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09-15-2009 2:55:46 PM EST

Gina   ginalatkins@hotmail.com
09-06-2009 10:22:29 AM EST
So well said Vin Sr, and Randy !!!!!

Randy   rstaples1259@yahoo.com
09-05-2009 1:35:40 PM EST
Oh...and by the way "Ben". Read the facts. While there may be implications that Julie may, or may not, have said something, this incident had nothing to do with it. This incident transpired from the actions of the previous night. Spoken from those involved. This is basic common knowledge. So, before you come into this site, load yourself with the truth. At least, then you can submit a a meaningful post.

Randy   rstaples1259@yahoo.com
09-05-2009 1:16:13 PM EST
Hey Victim: Another mask. What a surprise. What is it with you people and the masks? You post anonymously and scream worthless propoganda. I imagine it's easy when you wear a mask(personally, I wouldn't know. My home is where I hang my heart, not my murderers). I mean, c'mon, do you vote like that? You say, "AS FAR AS IM CONCERNED JUSTICE HAS ALREADY BEEN SERVED AND SERVED IN VERY GOOD TIMING BEFORE SOME CRAZED LUNATIC HURT SOMEONE SERIOULSY." What about the person that fired that shot? Are you claiming he was in the right frame of mind? This freakin lunatic fired shots in a park full of Mothers and their children. Is that not the actions of a lunatic? Is that a sound mind. Bolaski knew he was going down there to shoot someone. Transferring that first rifle from truck-to-truck proves that. His brother, grabbing the second rifle from the house, had the same intention with that rifle. It makes no difference what was said, the intention was clear. To add to this dilemma, if their sole intention was "self-defense" as they claim, why the rifle butt to the face? Why the kicks? This man was neutralized by the first shot. Why the second? It makes no difference what was, or wasn't, said. These creeps knew their intentions. I'm inclined to believe anyone who posts anonymously has the same cowardice actions as the Bolaskis and company. And if you ARE that Ben, why the anonymous post? I'll tell you why. Because you're not THAT Ben. Just someone who has nothing sensible to say when the facts are put forth. Get a Life, dude.

Randy   rstaples1259@yahoo.com
09-05-2009 12:41:53 PM EST
Anonymous: I want to start this by saying, I'm not wearing a mask. You, obviously, are to post anonymously. You say--with conviction I might add--that Bolaski is "not the type of guy to just stand up and kill someone." That being the case, why did he stop at his house and grab the second rifle? Why any rifle, for that matter? He had his brother Corey, Ucci, and Blanchard with him, while Arbuckle waited for them down at that field. If my math serves me right, that's five on one. Why the rifles? He had four other creeps with him, going down to a field to fight one guy. You don't know what was on Bolaski's mind at that moment in time. Don't go trying to paint him an Angel. If you know him well enough to "think" he wouldn't have the sense to kill anyone, then you know the drugs he's peddling around there. You also know this dirtbag just got busted for forging prescriptions. Is this the dirtbag you're defending? Doesn't say much about your character, or your post. Actually, you just made yourself look stupid. You say "This site is all about trying to make Vinnie look like a perfect guy." You obviously didn't read the site because his father talks about his son's iniquities right on the first couple of pages. Excuse me, did I use "iniquities?" Let me explain that to you, because your syntax sucks. Iniquities means morally objectionable behavior. I've never once read anything on this site that justified his son's actions. I also never read anything that glorified him in any way. Neither did I read anything that attacked native Vermonters, or Bolaski himself. He stated facts. Facts you obviously took offense to, because you only know what Bolaski told you. Did Bolaski happen to tell you they were drinking and smoking dope in the hours leading up to this incident(at least, now that you know that, you know where he got his BALLS from)? Now that you're reading the TRUTH, you take offense. You take offense that Vinnie's dad isn't bashing anyone. You take offense that he is the morally correct citizen you claim "Boston" is void of. Read the freakin' papers up there, anonymous. Learn what's going on around you. This isn't an anyplace USA vs Vermont situation. These are issues taking place within your own community. You have a voice, don't waste it defending the creeps that give your community a bad name. Use it to rid your streets from those very same perps you defend.

Vin Sr.
09-05-2009 12:01:53 PM EST
Anonymous. You're right I don't know Kyle and I don't know everything that Vinnie did down there. I also do not know everything that Kyle has done down there. From what I have heard since, Kyle did far worse than Vinnie ever did. Just recently Kyle was charged with prescription forgery. If you did read the website you will see that I did not whitewash what Vinnie had done. I wrote what was said in testimony and backed up everything with facts. You say Kyle must have had a good reason for killing Vinnie. I would like to hear your reasoning for killing anyone! Explain to me why Kyle involved himself in something that wasn't his business. Explain to me why, as you say, he was the one person who wouldn't back down, yet he needed up to 10 friends to back him up. Why he needed to bring 2 rifles to fight one man with 10 friends. Please explain to me why he offered Arbuckle $100.00 to fight Vinnie for him! Explain to me why he would shoot Vinnie in the back, from over 30' away, as he was trying to get away. And please, if you can, explain to me your reasoning as to why Kyle beat Vinnie with the rifle as he lay dying? What possible reason could there be? There is no justification for it! Vinnie did contribute to the events of what happened. I state so in the site. Even that first shot, though I don't agree, could have been justified. But from that point on there is no justification for shooting someone in the back and then beating him while prone and helpless on the ground. It should have stopped after the first shot. The cops had been called and Vinnie would have been arrested and charged accordingly. You are trying hard to make this a Vermont against Boston thing. That's the misguided mentality that started this whole mess. That is so wrong! It isn't! I do not put down Vermont but the judicial system! I do not blame the people. The people were duped by their judiciary. I say so on my site. It is Kyle and everyone else that led to this tragic event. Including Vinnie. For the longest time I was angry with Vinnie. Angry that he would contribute to the events that led up to this tragedy. Then my anger turned toward the justice system. No one has the right to take a life. No one but God can make that decision. In the same sense, No judicial member has the right to pick and choose who to free and who to prosecute. The facts must be brought as they are. If there is a DA, or Judge or law enforcement member that uses the justice system for their own needs and gains. How does that help the people of Vermont? Let me ask you this, you talk about shoe on the other foot, would you feel the same way if those bullets that they were randomly firing in the park that night killed a child or mother or anyone? Would you feel that would be justified? This was a horrible tragedy that should not have happened! Everyone involved used bad judgement. I do not hate Kyle. I actually feel absolutely nothing toward him except seeing justice done. Vinnie paid for his mistake with his life. Kyle will pay with his freedom. And the families of all men will pay for the rest of our lives. The best I can hope, what I pray for is that by building this site it will bring attention to the way that in an instant lives can be changed. That maybe, just maybe this will stop another senseless tragedy. Maybe someone after reading of how tragedy can erupt because of moments of anger, maybe they will stop and think about the results of their actions and a tragedy will have been averted. I want to also bring attention to the judicial process and the way it is being abused. If it works and even one person is saved from tragedy, or one injustice is corrected, then this site was worth it.

CVin Sr.
09-05-2009 10:17:22 AM EST
Ben/victim. You say you are the one that Julie said something about. You say that she is lying. That may be true. I just state was was in the testimony. If you are Ben let me ask you this: When Vinnie left from Blanchard's house why did you all chase them? Why did you run them off the road? If, as testimony states you stopped several times and talked with Vinnie, why didn't you all just leave? Yet you decided not to. You chased him and 2 terrified girls all the way to Julie's house where you all trespassed and assaulted Julie's mother. Blanchard had a tire iron. Why? According to yours and everyone else's testimony of that night Vinnie drove away. Please explain to me your reasoning.

09-05-2009 12:16:09 AM EST
To Anonymous,maybe one day if you have to go through what this family is going through, you may understand their feelings. Nowhere in all that I read did it state that they thought their son was perfect, it don't matter if you are not perfect there is NO reason to be murdered the way he was. You say Kyle didn't back down from him, well that is becasue he is a wussy and had to use a weapon. If Kyle was soo tuff, why wouldnt he just fight him without any weapons one on one instead of having to get a butt load of friends to back him. Kyle is a MURDERER and I hope like hell justice will get done and him and all the other cowards that had to throw in cheaps shots while Vinny was down ROT in HELL!!!! I also will say I live in South Carolina and I would never want to live in Vermont and I would stir anyone that said they were moving there to find another state besides that one, one that represents the VICTIMS not the MURDERERS!!!!!!!

09-04-2009 11:44:49 PM EST
Its clear that you will stand up for your own family, People wouldnt expect you to be on Kyles side. You don't know Kyle personally. Hes not the type of guy to just stand up and kill someone. Theres obviously a good reason as to why he did it. In this story you made Vinnie sound like a perfect guy, He came to Vermont causing more problems then are stated on this page. Its all he did when he was in Vermont, cause problems. Yet it doesnt say anything about the other stuff that had happened. This is rediculous, He came here acting like a tough guy because he was from "Boston" thinking everyone would back down to him. I guess he found the one person around here who wouldnt. Vermonts not a bad place, and your trying to make it seem like its known for criminals and all this bad stuff. Actually its a safer place than Boston is truthfully. This site is all about trying to make Vinnie look like a perfect guy. Its wrong, he did wrong just as much as Kyle did. Would you feel the same if the role was reversed and Kyle was the one to die. I doubt it, Vermont would still be the bad/wrong state and Vinnie still would have done no wrong. This is hypocritical.

Katie   katiehow1988@yahoo.com
09-04-2009 9:06:24 PM EST
Hey Vin and Ron. Its Katie, julies friend. I can't beleive its been a year since Viinie was TAKEN from all of us. I just wanted to tell you guys know that Kyle made the papers again!! He got into trouble a again he changed a prescription of percocets he put a "1" in front of the 42 he was getting and tryed to get away with it! He was arrested and with a bail of $100000 and of crouse MOMMY bailed him out!! But I he has another hearing and i REALLY HOPE he is put away for good!!!!!!!!!! I have the news cliping and if you would like to read it I will send you it just email me you email address. Anyways I hope this puts a little smile on your faces :) Kyle WILL PAY!! And I hope all is well with your family. Hope to here from you. Katie

09-04-2009 3:15:22 PM EST

Vin Sr.
09-02-2009 4:13:49 PM EST

Vin Sr.
08-26-2009 9:11:46 PM EST
Thank you Cares. I am sorry you were a victim of a crime and even sorrier that you did not get justice. It is even sadder that the very people you seek justice from are the very one's who deny it. It your case it was detectives, in our case it is the whole judicial system. There can be no excuse for the actions of these people who have taken a vow to seek justice and then use it to their own advantage. At the expense of the victims. It is my hope to bring out these injustices and hopefully stop them. It is unbelievable that in this day and age that there are suc despicable people in law enforcement. I am not talking abo0ut all law enforcement. I have a lot of very good friends on the Boston Police, Mass. State Police, DEA and Federal. They are good, honest people. And they are helping us to get justice. There are always a few bad aplles. But waht do you do when the entire judicial system is corrupt? We are now fighting an entire state. We know the fight will be hard and long but we can never give up. We will fight on for Vinnie so others will not ever have to suffer what we are going through. Thank you again for your kind words of inspiration.

Someone who cares
08-24-2009 9:19:30 PM EST
I don't know you guys personally but I'm a life long Charlestown resident. I just want you to know that my heart goes out to you. I'm glad you have had great experiences with mediums and know that your son is at peace - thank you for sharing your story here. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. My whole life I was raised to believe that when you need help - you go to the police and that the justice system is there for victims. It wasn't until I was a victim of a violent crime here in Boston that I saw first hand that doesn't always happen. I know there are very good people in law enforcement and the court systems but there are also people like you have encountered who are a disgrace. The way I was treated by the detectives in my case was worse than the attack itself. And while nothing can bring your son back - the treatment you have received is unacceptable. Keep up the good fight. And stay strong. You write so beautifully. Your story could help so many other families who have lost a loved one to violence and or have had to deal with incompetent and dishonest investigators and judicial employees. In time may memories comfort you. And no matter what the outcome in the court - we ALL answer for our actions to a higher power. And God doesn't need the approval from a Governor or AG from Vermont. HE was with Vinnie when he went home to Heaven and they'll both see your family through this fight. with love someone who cares

Vin Sr.
08-12-2009 12:20:09 AM EST
Thank you Paul. Your kind words are a comfort to me and my family. I believe you're right. Why else would the entire legal system allow this miscarriage of justice? It started with Sand and ballooned out of control. What worries me is how many other times have they manipulated the system for their own ends? How many more guilty have gotten off? How many innocent behind bars? This can't be the first time they have done this. But it has to be their last!

08-08-2009 2:24:37 PM EST
It's obvious that Sand did not expect you to question his authority. It now seems that no one in Vermont ever expected it. There is no way that Sand or anyone including the State Police will admit what they have done wrong. Though they definitely should, no matter the consequences. Because it is going to be worse for them when it finally comes to a head, which it seems you are intent on doing. Once this comes out and it is shown what Sand has done you are going to see a huge backlash. Every case that Sand covered wili now be brought back by any defense attorney worth his salt. Any case that Jenkins testified on will also be brought back out. Which will result in millions of dollars in lawsuits and retrying cases. Not to mention what it will do to the reputation of Vermont. Are they really that stupid that they would let this go and not do anything to fix this? Why are these killers so important that they would stake their jobs and reputations on the line? My opinion is Sand was thinking about his political future and couldn't send those good ol' boys to jail without jeopardizing his career. He counted on the secrecy of the grand jury to hide his evil deed. Then when you challenged him it ballooned out of control with everyone else jumping on the bandwagon to cover it up for the sake of Vermont. I know this must be such a heartbreaking ordeal to have to continuously go through this. I can't imagine the pain and anguish you and your family are going through. You have a courage that can only be forthcoming from an ordeal such as this. Please do not give up the fight. I just know your son is looking down and seeing all that you are enduring for his sake, and know that he is very proud of you. You are in our prayers each day. And rest assured you will be victorious! .

08-05-2009 10:33:40 AM EST
What you and your family are going through because of the actions of a dishonest DA are deplorable. The duty of our elected public officials are to serve and protect the victims and the innocent. No one has the right to play God and ruin people's lives to suit their own needs. I am from Vermont and I believe that what you say is true about the justice system here. I know of others who have been wronged by the system but are too afraid to do anything about it. Myself included. This is becoming a police state with no regard for the people. Crime and drugs are out of control. While our so called protectors turn a blinds eye. There are many here that applaud you for having the courage to fight for your son and stand up for what you believe in. We pray that you will find the justice and peace you are looking for.

Vin Sr.
07-21-2009 10:23:53 PM EST
I don't know why he did this. I wish I did. Was it political? It very well could be. Did he just not have the guts to try the case, or are the killers informants? That question will be answered one day. Right now my concern is not why but that he did. One thing is certain, he made a mockery of my son's death. One day, through God's blessing, the truth will be told. And justice will be served.

07-13-2009 9:30:22 AM EST
I do believe it is political. I also believe it is Sands ego that stops him from stepping down.

shelley   jckmsmom@yahoo.com
07-11-2009 6:19:23 PM EST

kathy   chatti149@aol.com
06-16-2009 12:51:23 AM EST
you know vin, i have never been more proud to call you my brother as i am now..these are not the details i was told. i had no idea it was this bad. i know "lil" vinnie is looking down on you and saying "way to go dad"..i am devasted at what the system is doing to you and ronnie. i can't even begin to imagine the loss of one of my kids in such a manner and then have the vermont system just toss it aside as if "lil" vinnie didn't matter..well he did matter. to so many of us. i will fight with you if that is what you want. i will do anything i can for you and ronnie...i love you guys..your sis, kathy

Karly   ebaby1_1203@yahoo.com
06-03-2009 2:29:00 AM EST
I have sent the petition out to several people but it looks like it has been removed. Do you have all the signatures you need?

Randy   rstaples1259@yahoo.com
05-20-2009 11:11:08 PM EST
You know, Vin, there are times when I visit Li'l Vinnie and tell him all the crap that's going on in my life. Then I'll come home and put his petition up, followed by this bio and it makes all my crap seem so superficial. Our hearts went out to you and yours on that first moment we found out what happened. Well, here we are nine months after that horrible moment and our hearts still go out to you. I think if you are to find any solace in this, it's knowing Li'l Vinnie's looking down on you guys, prouder than any son can be for your undying devotion to finding justice for this unGodly act. I do want to say when I think about everything you're doing to find justice, there are moments when that picture and poem "Footprints" comes to mind -- only the footprints are yours, and it's Li'l Vinnie you're carrying. Keep the faith, Vin, Ronnie, Chris, Jason, and Vanessa. There is an answer, and I know you'll find it.

05-16-2009 10:13:00 PM CST
This is horrible! How can this be over looked? I have never heard of such a miscarriage of justice. But this guy is deliberately helping the killers! And the State Police also. These guys all deserve to lose their jobs! They should not be allowed on the job anymore. This can't be the only time they have done this. A complete investigation must be done into the actions of the judiciary of Vermont! Thank you Shelley for letting us know the dates. I, for one will make every effort to be there and support Vinnie's family. I can't imagine the horrible nightmare they are living each day due to the actions of these so called defenders of justice. We will pray for the Tamburello family that they may get justice.

05-14-2009 3:12:35 PM CST
next hearing for timothy arbuckle june 9 th 1 pm rm 1 theresa di mauro court final status hearing june 11th jury drawing kyle d bolaski june 16 2pm theresa di mauro judge status hearing

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