FACTS!" You say you don't think that Kyle intended to kill Vinnie. Then explain to me what you think Kyle intended to do by shooting Vinnie in the back and then brutally beating him with the rifle as he lay dying, WHICH YOU NEVER ONCE MENTION! I would love to hear your explanation of that, but as a person not a "THOUGHT!"

01-29-2010 3:24:39 PM EST
I have recently heard of this website through Bumper stickers the Tamburello family is posting in Vermont. I have read through every single link and understand the pain and hurt the Tamburello family feels. It is fine to put up your concerns about your son and how you feel about the Vermont system. I would do the same thing for my kids. I am not going to defend Kyle Bolaski but I feel that some points should be made and known. These are ACTUAL FACTS. Kyle Bolaski may have murdered your son but your son would have murdered him first if he had gotten the chance. Being realistic ANY Country Boy who lives in Vermont has a gun rack in the back of their trucks were they carry their guns Both Bolaski boys have guns in their trucks 24/7 this is not new news. There is no surprise that they get off on scouting deer. Yes Kyle did give Tristan a gun for protection *which Tristan asked for* If we recap what you have stated.. "The truck was locked" the truck was locked for a reason. . Kyle Bolaski may have grown to have some issues but was brought up by a good loving family. Anybody that knows him would agree, and when a buddy called up balling for help he thought he would just calm his friend down. When Kirby called Ucci saying to go to the ball field that had nothing to do with either of the Bolaski's or Blanchard. Younger Bolaski, Corey pleaded to not go that "it was none of their business" Jerry Ucci Insisted on it and eventually persuaded Kyle to drive down. Chester is a small town and I believe that going down to the ball field they thought would have been a stop coming around our friends saga, and scare him back to where he lives. Instead 3 men Kyle, Jerry, and Arbuckle walked toward Vinnie, Vinnie turned around grabbed the Axe and Ran at them. (the conversation between them all in unknown) When Kyle fell Vinnie zoomed in on him like you stated. Kyle shooting 2ce was very wrong and Vermont should convict this. But calling Corey, Jerry and Arbuckle KILLERS is wrong! The Only Reason Corey Bolaski shot was because Vinnie was running toward him. Corey Bolaski AIMED HIS GUN AT THE GROUND and shot off warning shots NEVER wanting to shoot Vinnie. If he had wanted to he could have. Do not forget Kyle is a hunter. I do not believe he wanted Vinnie dead. If he did he would have known were to shoot instead he chose his knee. and when Vinnie continued to run after being shot with a 30-06 he was then shot again in the back. not in the head, not in the heart. I think if you should be mad at anybody it is Robert Sands for his decisions and the Vermont's way of handling things and not any of the people involved with the incident. When I read this website I felt completely different for the Tamburello family, I feel terrible if you really cared for your son they way you are stating, although from all the Threats I hear from your family to Vermont makes me confused on if this website is up for some other reason. God Bless your Family. I hope your family is the way you have stated it to be on this website, loving and caring.

01-27-2010 12:26:17 AM EST
I just read your justice delayed page. I am completely shocked by the conduct of DA Sand! To try to silence you by using your son is a most despicable, cowardly act! I am so sorry this is happening to you. What was he thinking! and to e-mail you! How belligerent can you get! If he has gone that far to threaten you then there is definitely something going on behind the scenes. I sincerely hope you get the truth out. Mr. Sand has to step down from this case now! There is too much confict of interest! I promise you and your family that I will do everything I can to make sure Sand does not ever get re-elected! This man should not be in office. Bolaski and all of them should be charged with murder! Now! This has gone on long enough! I pray that you will find justice and finally find peace. There are a lot of Vermonters behind you, praying for you. Please keep up the fight. We have sent donations to help in your fight. Diane is right. Maybe if we had done something about these guys before your son might still be alive. And maybe if we had not ignored the conduct of Sand and others then maybe you would have found peace by now. But I promise we will not stand by any longer! God bless you and may you find peace soon!

01-25-2010 1:10:58 PM EST
To Vin Sr. and family. I frequent this site to follow the progress and loved that "Justice Delayed" post. I always felt you had an Angel on your side. That Angel came to you as Mr. Bradl. Knowing the people that conspired, helped, and lied to protect the Bolaski's will be investigated is fantastic news. Our hearts go out to you, and we hope you find the justice you seek. We'll be sending a check to the address in your "Events" post to help you.

Vin Sr.
01-22-2010 8:18:54 PM EST
Diane, thank you for your heartfelt words. But please do not blame yourself, Rather it is the judiciary of your state that has failed to act time and time again. It is they that have allowed this to happen. They that have betrayed the trust of the people. The proof of this shows in that Kyle Bolaski has 3 serious felonies against him yet he is allowed to stay on the streets to inject his poison on the innocent children and people of Vermont! How many have Overdosed on his and Blanchard's poison? How many have died? How long will they allow this to continue? No, Diane it is not your fault, nor do we blame the people of Vermont. But at some point the people have to take it unto themselves to make sure those responsible for allowing this to happen are held accountable. It will happen. I know it. We have received many e-mails and letters by people such as yourself, concerned about the growing problem of the law failing to act and they are getting fed up! We will do everything we can to help but ultimately it is the people that will change things. I pray it will not be too late. God Bless you!

01-19-2010 11:56:21 AM EST
When Kyle broke into my home 8 years ago, i knew he would end up dead or in jail. i watched him peddle his drugs around here ever since. i prayed he would get caught for polluting our children. Him and that other kid tristanhave sold drugs around here forever. i never thought he would resort to killing your son, though. Now i'm ashamed i never did anything about him. i could have called the police at anytime and i didn't. i feel somewhat responsible for your loss and i don't know what to say. i hope your family finds the justice i probably should have sought years ago. Maybe then your son wouldn't have met him.

Sling   eyesummit@hotmail.com
01-14-2010 7:07:04 PM EST
As I was reading all of this, the only thing that came to mind for me was Law Abiding Citizen.

12-22-2009 5:29:36 PM EST
It is obvious that the good ole boy network of vermont protects its own. The same can be said of the code of silence that protects alot of townies. Kyle is definately guilty and deserves nothing less than life in prison. on the other hand my knowledge of Vinny was that of a tough guy that liked to fight and tended to operate heavily under the influence. But hey, alot of us in life make bad decisions and move on from there. Was Vinny innocent of his actions, NO. Vinny was known to never back down from a fight and the vermont boys knew this. in their own cowardice, they took a life to avoid a fight. If his brothers are as tough as vinny, i say we lock Kyle in the same room. He will be begging for prison. Memory: I remeber going to lil vins house to skate the halfpipe and that damn ferret trying to run up your pant leg. That was one stinky animal. :) Happy Holidays.

12-22-2009 12:41:33 PM EST
Vin, may God Bless and comfort you and your family. Please be strong and keep up the fight. I'm sure Vinnie is with you, watching you and will be with you on Christmas day! You are all in our prayers.

12-21-2009 4:53:08 PM EST
I would like to wish the whole Tamburello family a very Merry Christmas. I can't imagine the sorrow you all feel at this time. May God be with you and Bless you all!

Marc Moloney
12-15-2009 7:22:26 PM EST

11-20-2009 7:41:02 PM EST
Anonomous, I read your message from 10~08~09. You say iow biased you are. Yet you have trashed a young man that has lost his life! You say, YOU SAW THIS BUILDING? You also say, things about lil Vinnie about~Drugs, alcohol, steroids! Yet you seem to have left out what the other young men do! I am sure just before they murdered lil Vinnie, they dropped their bibles! If your going to mention horrible things about one, don't omit what the others were into. So you saw this building and didn't try to stop it? You need to check your parenting, because as a parent HOW CAN YOU SAY SUCH THINGS TO PARENTS THAT HAVE HAD TO BURY A CHILD? I can tell you if Vinnie n Ronnie SAW something like that building with any children, they would have put a stop to it! SO ANNONOMOUS....CHECK YOUR PARENTING....DON'T TALK ABOUT THEIR OTHER CHILDREN TOO....As soon as you put your bibld down that is!

11-20-2009 7:40:18 PM EST
Anonomous, I read your message from 10~08~09. You say iow biased you are. Yet you have trashed a young man that has lost his life! You say, YOU SAW THIS BUILDING? You also say, things about lil Vinnie about~Drugs, alcohol, steroids! Yet you seem to have left out what the other young men do! I am sure just before they murdered lil Vinnie, they dropped their bibles! If your going to mention horrible things about one, don't omit what the others were into. So you saw this building and didn't try to stop it? You need to check your parenting, because as a parent HOW CAN YOU SAY SUCH THINGS TO PARENTS THAT HAVE HAD TO BURY A CHILD? I can tell you if Vinnie n Ronnie SAW something like that building with any children, they would have put a stop to it! SO ANNONOMOUS....CHECK YOUR PARENTING....DON'T TALK ABOUT THEIR OTHER CHILDREN TOO....As soon as you put your bibld down that is!

Vin Sr.
11-09-2009 2:50:17 PM EST
AmberT and Donna. Thank you for your kind words. It means a lot to my family. This was murder and it is being covered up. We have gotten a lot of support from the good people of Vermont that are tired of this happening. When the truth comes out, and it will, it will be shocking to see how this went down and the part the judicial system has played.

11-07-2009 5:31:51 PM EST
I am pretty sure anonymous is kyle Bolaski aunt and uncle

11-07-2009 5:23:30 PM EST
My mother lives very close to where your son lost his life. I feel that justices has not been done for your son. Kyle Bolaski I have know since he was born and he is a bully, he was always one to pick on and hurt others. He always felt he was above the law. This was murder... plain and simple and I do not understand what the state of vermont is doing. Everyone makes mistakes in their lives no one is perfect but no one deserves to be shot in the back. I have been so surprised at this case Kyle Bolaski is out fishing on the conn. river in his dad's boat, he is doing drugs and stealing medication, with not a care in the world.Justice needs to happen for Vinnie. I believe Vinnie words from beyond, Justice will happen. I also believe Sand is a coward and needs a new job maybe painting and mowing lawns for Kyles dad. I want your family to know that many many of us here in Chester and Springfield feel your son murder needs to go away to the big house for a long long time. Your family is in my prayers.

10-29-2009 11:15:55 AM EST
As a parent myself I am shocked by the things posted by anonymous. Lets stick to the facts here. The fact is that this man was removed from the lives of the people who love him most in a senseless act of violence. There is nothing that can be said that will change this. Vinnie Sr. I commend you for being so strong. Strong enough to face the public and get the real story out there. I can only imagine what your family has gone through and I am truly sorry for you loss. I will be emailing the suggested people with my thoughts as well. My prayers are with you and your family.

Jason ( vinnies younger brother
10-29-2009 4:22:18 AM EST
You know, i miss hanging out with my brother so much.. i miss watchin the patriots game with him, i miss havin som1 to let my stresses too, havin som1 who cared so much about me he was always there to lend me a shoulder to lean on, later in my life when i had troubles, he was always there give a helpin hand, and to anyone who knew him and was loved by vinnie, knew he was alwasy there for a helping hand.. this site states only facts and all it is intended for is a fair trial, not for vermont bashing.. we have visited vermont for my hockey tournaments when i was younger and always had great experiences, we very much liked being in vermont and the people were great.. but now all i can think about vermont is how it was the last place my big brother was alive.. i miss and love you vinnie, i know you still have my back from heaven

Randy   rstaples1259@yahoo.com
10-27-2009 1:18:03 PM EST
I read that post, Scott, and like you said, Chris was portrayed as a bad guy because that's great for the ratings--not the person. TV doesn't care about the people. It's a sad world when someone can stray from the issues at hand. This site isn't about Chris. It's about the system that failed the same people they swore to protect. Why that particular poster even brought him into this is hard to understand. If everyone were to read the facts, we'd have a mutual understanding that it's the system that continues to inflict the pain, not the Tamburellos. What happened, happened. We can't change that. But we can change the system that failed them. You have to kind of wonder why these new charges were brought forth. Isn't it election time? Hmmmmmm!!! Wgat happens after the election? Hmmmm!!!

10-27-2009 11:54:45 AM EST
Exactly. Like I said before, Vinnie was not an instigator but he certainly never backed down when challenged like that. Violence isn't always the answer but at least Vinnie would settle the score fairly so people could live to fight another day and he didn't have to hide behind weapons. And to the person who said that Chris has the same thirst for drugs, alcohol, and brutality as Vinnie did... get a clue. You probably don't even know Chris the PERSON beyond what you've seen on TV on reality shows. He is more than capable of handling himself much like Vinnie was, but like Vinnie, he doesn't pick fights; only stands up for himself when antagonized.

Randy   rstaples1259@yahoo.com
10-27-2009 11:41:32 AM EST
Scott--well said. Anyone who knows Vinnie, knows he would never instigate the fight. They would also know he would defend those he loved. As anyone would. When these clowns approached the car, the girls became victim, not Vinnie. Vinnie could handle himself, and, in that given situation, anyone would have done the same thing. Vinnie didn't need a weapon to fight. He would never use a weapon on another PERSON either. Like Josh said, Bolaski got pissed off because of a few dings in his truck. That does not warrant anyone to become judge, jury, and hand down punishment by death. Bolaski knew Vinnie wasn't leaving that field that day and, if Bolaski never met Vinnie, what gives him the right to make that judgement? Something stinks in that judicial system. Anyone with half-a-brain that read the facts would know this was a premeditated act, and should be dealt with in that fashion. The Tamburello's had to wait 14 months for a manslaughter charge to come forward. Why, if the facts clearly state intent, did this even go to the Grand Jury? Why were these COWARDS allowed to change their story on that stand? And why didn't Sands call EVERY witness to this premeditated murder? NOT MANSLAUGHTER. It appears to me there's another COWARD in that county--and he happens to be handling this case. If I were a resident of Windsor County, I would want to know how the man that swore to uphold the law with due diligence, failed to protect my children and neighbors and allow this creep to walk the same streets as my kids.

Randy   rstaples1259@yahoo.com
10-27-2009 11:18:33 AM EST
I agree with you, Josh, whole-heartedly. I've been saying all along the intent was clear. The facts of this case screams premeditated murder, and yet, not only are these clowns walking the streets, but Bolaski is allowed--let me repeat myself--ALLOWED to commit another crime--a federal crime at that--and still walk the streets. How does that happen in a system sworn to uphold the law, and to serve and protect? I think it's clear what this particular system protects. That's not a badge I would care to honor.

10-27-2009 1:28:12 AM EST
And one more thing... with Bolaski not having a job since he murdered Vinnie and with him being busted recently for drug fraud... it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how he's been making his money. Put this murdering drug dealer behind bars.

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