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Billy Loomis
08-20-2023 4:55:25 AM EST
Hey, if someone chased me with an axe, I'd shoot him too. Your son deserved it.

Sarah   autumnshyne@gmail.com
04-25-2023 3:57:23 AM EST
I wanted to send my love. I'm devastated and baffled by this case. What will it take to get justice? A Netflix deal. The legal system has failed you and that means it's failed all of us. I hope justice is done for Vinnie. Enough is enough.

02-26-2023 9:19:14 AM EST
Hello Tamburello Family, Hoping all is well with you all. As a longtime fan of Vinnie's brother Chris aka CT, I was shocked to have just heard the horrific situation you all have dealt with ever since Vinnie's passing. I know I'm a bit late to the game but are there any updates? I tried visiting the GoFundMe page but doesn't appear to be active anymore. The powers that be obviously buried this story otherwise if folks across the US caught wind of this insane injustice there would be outrage at massive level. Would love to be able to donate and spread the word. You all DESERVE closure. With love, Terry

scott huminski   s_huminski@live.com
12-06-2022 7:49:18 AM EST
Any chance that Sorrell, Maguire and Lavoie will ever be held accountable?

Josh   jbihler24@gmail.com
06-10-2022 1:10:41 AM EST
I have been a huge fan of Vinnie’s brother CT for so long and when I heard about this unthinkable murder it just hurts my heart. This entire situation was disgusting and I know the Tamburellos will never rest until justice is served. I pray that everyone responsible for this lives with it on their conscious every single day and if they are “free” that they are living with the guilt of taking a young mans life. Will always support your family and hope you all are doing well in life right now.

05-20-2022 9:33:08 PM EST

12-22-2021 11:03:11 AM EST
Thank you all for your support and kindness. A lot has been happening behind the scenes. When it hits, it will hit big against a lot of big people. That's all I can say for now. Thank you again for your support.

12-13-2021 6:24:11 PM EST
I’m praying for your family. This is so wrong. I’m still reading and I’m shocked

07-19-2021 7:07:30 PM EST
One of the most disturbing things with the fascist Vermont government is when Lavoie visited the gravesite of Vinnie with the knowledge that his marching orders were to sabotage the case for Sorrell and Maguire. The epitome of evil. Lavoie performed his corrupt assignment perfectly. This is Vermont "law enforcement".

Jessica D Sidel   jessica_sidel@yahoo.com
05-21-2021 12:09:13 AM EST
I'm wondering if anything has taken place in the last months. I am absolutely sick to read and know that our country is allowing such corrupt disgrace to happen. I stand with, by and for your late son and in support of your family!

12-01-2020 11:40:45 PM EST
At the beginning of this terrible scenario, I warned about Lavoie. A dirty corrupt prosecutor who sees his duty as to injure, harm and abuse victims. He is one level above Satan. His conduct early on was an act to serve a diabolical purpose and gain your praise so when he betrayed you, that glowing review of him as a savior was there to support him. Typical of this monster, just wish you heeded my warnings.

09-17-2020 8:10:36 PM EST
David Cahill's decision to allow Timothy Arbuckle to plead out, who kicked and stomped Vinnie while he was on the ground after Kyle Bolaski shot him in the back, has just taken a turn for the worst! He did exactly what I said he would do... Arbuckle has skipped town!! He's absconded!! They can't find him! Judge Mann, who released him, shares responsibility for whatever crimes he commits now! I fought at the hearing to stop this but Cahill actually spoke out against me! Though I showed Judge Mann his 47 page rap sheet and documents of him committing 5 more felonies since he's been on bail Judge Mann went along with Cahill and released Arbuckle! She is a disgrace and should be taken off the bench! Now he's running around among the citizens of Vermont! Who will die at his hands now??

05-31-2020 3:07:13 PM EST
Cahill, again, comes out of retirement to see Bolaski 'the murderer' gats a 6 month pass. Clearly, the 'D.A.' in Cahill's moniker doesn't stand for District Attorney. It stands for 'Defense Attorney'.

Disgusted in Vermont
03-14-2020 10:56:52 PM EST
Sands' and Cahill's handling of this case clearly exemplifies the improprieties of the Vermont Judicial System through their blatent ignorance of the laws governing the same citizens they were supposed to protect. Is it coincidence that Cahill's last order of business to protect the Vermont people was to allow these two degenerates to plead out and walk the same streets with the same people they were supposed to protect? No more coincident than Cahill being Sands' ADA, when Sands threatened to make sure Vinnie would never see justice if you didn't stop your efforts to have him removed, and then stay on long enough to throw this case. It appears Sands and Cahill had one more coversation to share before Cahill made his final decision. It also appears there are a lot more defendents in this case than Bolaski, Arbuckle, Blanchard and Ucci. Cahill didn't retire at 40 because he wanted to spend time with his family. He retired because the political implications surrounding this case was too much for him to bear.

Vin SR.
03-06-2020 7:28:47 PM EST
To all my supporters I want to tell you this has not ended! There are major goings on about the complete and corrupt way that David "The Coward" "Cahill" mishandled this case and of Lavoie's involvement! He made major mistakes right in the courtroom! In open court he stated that he and Lavoie deliberately lied to me, the court and to the citizens of Vermont for the last 6 years! He admitted that they intentionally held up this case using over a million dollars of taxpayers money! Then lied as to why he's now basically letting these guys get away with murder! Or so he thinks. To save his own skin He threw Lavoie under the bus! He threw Robert Sands under the bus! He threw the entire Vermont Judicial system under the bus! He can't deny it! It's on the record. The sickening thing about this is the judge never called him on anything. Even when I protested and brought it up as you can see on the video of WCNX news. She was a part of this. But justice will prevail. Keep the faith!!

02-14-2020 11:09:46 AM EST
Once lavoie was appointed to the case, I knew and alerted Vinnie Sr. that Lavoie was bad news and one of the good ole boys in the Vermont justice system.

02-14-2020 12:33:09 AM EST
So....there you have it. Windsor County judicial system spoke loud and clear. Residents of Windsor County's lives are worth less than the perp that hunts, shoots and kicks your children as they lay helpless and dying in the presence of countless women and children. WAY TO GO, CAHILL!!!

A Juror
02-06-2020 6:49:58 PM EST
Mr Tamburello, I can't tell you how sorry I am what's being done to you and your family. I'm disgusted with our judicial system. What they've done is despicable. As a citizen I'm deeply concerned that they care more for criminals than us. As a juror I feel completely betrayed! I spent weeks away from my family for what!? Why did they go through all of that? They betrayed us! Took away our voice! There's nothing they can say to change my mind! Your son was murdered! The evidence was clear! I'm so sorry for you and your family. May God Bless you!

01-07-2020 10:34:55 AM EST
What the heck has been going on for a decade? All of a sudden, a plea bargain that essentially claims it was an accident! Prosecutor John LaVoie is the dirtiest and sleaziest prosecutor in Vermont. Where did this crook go? The minute they put this guy on the case, it was doomed. He will do anything his handlers command, legal or not, ethical or not. -- scott

01-03-2020 7:40:31 PM EST
Is this true? I'm stunned! This is a disgraceful thing to do. What about the other killers? Are they being charged? We have a new AG. I can't believe he;s doing this. My deepest apology to your family.

12-31-2019 12:36:12 PM EST
I just heard that the DA's office has let Bolaski cop a plea! This is disgraceful! I'm so sorry that they are doing this to you. We are embarrassed by this here. We thought the new administration was different. Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

09-08-2019 7:34:02 PM EST
God bless you and your family! He puts parents like you on this earth to keep a justice system, no longer fair, in check. I pray your pain has eased in these prosecutions, and thank you for your candid share!

Vince Sr.
04-09-2019 2:13:05 PM EST
Thank you Lisa! You support and prayers are so very comforting to us. We are in the process to get this out and soon there will be a lot of action on this. Bernie Sanders has ignored all of our correspondences because if this gets out it will be very damaging to him. So much so that the prosecutor, at a meeting with me last year, basically told me to keep quiet or "THEY CAN DO A LOT WORSE TO YOU!" Yes he actually threatened me. Right after that meeting I received a phone call at my work threatening me and my family. My attorney has deserted us. She won't return any calls or e-mails. They are using all of their power to stop this from coming out but no matter what they do they will not stop me.And with support from people like you I know we will succeed. Thank you again for your support.

Lisa   elizabethannrichard@gmail.com
03-21-2019 5:24:46 PM EST
Mr. Tamburello, I will tell everyone I know how corrupt VT is, until the day we can say "used to be"! I'm absolutely disgusted with the way they covered up Vinnie's murder, and the way you and the rest of your poor family was treated. I have told everyone I know not to vote for Bernie. (which is huge for me because I used to call him our last best hope). Please know that your family has love and support from MANY people here in Washington D.C. I don't have any political affiliations, but I pray we can spread the word far enough that it reaches someone who does and someone who can help get justice for your son! I feel strongly compelled to recommend you look up Suzanne Giesemann. I would normally never say anything to someone I don't know personally, but something is telling me to refer you. I attended a lecture of hers at church, and now I'm on her waiting list. I strongly believe that you could could benefit from hearing what she has to say. Love and Blessings to you and your family, sir

Vin Sr.
12-29-2018 1:45:03 AM EST
Lisa, Thank you very much for your interest and offer to help. While I am not accepting monetary help at this time the best way you can help is to get the word out as to the corruption of the Vermont Judicial System. There are things that are in the works to bring the corruption to light and finally get justice for Vinnie so please keep watching our website. Thank you again for your support.

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