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06-28-2017 2:12:37 PM EST
More nonsense from Lavoie today at hearing, June 28 The longer lavoie delays, witnesses move, memories dull and the defense benefits. Who is lavoie helping? --scott

Tami B
04-26-2017 7:16:15 PM EST
I hope you find justice. Having Anxiety medicine and THC in your bloodstream does not make you dangerous. I am almost 60 and have Xanax and THC in my system. Being shot in the back is not self defense.

Tami B
04-26-2017 7:16:09 PM EST
I hope you find justice. Having Anxiety medicine and THC in your bloodstream does not make you dangerous. I am almost 60 and have Xanax and THC in my system. Being shot in the back is not self defense.

scott huminski   s_huminski@live.com
04-06-2017 10:20:11 PM EST
I see lavoie has a motion hearing set up for june. Justice delayed is justice denied

Vin Sr.
03-12-2017 10:21:28 AM EST
Tristan Blanchard has been arrested...AGAIN! he's due to appear in court on May 3rd. Seems he went back to his old occupation of dealing drugs to the youth of Vermont! But he shouldn't worry...HE'S GOT FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES!!

scott huminski   s_huminski@live.com
12-17-2016 1:35:05 PM EST
Obviously, Lavoie is helping the defense, their position will be our client has been an angel for almost 10 years. The more time that passes, the less urgent and serious the crime gets. Thanks to Lavoie. This case is turning into old vermont history.

scott huminski   s_huminski@live.com
12-17-2016 11:45:12 AM EST
Lavoie just get to the trial without your sleazy tactics. 9 years is enough.

scott huminski   s_huminski@live.com
12-17-2016 11:40:12 AM EST
Lavoie is trying to hide evidence. Truth is justice not trying to hide information. Is successful, the hiding of this very public aspect will cloud any trial outcome. Lavoie's crooked sleazy tactics at it again. 2017 is 9 years since the crime. No justice in this Mr. Lavoie. Once a crooked prosecutor always a crooked prosecutor.

scott huminski   s_huminski@live.com
12-11-2016 4:58:41 PM EST
Next year will be the 9th anniversary of the crime. John Lavoie's type of justice. He is incompetent. When Lavoie violated my double jeopardy and due process rights and multiple courts including the VT supreme found it, i knew he was scum. He shouldn't be prosecuting anything. He is ignorant of the law.

scott huminski   s_huminski@live.com
12-11-2016 4:39:45 PM EST
Hearing thursday, Dec 15. Lavoie should recuse for his misconduct. He evaded service of my papers filed in the case and told his secretary to return to sender. Illegal and unethical for a prosecutor to dodge/evade service in a case assigned to them. He's a crook.

scott huminski   s_huminski@live.com
09-17-2016 7:41:48 AM EST
I see a motion hearing on dec 15 in the Bolaski case. Lavoie, justice delayed = justice denied.

scott huminski   s_huminski@live.com
08-31-2016 6:36:01 AM EST
Lavoie is a phoney. He is incompetent and deliberately violates the law and constitution. -- scott

scott huminski   s_huminski@live.com
07-27-2016 12:24:03 AM EST
Bernie is out. Lavoie shooting for acquittal via failure to prosecute. My original warning about lavoie seem to be very true. He blows there cases off or he faces disbarment from the above powers.

Tom Sullivan   tompsullivan@gmail.com
06-07-2016 6:17:37 PM EST
Prayers are with your family. TS

scott huminski   s_huminski@live.com
05-29-2016 6:36:05 AM EST
Lavoie, how many more years for justice?

Jeremy C.
02-23-2016 8:12:28 PM EST
It's so obvious that they do not want this case out in the public while Sanders is running for president! They have to keep this out of the news. They're such a despicable government.

12-09-2015 2:06:31 PM EST
No matter how you pretend to show it you are helping a low life murderer which makes you as bad as him. Your interest isn't in justice it's revenge. It's not just Lavoie it's the whole system especially Sand, Sorrell, Maguire and now David Cahill and the Supreme Court. If justice was your goal you would be focusing on all of them but you're only obsessed with Lavoie. Sorry but you're not convincing.

Richard C.   workaccount27@gmail.com
11-30-2015 11:23:41 AM EST
Dear Mr. Farmer: My name is Richard Caughron, I live in Sevier Co. Tennessee. My purpose in writing this open letter today is I am a friend of a family living in Boston, Massachusetts, the Tamburello's. Their son Vincent Tamburello Jr. was brutally murdered in a small town in Vermont by some low level drug dealers in front of dozens of witnesses at a softball field after a tournament. Kyle Bolaski, the gunman, shot Vincent Jr. in the leg, then as he tried to get away Bolaski shot him in the back. As Vincent lay dying, the gang of men beat him with the butts of their guns and stomped him, leading Vincent Jr. to bleed to death moments after the police showed up. However, these low level drug dealers were apparently informants for Vermont Prosecuter Robert Sand. Sand unbelievably argued that the murder was self defense by Bolaski, going against the obvious evidence and the dozens of eyewitness accounts. When the Tamburello's fought to get the Prosecutor removed in an effort to get a fair trial, Sand resorted to threatening them. The Tamburello's would not back down, and started a grass roots movement in Vermont, giving out cards, bumper stickers, and buttons to raise awareness of the case and corruption and the website that Vinnie's father, Vincent Tamburello Sr. started chronicalling the story from the beginning and posting all the documentation, . This finally led to Sand stepping down years after the murder. So in 2011, with a new prosecutor, after examining the evidence, murder charges were immediately brought against Bolaski, and with nothing hindering the evidence from being presented to a jury, they quickly found him guilty of murder and Bolaski was sentenced to 25 + years. However, in an apparent attempt to cover up the mishandling of the original case and the people involved in the corruption, perjured testimony was presented to the Vermont State Supreme Court, along with the accusation that Vincent Tamburello Jr. was suicidal, and the ridiculous notion that this would exempt the gang of men and Bolaski of murder charges. The Vermont State Supreme Court unbelievably called for Bolaski to be set free, and a retrial to take place in May 2016. My concern and the Tamburello's concern is that the State of Vermont basically cannot allow a fair trial to happen because it will undoubtly reveal their cover-ups that has peppered this entire case. The Tamburello's are not asking for any special treatment, only a fair trial for Bolaski in court where ALL the evidence can be presented. It appears the only way for a fair trial will happen is if a lot of light is shed on this case and trusted public officials are forced to do their jobs correctly. I understand that one of Congress's jobs is to be a watchdog and potentially impeach public officials including Judges and prosecutors. I have written Congressman Phil Roe to see if congress is aware of this case and the mishandling of taxpayer dollars and bastardization of the justice system going on in this case. I haven't been able to get a response. This is why I'm seeking your help in this matter. Mr. Farmer, I ask that you please take a look at where you can see a summary of what is currently going on in this case written by Mr. Vincent Tamburello Sr. himself. I ask you sir, could something like this happen here in Tennessee, where a prosecutor would let a murderer walk to protect his on poltical interest? Would the State of Tennessee help bury the case to protect those involved in the corruption from being revealed? IS anything like this currently happening in Tennessee? The Tamburello's never sought ought to fight corruption in Vermont, this fight was brought to them, and they have not and will not back down. I ask you Mr. Farmer, is there anything that can be done to help them, and would you have any advice on how to bring attention to this important case? Over 125,000 people have viewed Mr. Tamburello's website and many eyes are watching how public Represenatives will handle this very important case, and this open letter will be posted to the message board on . Sincerely, Richard Caughron

Richard C.   workaccount27@gmail.com
11-30-2015 11:19:53 AM EST
Hello all, I wanted to share an open letter I sent to my local State Representative. I had emailed Congress (Congress is really the ones that can make a big impact on this case) but was not getting a response. The local Represenatives aren't flooded as much with emails as Congress so are much more likely to respond, and help push justice4vinnie.com straight to our Congressmen's desks. Feel free to copy my letter and just substitute your name or improve on this letter by writing a similar one. Reps and Congressmen need to know that people are going to watch how they handle this case, and things like this are an easy way to let them know.

Lorrie   Lmiller103072@gmail.com
10-30-2015 2:06:48 AM EST
I just want to extend my heart felt condolences over your family losing someone you love too soon. From what I've read, I think he may be one of those really bright stars in the sky. Seems like he was a really good person. I'm so sorry.

scott huminski   s_huminski@live.com
09-28-2015 10:07:48 PM EST
Arbuckle disappeared from the court docket for 2015 and only a motion hearing in the bolaski case is on the calendar in december. Delay benefits the defendants, lavoie knows this. Not a tough prosecutor

Andrea Doucette
09-09-2015 1:54:14 PM EST
God Bless you and your family, my heart breaks with the pain of your loss and terror. I only found this by watching CT on tv and wondered about it. I hope with time you can find some peace and happiness in remembering your son.

Vin Sr.
09-08-2015 12:28:24 PM EST
For once I agree with you.

scott huminski   s_huminski@live.com
09-03-2015 2:35:28 AM EST
Bernie Sanders was and is well aware of the corruption in Vermont. Why didn't he use his position to alert federal law enforcement to clean up the state. He's been there all along during the dean and sorrell era.

Vin Sr.
08-24-2015 1:17:58 PM EST
Thank you Richard. There has to be a time when the people take notice that this is happening and it's real The corruption in this state cannot and should not be allowed to fester and grow. This does not just go against us but it goes against the U.S Constitution itself. Our soldiers are dying to preserve our Constitution only for it to be betrayed by the very people sworn to uphold it. Your dedication to want justice isn't just for this case but for the United States Justice System. For if this is allowed then there will never be justice for America and it's people. God Bless you.

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