1                    STATE OF VERMONT

                   WINDSOR COUNTY, SS.







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    KYLE BOLASKI,             ) Digital Recording


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10                      STATEMENT


11                         OF


12                    TIMOTHY ARBUCKLE



        As recorded on August 17, 2008, at the Vermont


14       State Police Barracks, Rockingham, Vermont.         


























 1                   (August 17, 2008)


 2               TROOPER TYLER BURGESS:  17th of August,


 3   Rockingham Barracks, Trooper Tyler Burgess, Vermont


 4   State Police.  It is 1750 hours.  In the interview room


 5   here is Timothy J. Arbuckle. 


 6       Q.     Tim, what is your birth date? 


 7       A.     10/26/80. 


 8       Q.     Okay.  And your full name is Timothy James


 9   Arbuckle; is that right? 


10       A.     Yes, sir. 


11       Q.     Okay.  Start from the beginning how you


12   heard -- 


13       A.     From -- we started off the day -- 


14       Q.     Well, hol -- back up for one second.  It's


15   my understanding through the investigation that a lot of


16   things built up to what actually happened last night. 


17   Are you familiar with any of the controversies that went


18   over -- that went on over the weekend prior to last


19   night? 


20       A.     No, I didn't have no idea. 


21       Q.     Okay. 


22       A.     No. 


23       Q.     So then if that's the case, start with


24   last -- yesterday afternoon, last night, whatever you -- 


25       A.     We got done playing on the fields.  I play




 1   with Benny's Power softball team. 


 2       Q.     Which is a softball team? 


 3       A.     Yeah.  We took second place.  We were all


 4   hanging out at the tent and -- 


 5       Q.     So you play with Casey? 


 6       A.     Yeah.  Yeah, Casey and there was a bunch of


 7   other people there just left before this had all


 8   happened. 


 9       Q.     Yeah.  About what time did the last game


10   happen?  Do you have any idea at all? 


11       A.     Last game got over -- geez, I don't even


12   know.  It was probably an hour and a half before the --


13   before this happened.  By 5:00, 5:30 I think it got


14   over.  I don't know for sure.  But we were hanging out


15   at the tent a couple hours before this had happened.  I


16   believe it was about 7 o'clock, a little after seven


17   when this all happened. 


18       Q.     Okay.  So you're hanging out at the tent? 


19       A.     Yep. 


20       Q.     And then around -- you say a couple hours,


21   so around 7:00 p.m.? 


22       A.     Yep. 


23       Q.     What do you see? 


24       A.     I see Kyle and Jerry pull in with a silver


25   pickup truck.  He's got a -- 




 1       Q.     Who? 


 2       A.     Kyle.  The kid that -- that shot him. 


 3       Q.     Um hum. 


 4       A.     Pulls in with a silver pickup truck.  They


 5   get out and they're all -- 


 6       Q.     Who's -- who's with Kyle? 


 7       A.     Jerry Ucci and two other kids which I don't


 8   know, but there was four people altogether in the truck


 9   that I saw. 


10       Q.     Saw -- 


11       A.     And I -- my car was -- Kyle.


12       Q.     -- Kyle. 


13       A.     Jerry Ucci and two other kids that I don't


14   know who they were. 


15       Q.     Jerry Ucci? 


16       A.     Yeah.  U --


17       Q.     How do you -- do you know how to -- 


18       A.     -- u-c-c-i. 


19       Q.     Ucci.  Okay.  So you pull in.  There's four


20   guys in the truck, Kyle, Jerry, two other guys you don't


21   know? 


22       A.     Yeah. 


23       Q.     Okay. 


24       A.     They get out.  They're -- they're all ramped


25   up and ready to fight, and I went up to the truck and I




 1   see two weapons in the front seat, and I say what are


 2   you guys up to?  They're like oh, nothing much.  They go


 3   some guy's going to show up here and probably looking


 4   for a fight, and I'm like so why are you guys -- you


 5   know, why would you bring it down here to the softball


 6   field, we're having a get-together down here, having a


 7   good time.  Well, supposedly -- they go there he is


 8   right there, and parked about 100 yards up from the tent


 9   up by the an -- right behind the antique place, I see a


10   car park -- 


11       Q.     Okay.  So you -- hold -- hold on a second. 


12       A.     Okay. 


13       Q.     So -- now, you ask Kyle? 


14       A.     I ask Jerry. 


15       Q.     You ask Jerry what are you -- 


16       A.     Well, supposedly he didn't get down to the


17   why they were -- had a little conflict or what happened,


18   but he just said that there was going to be a fight


19   happening or some guy was going to come looking for a


20   fight and I'm -- 


21       Q.     Tim asked Jerry what are you guys doing, and


22   Jerry replied some guy's going to come here to fight? 


23       A.     Yep. 


24       Q.     Didn't say who? 


25       A.     No. 




 1       Q.     Okay.  And then if this guy -- 


 2       A.     So I -- I look up in the parking lot and


 3   there's a car parked up there.  Well, this guy's


 4   standing out there zapping -- which it sounded like a


 5   Taser to me because it sounded like one of them bug


 6   zappers every time he hit it, so I'm like well, that guy


 7   looks like he's got a Taser, and I'm like what did you


 8   guys do, and they didn't reply.  They -- they started


 9   walking up toward the car.  And -- and Jerry's like


10   my -- he's my brother-in-law just about.  So I didn't


11   want to see him get hurt.  The guy looked pretty big, so


12   I -- I followed behind them. 


13       Q.     Yeah. 


14       A.     And there was like probably -- 


15       Q.     So you're seeing Jerry and Kyle -- 


16       A.     Yeah.  


17       Q.     -- walking up? 


18       A.     Everybody started walking up.  There was a


19   crowd of people that walked up about halfway.  I got


20   about halfway, and the kid was saying something about


21   what, am I going to get jumped by a bunch of people or


22   something, and he puts the -- throws the Taser or an


23   object that sounded like a Taser back in the car, pulled


24   out an ax and started running at everybody.  He just


25   started running at people, I'm going to fucking kill you




 1   and everything else.  Everybody -- about -- I would


 2   think at least 15 people started running back toward the


 3   tent, including my girlfriend.  She was right with me


 4   the whole time. 


 5       Q.     Hold on a second. 


 6       A.     Okay.  Sorry to rush you but -- 


 7       Q.     That's all right.  I've just got to -- 


 8       A.     I mean, I'm -- I've never seen nothing like


 9   this before.  I'm like -- 


10       Q.     Yeah.  That's fine.  It's understandable. 


11       A.     Just talking about it, I'm like getting


12   shaky already because -- 


13       Q.     Yeah. 


14       A.     -- just witnessing something like that, I


15   didn't know what to do.  I mean, I didn't know whether


16   to stay there and duck bullets or do -- who knows, but I


17   could hear bullets just -- the bullets were tinging off


18   cars when these shots were fired. 


19       Q.     So the guy throws the Taser back in the car? 


20       A.     Yep. 


21       Q.     And grabbed an ax? 


22       A.     Grabbed which looked like a -- a split moll. 


23   And he said he was going to -- he said I'm going to


24   fucking kill every one of you, started running toward


25   everybody.  And I was in awe.  When he grabbed that and




 1   started running, I'm like what the hell is going on.  So


 2   I -- we all run back to the tent, me and Katie.  She


 3   jumped -- my girlfriend, Katie Kingsbury, jumped in my


 4   car.  She was scared shitless.  She's like let's get -- 


 5        Q.     Where are you parked? 


 6       A.     Oh, I was parked right where the tent was


 7   set up. 


 8       Q.     Um hum. 


 9       A.     Kyle's truck is right here right next to the


10   outhouse. 


11       Q.     Um hum. 


12       A.     Our car was over by the fence, the actual


13   outfield side fence. 


14       Q.     Okay. 


15       A.     Was just in from the fence, probably 20


16   feet, something like that.  We were about four -- my car


17   was 40 -- 40 yards -- probably 40, 45 yards from Kyle's


18   truck. 


19       Q.     Okay. 


20       A.     The front of my car.  So, I mean, I had the


21   clear view of everything when he -- he ran up to the


22   chuck, and I believe Kyle was in the truck.  He was like


23   I'm going to fucking kill you.  I mean, there's kids


24   running around everywhere, there's people everywhere,


25   and I'm looking at this guy -- he disappeared behind




 1   the -- because I ran.  I was out of here and there was


 2   people scattering everywhere.  Okay?  I was standing at


 3   the base of my car, my girlfriend was in my car -- 


 4       Q.     When you say the base of your car -- 


 5       A.     The front -- the hood of it. 


 6       Q.     Okay. 


 7       A.     I was standing at the hood of my car, and he


 8   disappeared behind the outhouse, he was coming around,


 9   and I'm like where the hell did he go.  All of a sudden


10   he appears, and he's got this ax and he's running at


11   Kyle.  I believe Kyle ran around the back side of his


12   truck.  The kid ran -- ran up to the truck, the driver's


13   side, and then started smashing the driver's side doors


14   of his pickup truck. 


15       Q.     Did it look like he was going towards the


16   vehicle to smash it or did it look like he was going


17   towards Kyle? 


18       A.     He was going toward Kyle.  I believe Kyle


19   was in the vehic -- ow. 


20       Q.     Cramp? 


21       A.     Oh.  Sorry. 


22       Q.     That's all right. 


23       A.     No, Kyle was in the vehicle.  The kid -- it


24   looked to me like the kid was after Kyle with the ax,


25   saying he was going to fucking kill him.  Supposedly




 1   I -- I mean, I don't know what happened with Jerry and


 2   what he got into with Kyle or what happened between


 3   them, why they fought or -- but it seemed to me like the


 4   kid was going after Kyle for something.  He didn't just


 5   go after me or -- or anybody there, you know what I


 6   mean?  It was like he wanted that guy for some reason. 


 7   So he plunged that ax into the truck about three, four


 8   times and -- 


 9       Q.     Okay. 


10       A.     Okay.  So -- 


11       Q.     So he hits the truck three or four times? 


12       A.     He hits the truck, the driver's side door a


13   couple times, and I'm standing right there and helpless. 


14   I'm like this guy's going nuts.  I mean, I'm not going


15   to walk up to him.  He was a big boy.  He was a lot


16   bigger than me, and he's got an ax saying he was going


17   to kill people.  I'm like -- so I stayed right back away


18   from it.  I didn't know if he was going to come after


19   me.  I mean -- 


20       Q.     Smart. 


21       A.     I mean, I could have been -- tried to have


22   been a hero, but I could have ended up with a split


23   skull. 


24       Q.     You could be -- end up being dead. 


25       A.     Yeah.  So the kid hits the truck a few




 1   times.  He runs around the back side of the truck.  As


 2   Kyle's coming out of the passenger's side -- I believe


 3   Kyle was in the driver's seat when he hit the door a few


 4   times.  He jumped into his car or the truck to get the


 5   gun.  Got out the passenger's side door and came around


 6   the front of the truck pointing the gun the whole time


 7   walking around the front of the truck, and the kid was


 8   at the back end of this pickup when he shot him the


 9   first time and -- 


10       Q.     So the guy runs around the back of -- 


11       A.     Oh, he saw Kyle get out of the -- the


12   passenger's seat and he was coming around the front, so


13   the guy started coming back because he saw he had a gun,


14   he must have, and just before he got around the back


15   side of the tailgate, he got a shot off, which I think


16   caught him in the leg.  It looked like he got him in the


17   leg, but I really didn't -- I was in so much shock after


18   that first shot. 


19             I actually didn't even go up to the guy to


20   see what his wounds were or nothing.  I don't know CPR


21   or anything, but I had heard somebody say I just called


22   911, so I got the hell out of there usually or I would


23   have -- I was about ready to tell my girlfriend to call


24   911, get an ambulance there soon because after the


25   second shot, he went right down. 




 1       Q.     So where was Kyle standing when he shot him


 2   the first time? 


 3       A.     At the front of his pickup.  He was coming


 4   around the front side of it. 


 5       Q.     And the guy was at the back? 


 6       A.     Yeah.  Well, he was telling him to drop


 7   the -- the ax or something or he was going to shoot him,


 8   and the guy didn't and -- 


 9       Q.     You heard him say that? 


10       A.     Yeah.  He said drop the ax or don't touch


11   my -- don't fucking hit my truck or something or I'm


12   going to shoot you. 


13       Q.     Okay.  So he shoots him once, and he's up in


14   front, the bad guy, the -- the other guy's towards the


15   back and then -- and then -- 


16       A.     Toward the back of the truck. 


17       Q.     -- and then what happens after that? 


18       A.     Then he shot him that time.  The kid -- I'm


19   surprised he didn't go down.  He didn't scream, he


20   didn't make no noises at all.  I'm like holy shit, that


21   guy just took a shot, and it sounded like a .20 gauge to


22   me. 


23       Q.     Um hum. 


24       A.     I mean, I've fired weapons, I'm a hunter and


25   stuff, and it sounded like a shotgun. 




 1       Q.     Um hum. 


 2       A.     I -- that's what I thought it was.  It


 3   looked like it.  Well, he -- the guy, he runs around the


 4   back side of the tailgate or he hobbles across the other


 5   side trying to get away from him.  It looked like he


 6   was -- he was -- he got shot and he was like what the


 7   hell just happened, and he took a couple steps back


 8   toward the tailgate.  Kyle followed him around. 


 9       Q.     Kyle come around the driver's side or did


10   Kyle go around the passenger's side? 


11       A.     He went back around this other way.  The guy


12   went behind the truck.  Kyle, after he shot him, he came


13   back around the front, and there was a car parked right


14   next to their truck, so there was a space in between his


15   truck and the car. 


16       Q.     Okay.  So if this is the -- if this is


17   Kyle's truck, Kyle's here, other guy is here? 


18       A.     Yep. 


19       Q.     The guy starts going this way -- 


20       A.     Yep. 


21       Q.     -- and Kyle goes this way -- 


22       A.     Yep. 


23       Q.     -- or did Kyle go this way? 


24       A.     Kyle went this way.  Yep.  And then the --


25   there were -- I mean, those -- the two kids that were




 1   with -- with Kyle, it looked like they were around.  I


 2   mean, I was focusing on that one guy, but there was so


 3   many people around, I mean, I -- I couldn't believe


 4   people were standing around like that close when some of


 5   these, you know, gunshots are going off, I mean, but


 6   there was a lot of people, and there's people screaming


 7   behind me, kids running around.  I'm like holy shit. 


 8             And I made sure that June -- she has two


 9   boys that were there, and they were screaming, going


10   nuts, and I was like this is crazy, you got to get these


11   kids out of here, somebody call the ambulance, you know,


12   and so I heard somebody say it in the back, but I was


13   focusing on what was happening at the time because the


14   kid -- he came after Kyle before the second shot and he


15   had the ax.  I don't know what he said, but they were in


16   between the vehicles -- 


17       Q.     Um hum. 


18       A.     -- and when it -- the second shot occurred,


19   the guy fell over right behind the tailgate, and I think


20   Kyle went up to him or there was a couple people that


21   went up to him, and I got in the car and got the hell


22   out of there.  I was like this is unbelievable and the


23   ambulance was on the way. 


24       Q.     Did you see Kyle -- what he did when he


25   walked up to him? 




 1       A.     No.  He was -- well, the way the pickup


 2   truck is, he was laying -- I could see under -- just


 3   under the -- 


 4       Q.     Um hum. 


 5       A.     -- under the pickup truck where the guy was


 6   laying down, and that's all I saw, but I saw -- when


 7   they were in between the vehicles, I saw Kyle's back and


 8   I could see the kid through the glass -- 


 9       Q.     Um hum. 


10       A.     -- and I -- his -- I don't know if he was


11   coming at him with the ax before he shot him the second


12   time, but it looked like he was coming at him when he


13   got shot that second time, and after that, he fell down,


14   and then there was just people running everywhere.  That


15   was -- after the second shot, people were going nuts. 


16   People were getting in their cars, burning out of there


17   and trying to leave.  I believe there was a cooler I


18   almost hit coming out of there that was in the back of


19   probably somebody's pickup truck.  I mean -- I mean, the


20   cops -- I mean, how long did it take the state police to


21   respond after that call? 


22       Q.     I don't know. 


23        A.     Because, I mean, usually it's minutes,


24   within minutes they're there.  Or not even.  I mean,


25   Chester police is right there -- 




 1       Q.     Um hum. 


 2       A.     -- so it's not going to take more than a


 3   couple minutes, two minutes tops probably for somebody


 4   to respond.  As soon as that second shot went off, my


 5   girlfriend was behind the wheel the whole time telling


 6   me get the -- get in the fucking car, and I got in the


 7   car.  We got out of there before any of the -- any


 8   officers arrived.  There was about four or five other


 9   cars that I was following that left that probably --


10   that saw the same exact thing that I saw.  But I don't


11   recall who it was I was following. 


12       Q.     You see Kyle in the second shot take aim? 


13       A.     Yeah.  Well, there was so much screaming


14   going on, I didn't hear what was going on after that


15   first shot.  There was some -- they were saying


16   something together right -- as they were face-to-face


17   between the vehicles, they were saying something. 


18       Q.     Couldn't tell what they were saying? 


19       A.     I couldn't tell.  There was screaming going


20   on.  I'm like holy shit and I'm like -- my girlfriend's


21   yelling at me.  I'm like -- I want to -- I didn't know


22   what to do.  I didn't know really what to do, whether


23   to -- I mean -- I mean, I would like to -- would help


24   people out or try to do something. 


25             I kind of felt bad for the guy, but when




 1   he's swinging an ax around at people, threatening


 2   people's lives and the damage he did to it, I'm like I


 3   kind of feel in my heart that he -- he probably did


 4   deserve what he got if he's -- somebody's going to flip


 5   out and be a maniac like that and -- I mean, I was --


 6   felt like my life is in danger and everybody else's too. 


 7   I mean, the guy was enormous.  He was way bigger than


 8   me, and I sure as hell didn't want to tangle with him -- 


 9       Q.     Yeah. 


10       A.     -- and I was pretty scared and I'm usually


11   not. 


12       Q.     Yep. 


13       A.     After those gunshots, I'm like this is


14   crazy, and I got the hell out of there, I mean, and I


15   was -- I figured -- I was actually going to go back down


16   to the field, but there was so much chaos going on and


17   you guys probably had your work cut out for you getting


18   all the statements you had anyway, I just said I'll go


19   to work tomorrow and give you guys a call, you know, but


20   unreal.  I can't -- it was very scary. 


21       Q.     Did you see anybody else have a gun? 


22       A.     No.  Kyle was the only one that I saw with a


23   weapon.  I saw two guns in the ba -- in the tru -- in


24   the driver's seat.  When I -- when they pulled up, I


25   went up to them like what's -- you know, what's going




 1   on, and I see the -- the two guns there. 


 2       Q.     They were on the driver's seat? 


 3       A.     They were right on the seat. 


 4       Q.     Like resting across the seat or like the


 5   barrel was pointing down towards the floor -- 


 6       A.     Down.  Yeah. 


 7       Q.     -- like you would if you were going out


 8   hunting or something? 


 9       A.     Exactly.  Yeah.  Yeah. 


10       Q.     So after the second -- after the second shot


11   goes off, you see the guy fall, he's laying down, you


12   could just barely see him underneath the truck? 


13       A.     Yep.  He was moving around. 


14       Q.     Um hum. 


15       A.     I could tell he was alive. 


16       Q.     And then you saw Kyle walk up to him? 


17       A.     There was a bunch of people that walked up


18   to him. 


19       Q.     Okay.  Did Kyle walk up independently, like


20   alone at any point in time? 


21       A.     No.  No. 


22       Q.     So there was more than him walked up to this


23   guy? 


24       A.      I -- I thought there was a couple other


25   people there, but when he got behind the back end of the




 1   tailgate at my angle where I was at, the truck was like


 2   this. 


 3       Q.     Um hum.  Um hum.


 4       A.     And I couldn't see exactly who was back


 5   there or what they were -- what was going on.  I figured


 6   somebody went up to try and help that guy -- 


 7       Q.     Um hum. 


 8       A.     -- because he went right down after that


 9   shot, and I didn't see where it hit him or nothing, but


10   when I saw him hit the ground, couple people went up to


11   him.  I thought somebody was going to try to do CPR or


12   something.  I just got in the car and turned my head and


13   I was gone, so I didn't -- I don't know anything that


14   happened after that. 


15       Q.     Who did you leave with? 


16       A.     Katie Kingsbury. 


17       Q.     Just Katie? 


18       A.     Yeah. 


19       Q.     Okay. 


20       A.     No, wait a minute.  No.  It was Kyle's


21   girlfriend was in our back seat with his dog. 


22       Q.     Okay. 


23       A.     Kyle Bolaski, the kid that did the


24   shooting -- 


25       Q.     Yeah. 




 1       A.     -- this -- his girlfriend -- I don't know


 2   how the hell she got there, but she was in the back seat


 3   of my car when we pulled out of there with his dog and


 4   said she had to go somewhere in Chester. 


 5       Q.     So where did you take her? 


 6       A.     We dropped her off at the -- out by the


 7   Swinging Bridge in Chester, said she had to go to her


 8   aunt's house or something like that.  I don't know


 9   exactly what -- where she lived, but she took the dog


10   and headed out so -- 


11       Q.     Did she say anything to you guys when you


12   guys were pulling out of there?  I mean -- 


13       A.     Did she? 


14       Q.     Yeah, (inaudible) -- 


15       A.     She was on the phone screaming at her


16   mother, I think.  She's on the phone going -- just going


17   ballistic. 


18       Q.     Saying -- 


19       A.     And I'm like calm down, calm down. 


20       Q.     Saying -- what was she saying? 


21       A.     She -- I didn't even hear her.  I mean, I


22   was on the phone getting phone calls from everybody


23   that's in my phone, what the hell just happened at the


24   softball field, and she's back there running the mou --


25   running her mouth saying something to her mother. 




 1             She was like something happened, he just got


 2   shot, Kyle just shot somebody or something at the field. 


 3   That's all I heard her say.  And we did a loop around


 4   Chester and dropped her off up at the -- it's the base


 5   of the green, like the -- just as you go past Gould's


 6   Market in Chester -- 


 7       Q.     Um hum. 


 8       A.     -- there's a left-hand turn right before the


 9   green, there's the Swinging Bridge down there. 


10       Q.     Okay. 


11       A.     We just pulled in that parking lot and she


12   got out right there.  And she was in the car --


13   actually, she was in the car when we did leave.  Katie's


14   hollering let's get the hell out of here.  After the


15   first shot, I believe the dog -- the dog had to have


16   been in the truck because he keeps his dog in the truck


17   all the time. 


18             His girlfriend must have went up at some


19   point, which I didn't even see that, and she must have


20   got the dog out of his pickup truck, and the dog was in


21   my car when I got in there and she was -- she was going


22   ballistic when I got in the car. 


23       Q.     She didn't say anything about motive or


24   anything -- 


25       A.     Nothing. 




 1       Q.     -- about a weap -- nothing? 


 2       A.     Nothing at all.  She was just -- she was


 3   freaking out after he shot -- he shot him the first


 4   time, and she didn't say -- I don't know how she even


 5   got there because the truck was loaded with four people,


 6   and she wasn't in the truck.  I didn't see her in the


 7   truck when they -- when they pulled in. 


 8       Q.     Okay.


 9       A.     But I know she did take his dog and she did


10   ride with us out of there.  Katie was driving. 


11       Q.     What -- do you know what her name is? 


12       A.     I have no idea.  I know that was his


13   girlfriend though. 


14       Q.     Where did she say that she had to go?  You


15   say you dropped her off at the Swing -- Swinging Bridge. 


16   Is that where -- 


17       A.     Yeah. 


18       Q.     -- she said she wanted to go was the


19   Swinging Bridge? 


20       A.     Yeah -- well, she said -- she said she had


21   somebody that lived right there somewhere, and I'm like


22   whatever.  I'm like I'm headed home, so get out and do


23   what you got to do, but she needed a ride out of there


24   so -- and she was in the car when -- when I got in the


25   car so -- 




 1             And actually, when I looked back after the


 2   first shot, my girlfriend was holding her back or


 3   holding her from screaming.  She had her picked right


 4   up, she's kicking her legs all over the place because


 5   she was freaking out that her boyfriend, you know,


 6   just -- this just happened, she was witness to this


 7   so -- but I didn't see her get in my car or nothing. 


 8   When I got in there, she was in the back so -- 


 9       Q.     How far away do you think the guy with the


10   ax was when he first started coming at that crowd of


11   people?  I mean, was he from here to the wall or what do


12   you think he was -- 


13       A.     It was like 30 yards. 


14       Q.     Twenty, 30 yards? 


15       A.     Thirty, 40 yards. 


16       Q.     Okay. 


17       A.     Because we had just barely got up to the


18   corner of the fence -- 


19       Q.     Um hum. 


20       A.     -- where the tree sits.  Right as you get


21   out of the field, there's a -- the fence on the red


22   field.  Right at the corner of that where the foul pole


23   is, we were right there where that tree is just about,


24   and they were parked up just above, just onto the


25   blacktop where the -- it turns to dirt and then goes




 1   to blacktop right there and there's a bleacher right


 2   there? 


 3       Q.     Um hum. 


 4       A.     It's probably I would say, yeah, 30, 40


 5   yards at least before we started running. 


 6       Q.     Is there anything else you can think of --


 7   let me just ask your opinion on this and, you know,


 8   it's -- it's maybe here nor there but, I mean, you're


 9   looking at this whole thing unfold, right? 


10       A.     Yeah. 


11       Q.     Did it look to you like -- did it look to


12   you like the guy that had the ax, I mean, was he in a


13   position where he could have hurt Kyle or anybody else


14   that was in the immediate area or do you think he was


15   just there to be intimidating and just to destroy his


16   truck? 


17       A.     He was there to hurt somebody. 


18       Q.     Okay.


19       A.     As far as I know, as far as I saw, I think


20   Kyle acted out in self-defense 100 percent.  100


21   percent.  And if it wasn't Kyle he was going to be


22   after, it was going to be somebody else.  I mean, the


23   guy was threatening people that he was going to kill


24   them, anybody who stepped in his way, and that's what


25   scared the shit out of me because a guy like that flips




 1   out like that, I mean, it's going to take a bunch of


 2   people to get him down, and somebody's going to get hurt


 3   out of it at least. 


 4       Q.     Um hum.  Um hum.  Big guy. 


 5       A.     But he -- yeah, he definitely -- I think


 6   Kyle acted out -- I know Kyle acted out, from what I


 7   saw, as self-defense.  It was 100 percent self-defense. 


 8   I mean, either he was going to shoot him or the guy was


 9   going to club him with that ax. 


10               I mean, tell you the truth, I didn't


11   think he was going to pull the trigger.  When he pulled


12   the gun -- I mean, usually if you -- if you got a gun


13   pulled on you, I would -- yeah.  You know what I mean? 


14   But it looked to me like the guy was -- he wanted it for


15   some reason, whether he was going to shoot him or not,


16   and that's the only thing that stopped him. 


17               I mean, there's probably nothing else


18   that would have stopped him as far as I saw.  I mean,


19   why would somebody come running at a group of people


20   with an ax threatening to kill you?  Obviously they're


21   going to want to hurt you somehow.  I mean, you don't


22   see that every day. 


23       Q.     He was wigging out pretty good though? 


24       A.     Yeah. 


25       Q.     Big guy. 




 1       A.     Yeah.  I -- it seemed to me he didn't even


 2   make a peep when he got shot.  He had to have been on


 3   something.  I mean, if you get shot at a distance of


 4   like ten yards, the length of a pickup truck, you're


 5   going to hurt. 


 6       Q.     Um hum. 


 7       A.     You're going to scream maybe or something. 


 8       Q.     Yeah. 


 9       A.     And he didn't make a peep.  I was surprised. 


10   He didn't yell, nothing.  Nothing.  So I was like


11   (inaudible).  And the guy, he had to have been whacked


12   out on something I thought.  You know, the way he was


13   running, yelling and the way he was talking to -- you


14   know, screaming at everybody and Corey -- and Kyle, you


15   know, he was -- he was -- he wasn't -- I didn't see --


16   see like he was a good human being whatsoever and


17   definitely pretty scary.  Even for me to say.  Usually


18   I -- I'll hold my ground or whatever if something


19   happened, but not -- it just -- I didn't feel safe at


20   all so -- 


21       Q.     Through this whole thing, you were standing


22   outside of your car, like in front of your car? 


23       A.     Yeah.  Yeah.


24       Q.     And you were about 40 yards, you say, away


25   from the truck? 




 1       A.     About -- it was probably 30 yards from his


 2   truck, yeah, 30 -- about 30, 40 yards.  Because he's


 3   parked right on the side of the outhouse, and I was


 4   right next to the tent, like right off to the left --


 5   the closest side to the fence right in front of the


 6   tent. 


 7       Q.     And your girlfriend was inside the car? 


 8       A.     Yep.  She was in the car at one point, and


 9   then she was out trying to calm down Kyle's girlfriend


10   at another point. 


11       Q.     You're not sure of her name?


12       A.     I weren't even looking behind me.  I was --


13   I saw people running everywhere, so I didn't really pick


14   up exactly where she was at every -- every moment -- 


15       Q.     Okay. 


16       A.     -- but when I did look in back to see her,


17   that was with Kyle -- Kyle's girlfriend, she had her by


18   the waist, and she was trying to calm her down because


19   she was screaming and going nuts, and I think that's


20   when she probably put her in the car, and I was looking


21   back to see what the hell's going on with this guy, what


22   the hell -- you know. 


23       Q.     So Kyle didn't elaborate at all when he


24   first got there about the fight?  Or not Kyle but


25   Jerry? 




 1       A.     No.  No.  I mean, they didn't -- there


 2   wasn't time.  As soon as they pulled in, that -- that


 3   car pulled right in.  Like a minute after.  Pulled right


 4   around.  The guy got out, started zapping that -- some


 5   thing.  I'm like -- 


 6       Q.     Did you see them drinking?  You see Kyle and


 7   those guys that were in the truck -- 


 8       A.     No. 


 9       Q.     -- were they -- were they drinking? 


10       A.     I didn't see them -- any -- any of them with


11   any alcohol. 


12       Q.     Okay. 


13       A.     But there was kegs there so, I mean, they


14   could have been -- they could have been drinking, but I


15   doubt -- after something like that happened, are they


16   really going to go over and fill their cup up with beer


17   and have a good time.  You know what I mean?


18       Q.     No, I'm talking about prior to the incident. 


19       A.     Oh, no.  I hadn't seen them -- I haven't


20   seen Jerry and Kyle for months.  Actually, month and a


21   half ago, we went fishing up at Echo Lake in Ludlow, and


22   that was the last time I saw both of them guys so -- 


23       Q.     Okay.  Just do me a favor and just raise


24   your right hand.  Do you swear that all the information


25   you've given me pertinent to this case is the whole




 1   truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God, under


 2   the pains and penalties of perjury? 


 3       A.     Yes, sir. 


 4       Q.     Okay.  Thank you. 


 5       (Thereupon, the proceedings were concluded.)












































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 3          I, Donna Gould, do hereby certify that the


 4   foregoing pages, numbered 1 through 30, inclusive, are a


 5   true and accurate transcription, to the best of my


 6   ability, of the digitally-recorded statement of Timothy


 7   Arbuckle held on August 17, 2008, in the matter of


 8   State v. Kyle Bolaski, at the Vermont State Police


 9   barracks, Rockingham, Vermont.








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