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Native Green Mountaineer
04-20-2010 10:05:28 AM EST
To post negative information about someone who was shot and killed by a drug, and drunk crazed killer whose only reason was that he was outraged that his truck got dinged is despicable. Vinnie Jr. may not have been an angel on this earth, but neither is anyone else. We all have skeletons...yes, including you anonymous. And...as a native Vermonter...I agree there should be no more charges brought against Bolaski, because Bolaski should have been charged with murder...IN THE FIRST DEGREE...right from the start. This new DA is doing what that other DA SHOULD HAVE DONE. You don't hear the stories flowing through these streets about the Bolaskis. They are drug dealers and their selling there crap to our kids. Early on, that kid Blanchard was telling everyone what really happened...and let me tell you the only reason why Bolaski was never charged with murder in the first place is because our system is corrupt. This man was hunted by the Bolaskis, but they couldn't find him so they tricked him into going down where he got shot by threatening his girlfriend. Yeah...real men those Bolaskis. That's okay, because rumor has it, someone is talking to this new DA. If it were me, I would tell them everything because theres no way I would do life for drug dealers. Let it be known that not all Vermonters believe the way these negative posters are, most of us are behind the Tamburellos. Maybe now, some of you will stand up for what is right, instead of being a coward. That's not how we were raised.

04-20-2010 8:30:28 AM EST
Again, I feel for what you have been through, BUT, there should be no more murder charges brought against anyone as I assure you this was not a cold calculated murder. These were errors in judgement with the unfortunate outcome of someones life being taken. THAT SUCKS!! This all really started around drugs which unfortunately was part of Vinnie's world. I understand your hurt and frustration but where is all of the information about Vinnie's drug abuse and the incidents surrounding that? What about his beligerent and abusive behavior toward his girlfriend and Rockingham Hospital? No one should have lost their life over this but Vinnie's behavior played a huge part in why this incident took place. I feel it is only fair to share that while Vinnie may be an angel now, he was no angel on this earth.

Deryn Jones
04-19-2010 2:36:12 PM EST
Uncle Vinnie, im Doug's son, if you can give me an email about these upcoming events, id like to be there when there when justice is served my email is djonez94@live.com, please nd thank you i wanna let my father know about all this to so if you could contact us that would be great.

Dappa Dan   danielcallahan57@yahoo.com
04-14-2010 4:06:51 PM EST

Vin Sr.
04-14-2010 12:19:20 PM EST

04-09-2010 9:45:29 PM EST
Vin Sr. I think you should know that word arouind town is that this new prosecutor is just more of the same. I have a friend who is as friend of a friend of the defense attorney for Bolaski. Mr griffin and word is he said there is nothing to worry about. That this is just to shut you up and stop you from going on. I think this is hoorendous and I have to tell you more and more people are behind you buit don't let them trick you. This whole system is corrupt you have been the only person to stand up to them. many people admire your courage and fortitude., please, please be very careful. Your attorney must be on The top of everything. They don't care about getting justice for your son thay are only interested in saving face for vermont!!The top people are a as corrupt if them all. God Bless you!And please be careful!

04-04-2010 7:34:35 PM EST
I know how hard it must be on this day to celebrate the rebirth of Christ knowing that the scum that brought so much pain to you are once again free to carry on with their lives. But if it's any consolation please have faith that God will punish them. That they will feel God's wrath, in this life and the next. May God Bless you and your family and give you the strength to see this through. He will not desert you. May you have a Very Happy Easter!

Vin Sr.
03-28-2010 11:00:04 AM EST
Terry & Al: We could never have done this without the support of our family and friends such as yourselves. There were many days of despair when we felt we could not go on. Times when we thought we could not fight a system that basically has immunity to do what ever they want, to whoever they want, without out fear of repercussion. But faith and hope and the overwhelming love for our son made us go on and see that no one is above the law! No one is above the rules of justice and though we have faltered and at times fell to our knees in fraustration, we knew our Vinnie was there to lift us and give us the strength to go on. With the help and support of our our loved one's the hatred and evil that allowed this to happen will never succeed. They will be held accountable and Vinnie will finally be able to rest in peace.

Terry & Al   attitcomb@aol.com
03-27-2010 7:57:47 PM EST
Vin Sr. and family, It's about time things are finally happening with Little Vinnie's case. It will be 2 years in August and what you and your family has gone through with Sand and everyone else no one deserves the abusive treatment. Sand did not do his job. I feel so much better that you and your family have a new proscutor and that yous feel confident with his professionalism. At least this is a start in the right direction, but beleive me you still have a long way to go. All those prayers you have asked from GOD are going to be answered and we are all praying for Justice4Vinnie and your family. Can you imagine what Little Vinnie is saying right now, he is so proud of you all for showing him how much you loved and cared for him. He knows the Tamburello's like a good fight and this one yous won't lose. Stay strong, have Faith, and keeping on praying. May GOD bless your family always. Terry & Al

03-24-2010 5:58:47 PM EST
I just read your tentacles page. I want to say I'm shocked but when you release scum back into society that's what happens! the people arbuckle hurt should sue sand. maybe then people will take notice. i said from the beginning that sand is corrupt. he has to account for his crimes sooner or later. your right though, i hope no one was seriously hurt by arbuckle. how does he sleep at night!

Vin Sr.
03-22-2010 6:15:50 PM EST
I wish I knew WHY! I have asked myself that question over and over again. What would make a man in his position turn loose killers, which the real evidence will soon show, back into the population? What would make him help them in their lies? What would make the system corrupt themselves for these drug dealers and killers? Whether Sand turned them into informants or he's just too cowardly to prosecute this case, there can be no logical reason to sacrifice the people! To turn their backs on justice! One thing you can be sure of. We will bring out the truth! But it will never justify their actions. Sand must be taken off of all cases and an inquiry into his actions should be done. His being taken off the case will not deter our efforts to hold him accountable.

03-21-2010 6:28:06 PM EST
This is stranger han fiction. Why would he DA do what he did? Surely not to protect the Vt boyos???? Wha was his motive?

A Townie
03-20-2010 4:38:08 PM EST
Have you filed a complaint against Sands with the Vermont Board of Bar Oversees? He needs to lose his license to practice law. Best wishes and I am sure that your son is proud of his family and all that you folks have accomplished!

03-19-2010 12:02:10 PM EST
I agree Sabrina. I can't imagine the heartbreak of losing a child so violently, having to go through what our own corrupt justice system are putting them through and then going through the degradation these spineless cowards are throwing at them. Yet through all of this they have held their heads high. My complete admiration goes out to them.

Sabrina   sabrinahunter34@yahoo.com
03-17-2010 1:31:38 PM EST
Shame on you, NA, Mickey Mouse, and any other pseudonyms you fall under. I've read your posts, and am not at all surprised at the venom you spit. I also ask where in society does a person who delegates such viciousness fit? I also have to wonder why you would represent Vermonters in this fashion. I agree with Vin Sr. that you're disgracing the good people of Vermont with your tyrades. The Tamburello's appear to be the better people. They've endured enough, losing their son to a senseless act. And yet, somehow you feel the need to compound their lives with useless propoganda. I notice that, no matter what you say, and no matter what they've endured these past 19 months, Vin Sr. still responds with a level head. Personally, I have to extend my complete admiration to him and his family. I'm not sure what it is you're trying to do, but I can say you're not succeeding. It seems to me the Tamburello's have too much class for that.

Vin Sr.
03-15-2010 6:08:24 PM EST
Na, Mickey Mouse, smiley or whatever name you are hiding behind. I KNEW YOU WERE A COWARD! Just tell your real name and e-mail. It's easy to talk big while cowering behind a false front. But I expected that from you. Your disgusting posts are an affront to decency. But I'm curious. You rant and swear and are disgusting except in one part of your posts. In each of your posts you remark about one certain person, Tim Arbuckle! And I quote: "I admit arbucle has wigger syndrome and he also likes to hit people with weapons, he was the kickin vinne, he caused this" "I dont agree with tim arbuckle i must say he is a complete idiot and has no class," "the fact of the matter is arbuckle started everything". These are direct excerpts from your posts. I don't want to post everything you said because some of your tips are useful and will be going to the new DA. And for that I thank you. It's also not hard to figure out who you really are. And your real intentions with these posts. And why you will not give your real name. But no matter what you say, no matter how much you try to deflect blame, justice will come. So don't bother to post anything else. I will eliminate everything. You are irrelevant. And a coward!

Vin Sr.
03-14-2010 9:08:57 PM EST
Na: You're a coward! You spread your vile words of hate behind the secrecy of a false name. You denigrate your own people, us, Vinnie, everyone! It doesn't matter to you. You just want to spread hate! Your disgusting remarks are so vile I will not allow them on this site to disgrace the people of Vermont. Post your real name and e-mail if you have the guts! But you won't! Because you're a low life. Feasting on people's misery. There are no words or insults that you can say to us that could cause us anymore anguish than what we have gone through already. But I won't allow you to bring pain and shame to the good people of Vermont. So come on coward don't hide. Do you have the guts to face your own people with your insults and disgusting remarks about them? Give your name and e-mail and let's see how brave you really are! I'm sure Vinnie's friends, who you also insult would like to meet with you and hear what you have to say. Give me your real name and e-mail and I will post your words of hate to let them know what type of person is living among them! Hating them! I'm sure your family would also like to know of the shame you bring to them!

03-12-2010 11:37:53 AM EST
As the truth comes out we can't forget who is responsible for this. Robert Sand! His stepping down is an admission of guilt in my eyes. He is as much responsible as the men involved and should be held accountable!

03-11-2010 2:50:29 PM EST
Reading what happened to Vincent Tamburello Jr. and how the responsible parties have acted towards the Tamburello family since then doesn't shock me one bit. The Bolaskis and Arbuckle have always lived in a dream land where they think they're these hardcore gangsters. Arbuckle has wigger syndrome real bad and the way he keeps acting I won't be surprised when somebody cures him.

03-11-2010 4:47:57 AM EST
Oh another thing Bolaski's, since I know you clowns read this page. You both are about 155 pounds soaking wet. You guys are softer than grapes so stop running your mouths off like you could beat up anybody in a fist fight. Kyle will find out where he fits in on the foodchain when he's in the pen!

03-11-2010 4:29:21 AM EST
"Maybe if he went out there with intentions of fighting with his hands, instead of a weapon than it would have been different, Or kept his mouth shut to other ppls women this would have been avoided, Maybe he should have taken the asswhooping that he was gonna get instead of messing with weapons.. Lesson learned dont bring a knife to a gun fight." You Bolaskis are little cowards... spineless pieces of garbage from the suburbs that think you're some big time high rollers. Only reason you guys had the balls to "stand up" to Vinnie was because you were rolling about 10 deep with a crew of your fellow man fans. If that's what it takes for you guys to feel good about dishing out an ass whipping, then you guys are even bigger pieces of subhuman slime than I thought. You guys like to run your mouth & act like big shot tough guys... I wish they'd lock you in a room with Vin's brother Chris for 5 minutes and we'd see just how tough you guys really are.

Vermont Mom
03-10-2010 1:46:48 PM EST
DESPICABLE!! We know the Bolaskis and basically everyone involved. My children have associated with them. Their parents are good people. I have followed this from the very first but I have not commented until now. Their actions are despicable! They make light of a very serious situation. They bring shame to their families and Vermont. Whatever happens they have brought on themselves and deserve everything they get!

Vin Sr.
03-08-2010 8:29:53 PM EST
Diane, Thank you very much for letting us know. I figured it had to be them because of the hurtful and total lack of compassion in that post. It could only have been done by someone with absolutely no regard for human life. Their cruel statements show what type of people Sand had let back on the streets. They don't care about Vinnie or us or you or even their own friends because their arrogance is a big slap in the face to everyone. They admit they brought the guns to fight with. They admit that they were going there to kill Vinnie. We knew this all along, especially with the new evidence we have that no one has yet seen. But it is what they are doing now to everyone else that truly shows their total disregard for life. To their friends that lied for them and may now go to jail because of their involvement, to the jurors who believed they did the right thing by letting them go, to Sand and the judiciary who put their careers on the line to protect them. They are mocking them, ridiculing them, spitting in their faces! What do they think of them now? To hear it from their own mouths! You are right in that they are Vermonsters. They care about no one but themselves. That is why we will do everything we can to make sure they go away and can never harm anyone else ever again. And with the help of good, concerned people like yourself it will happen. Let's hope it will happen before someone else gets killed! If there is anyone you know that wants to help confidentially they can write to us at justice4vinnie@yahoo.com. Everything will be held in the strictest confidence. Thank you again for having the courage to help.

03-07-2010 9:15:10 PM EST
To vin sr. my friend and i have a friend at lasai's who told me kyle and corey told her about a post they left on here. i had to see what she were talking about and now i wish i didnt. it was the NA post because my friend told me the knife to a gun fight thing. i dont know what to say except im disgusted with what they think is funny. i knew you would be abel to tell who wrote that post because no one else i know would write something like that. i hope you find justice through that new prosecutor because these kids are not Vermonters, their Vermonsters.

Vin Sr.
03-05-2010 9:22:02 PM EST
Dear Relieved: I'm sorry to hear about the troubles in your life. I hope it is nothing serious. Yes, it is good we finally got Sand taken off. With him gone the protection that he gave to everyone is gone. I hope this gives the people the courage to stand up for themselves when and how they need to. It is up to them to make a stand and take back their lives. Because no matter what happens and who goes away for this terrible crime there will be someone else to take their place. There will always be another DA Sand that will sacrifice the people for his own misguided agenda and let the drug dealers and criminals walk free. When that happens it is up to the people to make that stand, to fight for themselves to have the courage to go against the odds. I hope that I have helped in some way to give them that courage to stand up for their beliefs. For once my fight is over the people's will still continue, but only if they allow it to! Thank you again for your support.

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