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The following is some excerpts from A meeting I had with "Prosecutor" John Lavoie.  I have other tapes and together with the documents I have they show a coordinated effort to obstruct justice and free the murderers of my son. 


This meeting sealed the deal for me in that I finally fully realized that Prosecutor John Lavoie has no intentions of bringing these men to justice and was intentionally destroying my family's life. This destroyed me! We trusted John and he betrayed us! As you will hear in the tape I completely fell apart! You can hear the anguish as I completely broke down and cried! This devastated me! My whole being was crushed! I trusted him with our very lives. Now to hear him actually threaten me was more than I could take. I intentionally questioned him with his wife there and caught him totally off guard. He would bring his wife with him because he knew I would never do anything in front of her. But this time I purposely did and caught him off guard. In order to deflect blame away from himself he threw everyone under the bus. You will hear on the tape Prosecutor John Lavoie:


* Threatens me to keep quiet or "They will do a lot worse" to me! I then said to him "Even Worse than Obstruction of Justice?" He replied..."Oh Yeah!" This terrified me! I knew who "They" were.


*Admits that the trial judge, Judge Zimmerman, intentionally read the jury instructions to the jury backwards, which she knew would be overturned. He even says this was a main basis for which the verdict was overturned.


*Admits that State's Attorney Robert Sand and now State's Attorney David Cahill both falsified the Grand Jury, along with Robert Sand and in so doing, Obstructed Justice.


*Threatens me with extortion by using my son's death against me stating that if I get him off the case State's Attorney David Cahill will bag the case and throw it out.


* Admits that State's Attorney David Cahill is actually helping the defense.


*Admits that they purposely rigged the Grand Jury and that it was done for "Purely Political" reasons!


*Admits that the defendants committed perjury in the Grand Jury. Yet he refuses to charge anyone.


*Admits that he has done no investigation at all on this case over the 5 years he's had it.


*Admits that they have not kept track of any of the prosecution witnesses and have not tried to locate them. They are letting this case just go on and on and will eventually drop all charges.


*Admits that the judges are deliberately stalling this case and that they will not let this case go to trial.


*In a despicable display of gall he actually mocks me! Tells me "You have gone to everyone in Vermont and can't get anyone to help!" Basically telling me I should keep quiet!


                                                          EXCERPTS FROM MEETINGS 1


These excerpts will show that David Cahill never had the intention of bringing this to a murder trial. His intention to drop this to manslaughter was set in place years ago. He obviously kept stalling until he was retiring to do this because Cahill knows he Obstructed Justice in the Grand Jury. He’s retiring in January. Lavoie makes some very incriminating statements. All of these statements show that John Lavoie was complicit in the cover up.


*Admits that the Grand Jury was rigged purely for “Political Purposes”. They destroyed our lives for their own political agenda!

*States that David Cahill told him he would not allow anyone else to take this case and when he gets it he will drop the murder charge. He's made good on that threat! In a despicable, cowardly act Cahill e-mailed me the week before Christmas stating he made a deal with Bolaski for  manslaughter! This was made at this time to inflict as much pain and suffering on my family that he could in revenge for me not keeping quiet. 

*Goes into detail how Robert Sand and David Cahill suborned perjury from the defendants by helping them change their stories and allowed perjury in the Grand Jury. And assisted them in their stories. This is why Cahill is threatening me because he knows I have the evidence to show he Obstructed Justice and falsified a Grand Jury.

*Admits that David Cahill and Robert Sand falsified evidence in the case concerning how Vinnie was shot in the back. He explains how Cahill and Sand manufactured false evidence and committed fraud by e-mailing that false evidence!.

*Admits that Cahill was helping the murderers in their defense. Giving the defense team information harmful to the state’s case. He did this for Bolaski and Arbuckle! 

*Admits several times that David Cahill falsified a Grand Jury, Obstructed Justice, aided the defendants and threatened and extorted me to remain silent.