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This is the story of murder and the corruption of the Vermont Judicial system and their betrayal to Vinnie, their own people and how they violated the integrity of their oath of office and broke their own laws in order to protect convicted murderers and admitted drug dealers. It also shows how the Supreme Court violated their oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States in order to protect the murderers, DA Sand and Attorney General Sorrell. 
On August 14, 2008 my son Vincent Jr. was murdered by 5 men Kyle and Corey Bolaski, Jerry Ucci, Tristan Blanchard and Timothy Arbuckle. They lured Vinnie and his fiance and her friend to a park in Vermont where they shot Vinnie with high powered rifles as Vinnie was protecting the girls from the advancing mob. 

They shot him once in the legs and as Vinnie tried to flee they pursued him and shot him in the back! As Vinnie lay helpless and dying, unable to defend himself, Kyle Bolaski brutally beat Vinnie with the rifle as the other men kicked and stomped him to death. Kyle Bolaski was arrested and charged with 2nd degree murder, no one else was charged. This was an exceptionally barbaric murder. There was overwhelming evidence to charge all of the men.Timothy Arbuckle has since admitted his involvement and implicated Kyle, Corey, Ucci and Blanchard as also kicking Vinnie. Yet they will still not charge these men.
To our astonishment Robert Sand chose a different path. For reasons still not answered, For the first time in his career DA Robert Sand held a Grand Jury! A Grand Jury called specifically to exonerate Vinnie's murderers. In that Grand Jury Robert Sand used perjury, falsified evidence, withheld evidence, obstructed justice and every bit of exculpatory evidence to secure the murderer's release.  A false grand Jury that cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars needlessly! Money that should have been used to create jobs, feed the hungry, instead has been used to protect murderers.
Sand was not alone in his nefarious plot. The lead investigator gave false testimony in the Grand Jury and Robert Sand implicated Attorney General Sorrell as being a part of it. Whose office at first denied ever speaking to Robert Sand then told me that they lied and were involved. All of the evidence including e-mails and tape recordings can be seen on our website,www.justice4vinnie.com. 
Recently we have found out that the Director of the Vermont Dept. of Attorneys and Sheriff's whose main duty is to seek justice as defined by their website has supplied the defense information that would help Bolaski! This is their definition that is on their website: 
"The Department seeks justice in the prosecution of criminal offenses, child abuse and neglect cases, juvenile delinquencies, mental health proceedings and some other civil matters.  Each State's Attorney's Office works collaboratively with law enforcement agencies, social service agencies, victims and members of the public to seek justice in the cases that are investigated and prosecuted within each county.  Protecting and promoting public safety is a core function of the Department.  Seeking justice is our paramount goal.  
"SEEKING JUSTICE IS OUR PARAMOUNT GOAL!" Obviously not for Vinnie... We need you help! 
The corruption continues to this day and no longer affects us but this has affected every Vermonter and every American who believes in the Constitution. The Constutution that Robert Sand and Attorney General Sorrel have violated! We obviously have them fearful as they are now spending thousands more to fight against us, to stop us from getting justice! 
Just recently DA David Cahill made a deal with Kyle Bolaski behind our backs! He reduced the charge from 2nd degree murder to manslaughter and let him plead to 7-15 years. With time served he will only do 3 1/2 years and he will be free! This was a disgraceful, cowardly act! He has no intentions of charging anyone else unless he's stopped! I need your help! We need to hire an attorney to get this thrown out and charges of 2nd degree murder reinstated! Please help us stop this miscarriage of justice and this corruption of the Vermont Judicial System by donating anything you can! Anything will help!
This judicial system shows what will happen if they are allowed to get away with this. This isn't just about Vinnie. This is far, far worse! This is about a corrupt system completely ignoring the Constitution of the United States to suit their own agenda! To hide murder! 
Don't think it can't happen to you, it can and it will! It's happening now! Unless we stop it!
We have been fighting alone but with your help we can bring justice to Vinnie and make sure everyone involved is held accountable. We are not the only family they have done this to but with your help we can be the last. Please help in any way you can. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. Thank you.


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