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No Name
08-21-2010 3:25:16 PM EST

If I take the wings of the morning, And dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, Even there Your hand shall lead me, And Your right hand shall hold me. (Psalm 139:9-10)

Ms. Mathers
08-18-2010 10:43:45 PM EST
Mr. Tamburello. I want to offer my sincerest condolences to you and your family. I can't imagine the pain and heartache you go through on this occasion. To be made to relive this due to Robert Sand's despicable actions is criminal! We in our prayer group pray for you and your family every day. We are so ashamed for what Sand has done because we are Vermont people and we know the rest of the country is looking upon us with shame. May God Bless you all and end your suffering soon.

Vin Sr.
08-17-2010 8:40:49 PM EST
It's hard to believe it has been 2 years since Vinnie was taken from us. Even harder to believe that we are still fighting for justice. We miss you very much Vinnie! You will forever be in our hearts! We will never give up! Soon you will rest in peace. We love you!

Melissa   mlcmkhc@netzero.net
08-17-2010 11:34:49 AM EST
Just wanted to stop by a let you know that you and the family are in my thoughts and prayers today.

08-16-2010 10:43:50 PM EST
On the 2 year anniversary of Vinnie's death I hope you find peace. Please know that we are praying for you and stand behind you in your fight. These evil men, including Sand will receive justice. God will make sure. God Bless you and hold you in his care.

08-16-2010 3:07:21 PM EST
Mr. Tamburello. You are very right about Sand. No matter what he does this will haunt him for the rest of his life. He is no good and does not deserve to be in that position. When he made his deals with those men he was not even concerned about us. Releasing those men jeopardized all of us. He really should be ashamed of himself! God Bless you and help you in your struggle.

08-13-2010 9:24:11 PM EST
Vin Sr. As the trials become near please know that we are praying for justice for you and your family. I hope that this new DA does what is right. God Bless you.

Vin Sr.
08-08-2010 9:13:49 PM EST
We are also on twitter. Please join us with your thoughts. twitter.com/justice4vinnie.

vinnies cousin
08-04-2010 6:54:47 PM EST

vinnies cousin
08-04-2010 6:41:08 PM EST
I wish they'd lick me in a room with balaski for one minute. I'd rip his head off. Rip cousin

donnie   donnie
08-03-2010 11:57:58 PM EST
Love u guys... It's Donnie...

Vin Sr.
08-01-2010 6:36:22 PM EST
Hello Seattle. Thank you for your support. The responses from across the U.S. and the world to this gross injustice has been outstanding. Sooner or later there will be justice to all involved. It's really shocking of how much those in the justice system in Vermont do not care that a man was brutally murdered and the killers are still walking free, with their blessing. Anywhere else in this country the killers would have already been incarcerated. Again, we thank you for your support.

07-30-2010 9:07:47 PM EST
Mr. T, I wish there were words which would truly soothe the loss you have had. No amount of advocacy will ever bring Vinnie back, but people should be held accountable for their actions. I applaud your strength and courage in fighting for Vinnie's justice. You and your son are in many people's thoughts and prayers. I don't think it's up to us to judge or recreate the events that happened that day, as outsiders and not family or friends. But I do think we all have two common bonds - firstly to mourn your tragic loss and support you as a father grieving the loss of his son, and secondly to stand together to ensure that justice is served properly and without bias or corruption. I would invite you to read about Kenny Heller, who I wish were closer to you. Mr. T, don't waste your time responding on here to those who leave negative messages or talk out of their neck. Life is too short, you and your family have been through enough and I am sure that moving forward it will get easier. Just know, that I too, look forward to watching your son's killer being convicted. I hope the rest of his cowardly friends follow suit. Take care sir, and my deepest condolences for your tragic, tragic loss. - The Seattle Theory

Athena E
07-24-2010 5:06:38 PM EST

Vin Sr.
07-24-2010 3:38:03 PM EST
Hi Athena, Thank you for your message. Chris was my father. Please let me know your e-mail and we can correspond. I look forward to hear from you.

Athena E.
07-23-2010 9:24:33 AM EST
Vinnie, This is Athena, Chris Tamburello was my Grandfather I lived with him in Colorado. A friend of mine forwarded me to this website saying she thought I was related to Vinnie Jr and thought I should see this. I'm soo sorry for your loss, I wish I would have known sooner. I hope that we can become closer, I would love for my daughter and I to know this side of the family better! Please let me know if there is anything I can do. Your all in our prayers, much love, Athena

Vin Sr.
07-17-2010 9:55:48 PM EST
Nathan, you obviously have not read the website. By their own admission, by eyewitness testimony, he was in striking distance. Yet he only hit the truck. He did not pursue Kyle around the truck. He stayed on the drivers side when Kyle went around the truck, retrieved the rifle and came back around to shoot Vinnie. What excuse can you give to Kyle for shooting Vinnie in the back as he was trying to get away? What excuse can you give him for brutally beating Vinnie with the rifle as he lay helpless and dying? What excuse can you give the cowards that kicked and beat Vinnie as he lay dying? My son went alone to meet with them. Kyle came with a gang of men and weapons. That is the difference between my son and Kyle. Kyle is a coward. A ruthless, cold blooded killer. He tortured my son and brutally slaughtered him. And you ask me to show compassion? What intrigues me most is your total lack of it. A human being was murdered, many families are devastated, including Kyle's. And what does Kyle do? Does he show remorse, compassion? No, he goes out and commits several more felonies! He taunts us, mocks the judicial system, spits in his own family's face. And this you condone? You accept! Do you also condone his drug dealing to the children of Vermont? Does his being your roommate exonerate him from those facts? Let me ask you something, what was the meaning of writing that message? It made no sense at all. It had no bearing on the case or anything! Was it just an attempt to insult my son? Or a dig at us? Because other than that there is absolutely no reason for you to have written that message. I hope you are not that callous. I think you should get your priorities in order. And your facts straight.

07-16-2010 6:48:48 PM EST
I went to college with Kyle, actually lived in the same suite. What I ask you is what would your son have done with that axe if he would have been in striking distance of Kyle? I hope you can come to some peace with the fact that there was no difference between your son and Kyle, he just happened to lose, that's it! How would you feel if the roles were reversed and your son was being tried? Have some understanding and compassion sir.

Vin Sr.
07-13-2010 10:13:52 AM EST
Samantha, thank you so much for your kind words. The picture is beautiful and brought tears to our eyes. Our heartache continues every day justice is delayed but kind words from many supporters like yourself help to bring us some degree of comfort. I can't tell you how much it means to us. Thank you again for your meaningful expression of kindness and your prayers.

07-11-2010 8:35:23 PM EST

Trying to find the right words to express my sorrow and empathy for your loss is difficult. I first came across this site a few months ago. That night I wanted to offer my sincere condolences and prayers for your family during an extremely difficult time that was unnecessarily prolonged by a callous, selfish DA. I worried I would not find the right words but I figure it the message's intent of support that is more important, not whether it is eloquent or poetic. I know the pain of your loss will never go away, but for it to be kept so raw so long makes an already tragic and unfair situation all the more gruesome and horrific - but you know that, you live it. My heart has broken for you. Hopefully, the recent turn of events helps you achieve some sort of comfort or closure. I hope those responsible pay according to their deeds. I have a son and to think about this happening to him tears my heart out. To know people in this world, such as yourselves have to endure so much hurt is truly, truly sad for me. I can only hope that your memories with him serve as some sort of comfort for you. No one can take those or your love for one another away. I do believe he is with you every moment in heart, thought, and spirit. I also believe that at the end of this life we will be reunited with our loved ones that have gone before us. It used to be a scary thought to me, now it is a comfort. I commend you for being a voice for him, for yourselves, and all the other victims out there. God bless you all.

Vin Sr.
07-11-2010 1:16:20 PM EST
Ms. Mathers, thank you for your kind words and prayer. You are right. DA Sand is guilty of numerous serious law violations. He is corrupt. Of that there is no doubt. If any ordinary citizen committed the crimes he did then they would be locked away, and justifiably so. But because Sand operates under the protection of judicial boundaries he thinks he can escape. He can't! Sand committed serious felonies and under the law will be held accountable. It is only a matter of time. We have not forgotten what he has done just because he was forced to step down. It has actually given us the opportunity to make sure that justice is now done on all levels. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Ms. Mathers
06-22-2010 5:01:28 PM EST
I heard about your website in church. It is in our prayer sheet. We all know these men. They are definitely capable of this. We pray that you find justice. What we find just as despicable is that Robert Sand is still on the job! It is obvious that he commited crimes himself by aiding these killers. What we can't understand is how he is allowed to do this and still keep his job. There is something terribly wrong with our justice system that allows these killers to roam free and let's the DA do whatever he wants without penalty. If even half of what you say is true then this man is guilty of aiding the killers, obstruction of justice, manipulating the jury, threats and God knows what else. Robert Sand is a horrible person and a worse District Attorney. He should not be allowed to practice law any longer and those that allow him to continue are no better than he is. I can tell you this, come election day he will not be there any more. But he should also be in jail. If any ordinary citizen did what he has done they would be locked up. he should not be any different! We in our prayer group pray for this. may God answer our prayers.

Vin Sr.
05-20-2010 5:17:42 PM EST
Thanks Mark. I know now that not all members of the judicial system are corrupt. I have received a lot of e-mails and letters of support from members of law enforcement. Some have even given me good tips and information that has helped significantly. Some have even told me they would go on record if they were sure they wouldn't lose their job, but because of who is involved there is no chance of that happening. Which is clear to me upper echelon of the justice system is involved. Anyone else it wouldn't matter. But their help behind the scenes is very encouraging. There are men and women that believe in the oath they took! And are ashamed of those that besmirch that oath. Once the real truth does come out though they will see that they will have nothing to fear. Thanks again.

05-18-2010 10:04:01 PM EST
Vin Sr. I have read your site with great interest. I am a former long time Vermont resident that has since moved to new hampshire. i still have many friends around white river junction including local police officers. I want to tell you that you have the support of many residents there. Believe it or not even the local police support you. or at least the one's I know. They are disgusted with Sand. That he should never had substituted a murder for drug dealers! From what I have been told Sand did use these guys as informants in exchange for getting them off of the murder! believe me when I tell you they do not agree with what Sand did! This whole thing has brought shame to vermont and as law enforcement members they feel that shame tenfold. I hope this has helped a little. I just felt that I had to let you know that not all law enforcement people agree with what Sand did. That more and more people are supporting you. God Bless you in your fight!

05-12-2010 4:53:59 PM EST
Blanchard showed his true colors. He's a coward hiding behind other gangs of cowards! Too bad the bullet hit he wrong person!

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