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06-19-2011 12:16:54 AM EST
Cannot believe that (Kyle Bolaski) is asking for a new trial! Just read it in the Valley News published on June 17th! He deserves to be in jail 20- life if not worse! Doesn't belong out and about ever ever again! As far as I am concerned Arbuckle and anyone involved including the DA deserve the same! My deepest deepest condolences to the Tamburello Family and Thank You for trying to clean up the trash in Vermont and making it a safer place for our children! RIP Vinnie!!

06-15-2011 4:05:14 PM EST
Randy- I agree my man. The whole situation just illuminates how white trash Vermont is and how convenient it is for one to completely manipulate the system. Bolaski is balding and in prison. His gangly goofy ass brother and friends should join him as should Sand. They all broke the law. This is a complete disgrace. He walked around for 3 threes when he should of been in prison. Where else can you murder someone in the public sphere and get three years grace? Not even a USAF soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan can do that. It doesn't happen in Eastern Europe or Southeast Asia. This family isn't the Kennedy's. They are just a product of their environment. Springfield, VT. When I viewed the online news video, Bolaski's defense said he is the true victim, losing three years of his life to legal wrangling. Obviously dude just is a worthless individual. So are his accomplices, they all need to be brought to justice. I hope the victims family never gives up. I'm proud of you guys for your courage. Stay Strong!

06-11-2011 10:06:10 PM EST
I just finished reading day 2 of the trial. I can't begin to imagine how hard it was for you to write the details of the coroner's trial testimony. To read what happened broke my heart. I can understand why it has taken so long. Your courage and strength is commendable. I hope that the other people involved don't get away with their part in your son's death. District Attorney Sand should not be in office!

Keri Saccardo
06-06-2011 12:59:06 PM EST
I never thought my husbands best friend would become one of my best friends but after spending lots and lots of time with Vinny to know him was to love him. He became a big part of mine and both my kids lives and we all miss him so much and think of him daily although nothing in this world can take away the pain of his loss I am glad that his parents and family can rest alittle easier knowing they fought for justice. We love you Vinnie and you are forever in our hearts xoxo

Sad in Vermont
06-04-2011 5:04:29 PM EST
Please let's all hope that Ucci, Blanchard and Arbuckle pay for their actions. And why isn't Corey being charged with shooting off a firearm in a public place? I don't know the law, but I would think it is unlawful to fire a 22 twice around a bunch of people who are relaxing after a softball game. I hope John Lavoie has the time to pursue all those wreckless friends of Killer Kyle Bolaski. They aren't JUST losers, they are partly responsible for Vinnie's murder.

06-03-2011 8:28:59 AM EST
I imagine Corey had that same option, No one. But he fired into the ground twice and then screwed. Do you remember what the only professional witness Kyle put on the stand said. You remember, right? When they were talking about the Amygdala? If not, let me refresh your memory. When he was asked what would make someone run for a weapon instead of escaping, which Kyle definitely had the option to do, as so many other people did that day. Dr. Eng said a person would only use deadly force under those conditions if it's what that person planned to do. He called the Amygdala 'the planning stage' of the brain. You can go on and on about what a great kid Kyle is, but it does not negate the fact that Kyle intended on making sure Vinnie was not going home that day. Do you remember Ucci's words? You know, the words that brought him to tears? If not, let me remind you. Ucci used the term 'let's end it with this kid' after he ended the conversation with Arbuckle. Coming on this site, or any site for that matter, and defending a murderer only gives the reader a clear example of your character. What happened was planned. Vinnie was hunted, and when that didn't work out, lured down that field for one reason only. You can say that wasn't his intentions, but the evidence says differently, and the witnesses, all of them, including his own brother's testimony, say differently. In fact, the evidence, and testimony was soooo overwhelming that it only took the jury 2 hours to come to a decision. Now, let's talk about that two hours. You remember the jury convened at 4:20pm, right. The court officers had to bring all the evidence to the deliberation room for the jurors to comb over in case there was any doubt. You figure that took fifteen minutes, which makes it 4:35pm. Now, the jurors had to charges to deliberate. One: second-degree murder. Two Aggravated assault. They came to a decision by 6:30pm, fully aware that they were either, setting him free, or putting him away for 20-life. That decision took one-hour and fifty-five minutes. Does that sound like something a jury can pass judgement on in that time frame if he wasn't guilty? Those jurors didn't come to that decision because they didn't like Kyle. They did it to see to it that Kyle couldn't kill again. They did it because they had the God-given right to make that decxision based on the evidence presented. They did it to protect the good people of Vermont.

06-02-2011 12:57:13 PM EST
From what was brought out at the trial they hunted for Vinnie and when they couldn't find him they called and got him down to the field, then they went and got the guns. That is premeditation. The DA's office should be looking into charges against Blanchard, Ucci and Corey. Kyle pulled the trigger but they were just as much a part of it. If they aren't charged we might as well all arm ourselves because the message is clear. Kyle Bolaski is in jail because of what the Tamburello's did not the justice system. If the Tamburello's didn't fight for their son a murderer would still be walking the street. God Bless the Tamburello's!

06-02-2011 11:44:50 AM EST
@ No one: Clearly, nobody made the right decision at MacKenzie Field on 17 Aug 2008, but there's no question that twelve people did on 19 May 2011. You say, 'if your son wasn't acting like a psycho, he would still be alive', but you neglect to say if Blanchard, Ucci, and the Bolaski brothers didn't 'hunt' Vinnie on that day, not only would Vinnie be alive, but Bolaski wouldn't be spending the rest of his life in jail. Lavoie clearly stated, and proved, that what the Bolaski brothers and company did that day bordered premeditation. His own witnesses solidified that theory. Look at Blanchard. Do you actually think he helped Bolaski at that trial? How about Bastion or Ucci, or even his own brother? His own brother got on that stand and saqid Kyle, Ucci, Blanchard, and Arbuckle were the instigators of that incident. You say 'Kyle did not set out to kill him!!!!', but his own friends made it clear that he did!! So, maybe you should do a fact check before coming on here to spew your nonsense.

Just Me
06-01-2011 5:23:42 PM EST
maybe if your son wasn't the one acting like a crazy ass NUT he wouldn't be sitting in Jail for Murder now WOULD HE ? Nobody to blame but himself for what he did And for anyone who can't see what he did is just as dumb as he was for commiting murder

06-01-2011 8:13:10 AM EST
That;s right. olaski did not set out to kill Vinnie. If he had, he would have been convicted of premeditated murder. The evidence clearly showed he was guilty of second degree murder. There are plenty of folks who must wish they had made different choices that weekend. The Bolaski thug brothers and Jerry Ucci, Tristan Blanchard and Tim Arbuckle ALL have blood on their hands!Poor little Ucci cried on the stand that this has ruined his life...I think the Tamburellos know a lot about that. Rest in Peace, Vinnie

no one
05-31-2011 9:50:06 PM EST
yay for the tamburellos.

deb   drodrio219@aol.com
05-27-2011 11:20:24 AM EST
Well said Christen. I second everything you stated

Anja from Germany
05-24-2011 5:32:30 PM EST
Dear Tamburello family. Congratulations on the verdict. Finally justice has been served. I only recently came across Vinnie Jr.'s website after watching your second oldest son's heartbreaking appearance on TV back in 2009 when he was desperately struggling with his brother's death. I can't imagine the insurmountable grief this tragic loss has caused and the hardship you must have gone through in the past three years. Yet you must know that your undying strength and admirable courage to fight for your son are an inspiration to all of us and in particular to those who are wronged by legal 'justice' in their battle for a beloved one. May you find peace of mind and solace knowing that Vinnie has been redeemed. God bless your family. My thoughts and prayers and heartfelt wishes go out to you.

05-24-2011 4:24:55 PM EST
Congratulations on having Bolaski convicted! Your determination for justice for your son is an inspiration. I have been following this from the beginning and your struggles. I know having Bolaski convicted was the most important thing for you but what about the other people that were involved? Especially Blanchard and Ucci. It seems they were the main instigators. They should be charged with accessory. from what I read blanchard showed his true colors in the courtroom. All of this stemmed from Blanchard. I hope the district attorney does not let these other people get off. What they did led to murder and all of them should be held accountable. Including district Attorney Sand.

05-24-2011 7:22:18 AM EST
Dear Tamburello family-congratulations on the verdict. Although your journey is not over, I'm glad for you all and hope that this measure of justice will help bring peace to you.

Sincere from Vermont
05-22-2011 9:49:51 PM EST
Your courage to fight for your son is an inspiration. You went against all the odds and did not ever give up. I can't imagine your struggle and hardship that you went through but I must tell you a lot of people around here are very proud of you! I hope you can now get your life together and move forward. I'm sure your son is very proud of you. God bless you and your family.

Gina Lawless Atkins
05-22-2011 8:59:30 AM EST
I LOVE reading the story below !!!! I am just so thankful this day had FINALLY came. JUSTICE !!! Way to go Vinnie, Ronnie and family.

Valley News Report
05-21-2011 3:08:42 PM EST
Bolaski Found Guilty of Murder Victim's Father: ‘Never Give Up' By Mark Davis Valley News Staff Writer White River Junction -- As the word “guilty” hung in the still courtroom, family members of Vinnie Tamburello flung their arms around one another, grabbing tight, trying not to yell. Standing at the defense table, Kyle Bolaski stared straight ahead, without expression, while his younger brother Corey, in the courtroom gallery, buried his head in his hands. After three hours of deliberation, a Windsor Superior Court jury yesterday found Kyle Bolaski guilty of second-degree murder, rejecting his claim that he shot Vincent Tamburello in self-defense during a 2008 melee at a softball field in Chester, Vt., that was witnessed by dozens of people. “I can't explain how it feels to have victory for our son, justice for Vinnie, finally,” Tamburello's father, Vincent Tamburello, said outside the courthouse, holding a photograph of his son. “I never thought, three years ago, that we'd be here. I would never give up on Vinnie, my family would never give up. We knew they killed our son.” Bolaski, 27, has been free on bail since the shooting, but as his family watched from the gallery, he was led away by sheriff's deputies and transported to Southern State Correctional Facility in Springfield, Vt., to begin serving a sentence of 20 years to life. The jury of six men and six women found Bolaski not guilty of a second charge, aggravated assault, for allegedly hitting Tamburello in the head with the butt of his rifle as Tamburello lay dying. Bolaski's mother, father and brother left without commenting, as did his girlfriend, who attended every day of the trial and lingered after everyone else had left yesterday to see Bolaski driven off in a squad car. Bolaski's attorney, Kevin Griffin, could not be reached for comment after the verdict was announced yesterday evening. Earlier in the day, Griffin made a final appeal for Bolaski's freedom, telling jurors that while dozens of witnesses gave conflicting accounts of the fatal confrontation, Bolaski fired a second shot from the .30-06 rifle because he believed Tamburello, who had swung an ax at him, was still threat. “Nobody at the ball field had a better view, a better perception of the threat Vinnie Tamburello posed, than Kyle Bolaski,” Griffin said during his closing argument. “He was the one who had been pursued, hunted down, completely locked in to what Vinnie Tamburello was doing at that point, and there has been a ton of second guessing of that decision to fire the second shot.” But several witnesses testified that Tamburello had been retreating when he died. And, perhaps most damning of all, an autopsy showed that the fatal shot entered Tamburello's back. During his argument yesterday, Griffin addressed that finding for the first time, arguing that Tamburello may have suddenly twisted his body, perhaps to elevate the ax, before he was shot. But Griffin did not offer any witnesses to testify about that theory during the trial. Bolaski did not take the stand. “Vinnie Tamburello is dead because of a bullet that man put in his back,” prosecutor John Lavoie said, pointing at Bolaski, during his closing argument. “There's a broad range of witnesses who describe him … hobbling, limping, and he's moving back, he's trying to retreat, trying to run away. The defendant pursues him and shoots him in the back.” Bolaski and Tamburello were total strangers -- they may never have even exchanged a single word. In the days before the shooting, Tamburello had been feuding with a group of Bolaski's friends in the Springfield area. The confrontation started when Tamburello allegedly stole $40 worth of marijuana from one of the friends, and continued into a warm Sunday evening days later. Many of the details were hotly contested, as participants gave conflicting accounts and changed their stories during the the investigation. But somehow, Tamburello and a large group that included Bolaski met at Mackenzie Field in Chester, as dozens of softball players drank beer and celebrated the end of a weekend long tournament. Tamburello grabbed an ax and charged the group, causing them to scatter. He kept running after Bolaski, who ran to his truck and grabbed the rifle. As Tamburello plunged the ax into the truck, Bolaski loaded and fired once, hitting Tamburello in the leg. Then he fired again. Vinnie Tamburello, 32, was the oldest of four siblings from the neighborhoods of Charlestown, Mass, north of Boston. He struggled with substance abuse in the final years of his life, and moved to Vermont in the summer of 2008, hoping to start anew. But Tamburello remained proud of his hometown: As he lay bleeding to death on a grassy field, he spoke his final words. “My name is Victor,” he told a police officer. “I'm from Boston.” For much of the past two weeks, Lavoie assumed an almost bombastic personality, repeatedly engaging in heated exchanges with witnesses and provoking the ire of Judge Patricia Zimmerman. Yesterday, Lavoie quietly declined to comment. “Thank you, though,” he said, before loading his files into his trunk and driving off. For the Tamburello family, even having a murder trial was something of a victory. In 2009, Windsor County State's Attorney Robert Sand dropped the murder charge to voluntary manslaughter, saying he did not have enough evidence to prove murder. The Tamburellos were enraged. They lobbied to have Sand removed from the case, hired their own attorneys, and leveled accusations that the entire Vermont justice system was corrupt. Eventually, Sand handed the case to Lavoie, a deputy state's attorney in Franklin County, who reinstated the murder charge. “I did not believe there was any justice in Vermont, but now I believe it,” Tamburello said yesterday. “It's not the system, it's the people that make it work.” After three years of legal maneuvering, and a two-week trial, the verdict seemed to arrive suddenly. Around 6:30 p.m., word filtered through the courthouse that the jury had decided to go home and resume deliberations in the morning. A few minutes later, word spread from lawyers and security personnel that a decision had been made. With the Tamburello family and several of Bolaski's friends milling around the courthouse for the past two weeks, security had been unusually tight, and authorities were clearly concerned that the verdict would cause emotions to explode. By the time the jury announced its decision, a dozen sheriff's deputies and four members of the Vermont State Police and several Hartford police officers had assembled at the courthouse. Both families quietly took seats on the wooden benches in the courtroom. The Tamburellos stayed long enough to hear the verdict and watch Bolaski walk to a holding area, before everyone poured outside into the late evening half-light. “You did it, you did it, you (freaking) did it,” Randy Staples, the victim's uncle, told Vincent Tamburello Sr. as they embraced. But as the Tamburellos celebrated, 10 yards away, Bolaski's girlfriend stood alone. Wearing a black skirt and a lavender jacket and barefoot, she walked toward the side entrance of the courthouse, the one the public never sees, and waited to see Bolaski put into the backseat of a squad car. They were able to exchange a quick greeting before he was driven away to the prison that will confine him for the next 20 years. She lingered. In the minutes that followed, she made an obscene gesture toward Lavoie as he drove off, walked toward her own car, and unlocked the door. But she didn't get in. Instead, she sat on the curb, and lowered her head in her hands. Mark Davis can be reached at mcdavis@vnews.com or (603) 727-3304.

05-21-2011 2:29:33 PM EST
Well done. Peace be with you and your family.

Donnie O
05-21-2011 1:57:56 AM EST
Im so glad i was with you when they said bolaski was guilty. and watch that scumbag get hauled of to jail. im proud of u guys. you guys did it and vinnie has his justice. love you guys

Shannon Anzalone   Italiantownie124@aol.com
05-20-2011 11:03:00 PM EST
Vinnie & Ronnie, I can't believe what you have been through... its awful! I'm so sorry for you and your family. I've sat here in disbelief for the past couple of nights reading the website word by word. I am so happy for u! The scumbag finally got what he deserves and justice has been served. I'll always remember Vinnie growing up. He was a great kid...always making jokes and making people laugh. RIP Vinnie...You will not be forgotten!

Ashley O.   ashleyorpen@yahoo.com
05-20-2011 9:45:28 PM EST
Finally there is justice! Uncle Vinnie and auntie Ronnie! U both have been through so much these past years but all the work u put into this was worth it! This guy is finally getting what he deserves and now u guys can finally have a bit of peace. I love u guys! R.I.P. lil Vinnie

05-20-2011 9:45:22 PM EST
I just want to start out by saying I am glad that the Tamburello family has justice. Being from that surrounding area and having known the Bolaski's and others involved, this prolonged incident showed those particular individuals that they are not untouchable. Having known that Kyle was more upset about how his life was changing because of all this, and not how his actions may have affected the family of the victim is unfathomable. Justice has been rightfully served. Although it may be difficult, please keep in mind that Kyle does not represent the majority of Vermonters. Nor does the revolting comments presumably made by those involved reflect the opinions of those in that town. My heart goes out to the family and friends, but also to Kyle’s mother. She does not deserve a son like him.

Phil T.
05-20-2011 9:44:04 PM EST
Vinnie and Ronnie,I hope this verdict will bring to you the peace and solace you so richly deserve, after the ordeal that you both have been through.Love,prayers and peace to you both. Phil and Ronnie.

A juror
05-20-2011 6:38:16 PM EST
Thank you for working tirelessly to bring charges against the creep who murdered your son. The jury knew in the first minute of deliberations that this was NOT self defense. If we could have done more, we would have. We know what kyle and Tim did after the second shot, but the state's case left some with "reasonable doubt"; not that whether Kyle hit Vinny with the butt of the gun, rather whether it was proven with the evidence. If you have the strength to keep the pressure on so that others' will face charges, I hope you will do so. Peace be with you.

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