We went up to Vermont for a meeting to confront Jenkins on his statement. Present were myself, Ronni, Randy and Chris. Also present were Ed,  Jenkins and  Todd. We were led into a meeting room with a large table in the middle. I sat on the side closest to the window. To my right was Jenkins, beside him Ed Ledo, then Chris, Randy, Todd and Ronni on my left.

We introduced each other. When I met Jenkins I stared into his eyes. I wanted to look in the eyes of this man. To see what type of person would assist a murderer. But Jenkins would not look me in the eye. He looked at the ceiling, at the floor but not at me. I shook his hand and felt revulsed. A complete feeling of disgust overwhelmed me. I explained to them that I was not there on a witch hunt. I just wanted to get to the truth. If there was valid reasoning for what Jenkins did then let us know and that will end it. But if not then he had some serious explaining to do.

I got right to the heart of the matter. Jenkins was only 2 feet from me. I asked him point blank: "WHAT NEW EVIDENCE HAS COME FORWARD FROM THE TIME YOU PASSED IN A GOOD SOLID 2ND DEGREE MURDER CASE, WHICH BOTH YOUR COMMANDER AND YOUR CAPTAIN SAID WAS A GOOD SOLID CASE, UNTIL THE TIME YOU TESTIFIED AT THE GRAND JURY? HAS ANY NEW EVIDENCE COME FORWARD TO MAKE YOU SAY THERE WAS NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE?  Jenkins looked at me, a stunned look on his face. I could almost see his heart beat through his chest. He did not answer. I repeated the question.

He looked over at Todd who started to answer for him. I said Jenkins should answer as his was the testimony in the grand jury. He was adamant about answering for Jenkins. So I let him go on. He said that at the beginning, in the first phases of the investigation Jenkins believed there was enough evidence. Then as he went on he started to wonder. Suddenly it became clear.  I could see what they were trying to do. I have signed statements from Jenkins saying that he believes there is enough evidence to support a 2nd degree murder charge. They were trying to explain away those statements. Trying to stray away from the timeline. Trying to confuse and doubletalk us. No matter how you look at it, when all the investigation was complete, when all of the facts were in, Jenkins passed in for prosecution a good solid case to support a 2nd degree murder charge.  Otherwise that means he deliberately passed in a bad case for prosecution which, in either case, is just as bad!

I said again, "I am talking about the time that you passed in the case for prosecution, when the investigation was complete, and the time that you appeared before the grand jury." I rephrased my question. "WHAT EVIDENCE IF ANY, HAS COME UP TO MAKE YOU SAY THAT THERE IS NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT A 2ND DEGREE MURDER CHARGE THAT YOUR CAPTAIN SAID THAT THERE IS ENOUGH EVIDENCE FOR? I said that if there is evidence just tell me and that will be the end of it. He did not answer. He looked at Todd and Ed for help. Todd again started to interrupt. I asked Todd to please let Jenkins answer the question. I rephrased it. "WHAT EVIDENCE HAS COME UP FOR YOU TO RUIN A CASE THAT YOUR COMMANDER AND CAPTAIN SAID HAD OVER 20 INVESTIGATORS AND COUNTLESS MAN HOURS ON IT THAT HAD BEEN PUT INTO GETTING THIS CASE TOGETHER? WHY DID YOU SAY THERE WAS NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE AND WASTE ALL THAT TIME MONEY AND EFFORT BY YOUR FELLOW OFFICERS? WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE TO MAKE YOU SAY THAT? IF THERE IS NEW EVIDENCE JUST TELL US!

At one point Jenkins said he never made that statement. I took out the Grand Jury minutes and read his statement to him. He said he now remembered the statement. I again asked him to answer. He did not answer. "IF WHAT YOU SAY IS TRUE, I asked, THEN ARE YOU SAYING YOU DELIBERATELY PASSED IN A BAD CASE FOR PROSECUTION TO AID THE DEFENSE? BECAUSE IF, AS YOU SAY, THAT THERE WAS NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE THEN WHY WOULD YOU GIVE IT UP FOR PROSECUTION? He did not answer. He just looked at Todd and Ed. But they were silent! I asked him if he was saying his Commander and Captain were liars, that they deliberately gave a bad case for prosecution? He said no, he's not saying that. His face was flushed, he would not look me in the eye, and he was visibly shaking. I asked Captain Ledo what he thought about what Jenkins is saying. He just looked at me.

I then said," WHEN SAND ASKED YOU IF THE 1ST SHOT WAS SELF DEFENSE YOU ANSWERED WITHOUT HESITATION THAT IT WAS. BUT YOU SAY ON THE 2ND SHOT THERE WAS NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE, YET THERE IS ACTUALLY MORE EVIDENCE TO SUBSTANTIATE THE 2ND SHOT THAN THE 1ST SHOT. HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THAT? Jenkins answered, 'THERE IS? "You don't know?" I said. "Then how can you say that there is not enough evidence when you don't even know your case?" Jenkins sat completely stonefaced. He did not know what to say.

We went around like this for 15-20 min. And his answers were all the same. HE HAD NO ANSWERS! THERE WAS NO NEW EVIDENCE!  The evidence was overwhelming.  This man, who is sworn to uphold the law, a State Police Sgt. had deliberately helped destroy this case. Helped a murderer go free. Justified the murder of my son! As I looked at Ronni, Chris and Randy I could see they all felt the same. JENKINS HAD DELIBERATELY CHANGED HIS STORY TO HELP THE DEFENSE! THERE WAS NO DENYING THAT NOW! NO OTHER EXPLANATION. WE HAD GIVEN HIM EVERY OPPORTUNITY TO PROVE HIS STATEMENT AND HE COULD NOT!

Just as shocking was that his captain said nothing about Jenkins' lies. He let Jenkins blatantly lie to us. He knows Jenkins destroyed a case where A MAN WAS MURDERED! Thousands of dollars were just wasted. That they themselves said was a good solid case. For what? For Bolaski?? How could he just sit there and let this happen? What kind of people are we dealing with that would let a case, that they agree is 2nd degree murder, get whitewashed? We were soon to find out...