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Vin Sr.
03-05-2010 8:58:29 PM EST
N/A: You are obviously a friend of these men or even possibly one of them. You talk about fighting with his hands when it was your friends who took rifles, knives and mallets and a gang of people to fight one man! Vinnie was more than willing to fight one on one unfortunately none of your friends had the courage to do that. An interesting point you make is that you are the first of their friends to admit they intentionally brought those guns to fight. That this was a "gunfight!" Thank you for reaffirming what the facts state: That they brought those guns for one reason and one reason only, to use on my son!

Vin Sr.
03-05-2010 8:43:44 PM EST
Anonymous, I am so very sorry to hear about your child attempting suicide. I hope that you all find the courage and strength to stand beside each other and get through this. You need each other now more than ever. I hope he/she understands that suicide is not the answer. The pain and anguish that is brought on the family can never be justified. I pray that you will never have to bear the tragedy of losing a child and that through your love and guidance your child will realize that is not the answer. May God Bless you and watch over you and your family. You say they were terrified of Vinnie. Let me ask you this: Were they terrified when they chased him and 2 girls and tried to run them off the road? Were they scared when they trespassed and with tire irons and several car loads of people assaulted an elderly resident and Vinnie? Were they scared when they called Vinnie the next day to set up a fight? Were they scared when they approached the vehicle with a group of people with just Vinnie and 2 scared girls? Were they scared when they chased him and shot him in the back? How scared were they when they beat Vinnie as he lay helpless? I'm sorry but these men weren't scared, they were vengeful! No, the people who were scared were Vinnie and 2 innocent girls that were terrified when the sanctity of their own home was invaded by a mob intent on violence. When that same mob advanced on them at the field they were terrified. After he was shot the first time I can only imagine the terror my son felt when he realized that these men were not going to stop! My son was terrified when he realized as these men chased him and continued firing their weapons, that these men meant to kill him! I'm sorry anonymous these men weren't scared, they were vengeful! This was one man against a whole group, an entire gang with deadly weapons. With those odds how scared would you be?

03-05-2010 2:56:12 PM EST
Maybe if he went out there with intentions of fighting with his hands, instead of a weapon than it would have been different, Or kept his mouth shut to other ppls women this would have been avoided, Maybe he should have taken the asswhooping that he was gonna get instead of messing with weapons.. Lesson learned dont bring a knife to a gun fight.

Relieved in Chester
03-05-2010 9:26:26 AM EST
You know life was tough for me this past week and then I thought about how tough your life has been through your struggle. I opened up the site and saw Sand has been removed. That's great! I hope the Arbuckles get REAL charges against them and go away for this. Diane and I have talked and know Tim and Tom and wanted to tell you they're nothing but a couple of strung out kids who think noone will stand up to them. Well, you did, and I want to thank you for your courage. Maybe now they'll think twice about beating on the girls around here. Maybe the girls will have a little more courage and face them in court and maybe the men around here will stand up for their daughters.

03-05-2010 9:11:23 AM EST
I am so sorry for your loss. I can only imagine how horrific it is to lose a child, as I almost lost mine recently to suicide. I am someone very close to three of these boys involved. I heard about the terror these kids were feeling prior to this incident. They were terrified of Vinnie. I wish the Springfield Police had done their job then so that none of us would be where we are today. Again, I am so sorry for your loss. I just feel compelled to let you know how scared these kids were of your son. I am sending prayers to everyone involved but do not feel that these kids were murderers. Mistakes were made but I assure you this was not calculated murder.

Dappa Dan   danielcallahan57@yahoo.com
03-02-2010 1:13:28 AM EST
Vin Sr, after knowing you and your family for more then 30 years there is not a chance that you are "scumbags" as they call you. the real scumbags are the "scumbags" who took your sons life with no remorse at all as they say "What go's around comes around" And some day when Kyle bolaski sitting in jail with his scumbag friends including sands then justice will be served!!!

02-28-2010 5:24:33 PM EST
Vin Sr. I am so glad to see your efforts have paid off and Sand has been removed. Hopefully this new prosecutor is not like Sand and will fight for you. I have lived here all my life and I can't ever remember a District Attorney being taken off a case such as this. I'm sure your son is very proud. I will pray that you will finally get justice.

02-27-2010 9:23:00 PM EST
I knew this day would come! Sand screwed this case so much it was only a matter of time. This is great news! This reaffirms that which we knew all along. Sand is corrupt! He coddles to the drug dealers and criminals and him stepping down proves that. Now that his protection is gone Kyle will be going away. So will his partners! Mr. Tamburello you have done us all a favor. God Bless you and your family.

amber   xobabiambaox@aim.com
02-21-2010 11:34:23 PM EST
i just wanted to say that i hope the hearing goes well on tuesday i really hope and pray that you get justice for your son it seems that you loved him very much always loved and never forgotten

Vin Sr.
02-15-2010 12:59:41 PM EST
Dear Shelley and Relieved: Thank you so much for your kind words and support. SHELLEY, the event was a huge success! The outpouring of support was sensational! RELIEVED, We understand exactly what you mean about the repercussions. So many people have written us about the same concerns. But take heart, you will not have to worry about that too much longer.

Relieved in Chester
02-14-2010 5:13:55 PM EST
I wanted to extend our love on Valentine's Day to you and your family and to let you know your son is in our thoughts. Please know there are a lot of people here that feel the way I do, but a lot of people fear repercussions from the Bolaski's if they express themselves. You are in our thoughts.

SHELLEY   jckmsmom@yahoo.com
02-13-2010 6:45:32 PM EST

Vin Sr.
02-05-2010 10:57:34 PM EST
One thing I must point out: everything on this site is backed up by legal court documents, police statements, statements by the defendants themselves and Grand Jury testimony. These documents are available through the courts.

Gina Lawless Atkins
02-05-2010 8:45:18 PM EST
Vinnie, you are correct by stating threats not solving anything, I just wonder what kind of people can type such horrible things to a family that has lost a child. I admire you soooo much, you are a very strong man. I know you will get justice, and I hope when you do, you can just kick back and smile at all the ones defending the murderers....

Vin Sr.
02-05-2010 8:31:32 PM EST
Gina, thank you for your support but please do not resort to threats of physical violence. Anger and violence will never solve anything. I do agree with Chris on one thing: that everyone is hearing different things and everyone has their own opinion. But one day soon the real facts will be known. Again I thank you for your support. Chris how can you tell Gina not talk about things she knows nothing about? How do you know she doesn't also know these people? I can tell you this: there are many FACTS of this case that will be forthcoming. What right do you have to voice your opinion yet tell others to silence themselves. What right do you have to tell Diane her stories are crazy when she also obviously knows these people well. You have a right to your opinion but do not have a right to silence others.

Vin Sr.
02-05-2010 8:10:38 PM EST
Chris: You have your opinion and I respect that. But it doesn't change the facts that Vinnie was shot in the back and then brutally beaten by these nice respectable, goodhearted boys! Known drug dealers that sell their poison to their neighbors children possibly even your own. You use the Lord's name to justify murder! I can't believe that you condone that! It is hard for me to believe that you are a Vermont "elder" and condone murder and drug dealing by these "good ol' boys". Kyle, Corey, Ucci, Tristan and Arbuckle will pay for their crimes, as will everyone that lied and perjured themselves. Sand cannot protect them any longer! The day of reckoning is coming and there is nothing that is going to stop it! You say you are glad that Kyle murdered my son! Make sure you write and let him know that when he is in prison paying his debt for something he didn't do!

Gina Lawless Atkins
02-05-2010 7:34:16 PM EST
OMG Chris, if that is what you call "good hearted boys" I sure wouldn't want to see what the bad hearted boys do....If Kyle didn't do it, then who did? I used to defend trash also, but then I grew up and realized I had to take off my rose colored glasses, you must have found them .

Vin Sr.
02-02-2010 7:24:00 PM EST
Dear Relieved: Thank you for your kind words. You and others like you give us the strength and determination to carry on our fight. Not just against the Kyle's and Corey's or any of the others involved but also against the corrupt judicial system that believe they are above the law and allow these men to return to the streets again and again. Whenever we get a hate post, such as from padraic, there are always more posts about the concerns of the people and their support. As long as there are people like you and Diane and all the others that are tired of the revolving door justice system and reject the drug dealers and criminals that the judiciary allow to inflict their disease on others they will not win! And we will not give up until justice has been served and the men like Sand that have their own brand of justice are held accountable. Please know that no matter how many times the haters try to turn this into Vermont against the world we will never let that happen because of the good people of Vermont like yourself and Diane. God Bless you and thank you for your prayers.

Relieved in Chester
02-02-2010 1:22:37 PM EST
I wanted to tell you I will pray for your family and let you know your not alone. There are many nof us watching this site and thankful to you for standing up to these punks. My good friend Diane told me about this site and she's not wrong. Maybe now they will put these kids away. Corey and Kyle have disgraced their parents enough with the drugs. Theres alot of talk brewing about this site around here and we wonted to thank you. I am so sorry you have lost your son to them and sad we met this way but we will pray for you and your son.

01-31-2010 3:46:32 PM EST
Well if it isn't the Bolaski's and friends

Vin Sr.
01-31-2010 2:14:45 PM EST
agrees with thoughts, padraic, safe in boston or whatever name you are hiding behind, you do not put your real name because you are a coward. You talk big behind the veil of secrecy but your cowardice blasts out through every word. You say you worry about revenge. Well, you should, but not from us. There is nothing I can do to make your life more miserable than it is now. You are sitting up at 3:30 in the morning, your hatred fueled by drugs and drink. If it was revenge we wanted it would have been. You make up lies about imaginary threats from us to hide your cowardice! No, you are not worried about revenge from us but from your own. You have put 3 posts and they have been nothing but hatred and insults, anger and bigotry. You insist on making this out to be Vermont against the world. Anyone that reads this site knows it is nothing about Vermont against the world. It is against the hate and venom that people like you spew out. Your posts say that all Vermonters are like you and that you hate everyone. You are wrong! There are good people in Vermont. People that care about justice not about hatred. People that want to live in harmony with their neighbors around the country. No, You do not represent them. You represent everything that the good people of Vermont, and the world, stand against. Hatred and bigotry. The same hatred and bigotry that now has our country in a war! The hatred that has killed thousands of our fellow Americans and is now trying to spread throughout the world. You breed on the fear that you instill in your own people. There is nothing good that can ever come from this. Isn't it enough that there is one man dead and countless lives ruined? There is no place in society for the hatred and bigotry that seems to engulf you. Your life is miserable so you take your misery out on everyone else which, unfortunately, happens to be your own people. But I must thank you for showing the world the hatred and bigotry we must continue to fight. For showing your fellow Vermonters the sickness that is still in their midst. Your hatred has enforced our determination to see justice to the end. We will not be deterred by lies, or insults, threats or coercion. The only threat we made was the threat of justice for those involved. It is obvious that you are one of those and the threat of justice is weighing heavily on your mind. And well it should. For one day soon you can be sure we will meet face to face. On the court of justice as you begin paying your debt to society!

Gina Lawless Atkins
01-31-2010 1:12:09 PM EST
Oh, one more thing..'Are you safe in Boston" you won't post your name or email because you know you are WRONG and you don't want everyone to know who you are..I don't blame you there, if I would have posted a message like yours, i wouldn't want people to know who I was either.

Gina Lawless Atkins   ginalatkins@hotmail.com
01-31-2010 12:36:02 PM EST
"Are you safe in Boston" the ONLY hate in this website is posted from YOU and YOUR buddy "Thoughts"If you feel this website is such a parasite, then stay the heck off of it...Also, can you please point out where anything is being taken out on the Vermonters, by what I am reading Vin Sr. is trying to make sure that the "Vermonters" are not put in the same situation as he has been in for over a year now. I think you and "Thoughts" must be reading a entirely different website then which I am. I pray every night that Vin Sr. finds justice for Vinnie. I think when you go to bed tonight you need to pray for the same thing. You never know , oneday you may be in his spot and then you would understand what he and his family are going through, but until then you need to get the facts straight before you go posting ignorant thoughts!!!!!

Are you safe in Boston?
01-31-2010 3:33:01 AM EST
I would just like to say this site is so full of hate! You hate and yet you cannot just mourn the death of your son for what it is. You hate as you take it out on us vermonters. If there is no room for hate then delete this site as it is a parasite to the source. And as for the peoples representing our State I am proud to say i am from here. I do not write my name nor email because of the threats recieved on your end.. I wouldn't myslef want revenge taken on me.

Vin Sr.
01-30-2010 10:46:03 PM EST
Padriac what? What's your e-mail? If you are their lifelong friend I now know what we must do to make sure these people face justice. If they are as hate filled as you then I thank you for making our decision easier to make sure these people all face justice to the fullest extent of the law. If there was any hesitancy in our quest for justice you have just eliminated any doubt! These men do not belong on the street with their hate and anger and bigotry. Your hate and their hate is a disease but with every disease there is a cure.

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