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Pauline Chase
11-11-2014 12:10:43 AM EST
Scott Huminski, for years I see your posts against John lavoie. I have to ask just what is your beef eith him that you paid a fine 20 years ago, but I mean that can't be the reason you are so psychotic over john Lavoie. please tell me why do you hate john lavoie so much? Please tell me the story I would like to understand where you're coming from. also you say this site is hindering your 1st amendment rights well can't you see that you are doing the same thing. You are trying to forcr the Tamburello's from speaking good aout John Lavoie. You have violated their rights far more than what you said 1 person on this site said to you. Seriously though I really would like to know what John Lavoie did to make you hate him so much. What made you waste over 20 years of your life trying to get back at him. He must have really done something despicable. Please let us know so we can understand. Because you are obviously a very smart man who could do a lot of good for people. But instead you pursue meaningless hindrances in the court system. So please enlighten me as to what John Lavoie did to you so I could understand your obsession.

Vin Sr.
10-25-2014 1:16:17 AM EST
Janice, Please accept my deepest condolences for your loss. 10 years is nothing in the scheme of things. The pain is still there as it was on the first day and unfortunately it's even worse when there's no closure. I pray that you will one day find justice. I want to thank you for your support and kind words. I will be updating the site again but not until after the election. I don't want Vinnie's death to be used as a political ploy as it has been already by the new DA that took Robert Sand's place. He refused to take the case when Bolaski got an appeal stating the case was "TOO POLITICAL!" Obviously they are scared that it would hurt politically because they know what they did was wrong! The only person this would hurt politically is Sorrell and he fears it because he falsified a grand jury. But I don't want Vinnie dragged in to the politics. Let the people vote and he will be voted in again and then I will continue. Right after the elections I will be putting on new pages with new information. So please continue to watch and thank you for your support. God Bless you and your family.

10-22-2014 9:42:20 PM EST
Mr. Tamburello, first off I would like to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. I understand your pain and heartbreak. I too lost my son to violence. He was killed over a $50 bag of marijuana in Burlington 10 years ago. His killers still walk the streets, known drug dealers. I've been following your story from the beginning but have not seen anything added about the case on your site. Will you be adding any updates? You've been an inspiration to a lot of people including my family. I hope everything is alright and wish you the best of luck. God Bless you.

Paul M   pmac@gmail.com
10-18-2014 2:50:23 AM EST
I agree Randy."Greg" is a coward with a loud mouth. Hiding behind the anonymity of the message board. Use your real name and e-mail you coward! Let us see who you really are so your friends and neighbors can see what type of person who revels in murder!

10-14-2014 5:58:22 PM EST
"Greg", (I use quotations, because I know you're not "Greg") clearly, you didn't read the specifics because the statements you make are interesting...almost like they come from someone that has first hand knowledge...someone, maybe, on that lawn, the night before, and then down at that park, and more specifically, on the witness stand. See, "Greg", if you were smart, you would have left out the events that could have only been known by someone that made those same claims, because some of the things you state are nowhere on this website, and was proven to be fabricated after they spilled from the specific testimonial I speak of. That aside, you should be ashamed yourself. A man was killed, not because of the outlandish claims you state but because an admitted drug dealer didn't like him. So he made those same outlandish statements stated above to a group of 15 to 20 individuals that hunted this man for an entire day, and couldn't find him. Most people would have given up the hunt. A reasonable person would have gone to the police and filed a claim against this man if those claims you state were true...but not these people. They had something to prove. They didn't want this man living in 'their' area, so, when they couldn't find him, they lured him to that field to, in the term another witness stated in his police statement, 'finish him'. Is that the term a rational individual uses? You should be ashamed of yourself.

09-05-2014 5:29:13 PM EST
By the way, Scott, in case I wasn't clear...I will not be responding to you anymore. Your fight is your fight, not the Tamburello's. Leave them alone, and stop using me as a tool, also.

09-05-2014 5:23:41 PM EST
You can't drag me into your vendetta, Scott. I don't support violence of any kind. I support rights, and you're denying the Tamburello's the right to grieve. You're denying the Tamburello's rights to due process, by invading their website with your own personal vendetta against the Vermont Justice System. Your problem is your problem, and you have no right to invade the personal space of anyone without invitation. What you're doing to this website is no different than walking through their front door without prior notification. What you're doing is illegal. You're not crafty enough to drag me into your problem. You call me out so you can use me as a tool to continue spewing your venom on this site. Scott, you wasted more than twenty years of your life chasing a ghost. You could have used that time to better your life, but you didn't, and you're no better off than you were back then. I said what I had say, and I'm not gonna be used as your tool to continue harassing the Tamburello's. I'd say God be with you, but your actions clearly exemplify your rejection.

Brian Davis   Wesdavis7@gmail.com
08-09-2014 1:21:17 PM EST
I am shocked that they allowed him to be out on bail, Vinny is not allowed the luxury to be out on bail. I follow this and wish you the best of luck and hope he is found guilty once again, they can argue he was suicidal and question his mental state but (A he was shot in the back and (B I believe I read on here that they went home switched trucks and got the gun, seems premeditated. It's a shame to put the family through this again. Good luck Vince.

Vin Sr.
07-26-2014 12:34:08 PM EST
Juror, you are 100% correct. THE FACTS ARE PLAIN, VINNIE WAS SHOT IN THE BACK AS BOLASKI PURSUED HIM! That won't change. Yet that was not mentioned in the Supreme courts decision. As a matter of fact none of the true facts of the trial were used in the decision! That's right...NONE. They completely and in my opinion deliberately neglected the true facts. Every instance they cite in their decision was not facts from the trial but from the Grand Jury . They state specifics that were proved false at trial, yet they used those instead of the truth. They mention statements made by Ucci in their decision, though he admitted on the stand he lied. They state where Bolaski tried to get in his car as Vinnie was swinging at him yet, as you know, that never happened! The Supreme court used false testimony and perjured statements to get the result they wanted because if they used the truth Bolaski would have no appeal. I will detail all of this in the coming weeks. And yes you are right, which story are Blanchard, Ucci and Corey now going to use? They can't stick with their original stories as they were proved and even admitted to being lies which now open them up to perjury and obstruction charges. I'm just so sorry that the Supreme Court ignored all of your and the other jurors hard work and sacrifice for the sake of a convicted murderer. Bolaski will be convicted again...the evidence now is even stronger. What the people should want to know and demand is why Bolaski is being protected. They put a convicted murderer back on the street endangering their own people. The people should be demanding to know why. But please believe me when I say that your efforts were not for nothing. You spoke as one for the truth, you showed that the people want and demand justice. For that you have our eternal gratitude

A juror
07-25-2014 3:49:45 PM EST
What a shame that Bolaski is out of jail. I've spoken with several others who were on the jury, and we ALL agree that different jury instructions would not have changed the outcome. He shot Vinnie in the back!! He was guilty and is guilty and I am so sorry there has to be another trial to prove it. It'll be interesting to see if the low life witnesses that were involved can remember what they said the first time... I see some perjury charges in the future. Bolaski will be back in jail, I hope.

Interested party
07-15-2014 7:23:06 PM EST
I thought you may find this interesting... Scott Huminski was recently physically removed from the Maricopa County Attorney's Office for his loony behavior, and now comes his BS affidavit and demand for $175,000... ALL ABOUT THE MONEY WITH THIS GUY!! BEWARE

07-15-2014 2:44:30 PM EST
Apparently, you overlooked the 'harassment' clause.

Ryan   rkelley@freeswim.co
06-16-2014 4:58:56 AM EST
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05-06-2014 8:31:28 PM EST
My posts have nothing to do with Vermont. They have nothing to do with Lavoie, Zimmerman, or previous/future victims/defendants. They're specifically focused on your ignorance to a grieving family's requests to stop spamming their website. Let me give you a piece of information you seem to overlook. The decisions we make that affect us negatively are poor decisions, but the decisions we make that affect others negatively are terrible decisions. You use the 'I'm helping others' avenue thinking there are people that are actually listening to you, when, in all actuality, you're not helping anyone but yourself. If you really want to find peace, and someone to listen to you, Scott, go to church...the Lord listens to everyone. In the meantime, show him you're not the ignoramus you're painting yourself, and leave this website.

05-06-2014 7:22:20 PM EST
There's a BIG difference between Justice and revenge, Scott. Your ignorance to a spamming a grieving family's website has gone far beyond an obsession. Clearly, it's a reflection of your character, and a HUGE reason why you've chased this obsession for more than twenty years. You're not doing this for anyone but your own personal pleasure. You're getting so giddy over the idea that we're responding to your ignorance, you fail to see what we actually see in each of your posts. You're just the only one that doesn't get it.

Vin T
04-28-2014 2:38:22 PM EST
Scott Huminski. This site isn't for your personal vendetta. Stay off of it.

Josh Erickson
04-28-2014 10:42:28 AM EST
I was at the trial of Bolaski for most of it and I am shocked as to the reversal! This is a sad day for Vermont. That they are allowing a murderer back on the streets. The justices are basing one of the reasons for the reversal was that Bolaski only had seconds to react. That is far from the truth. Testimony in court showed Bolaski got in the drivers side of the truck, got out of the passengers side, went to the back of the truck, opened the door and pulled the rifle out of the back seat. At this point he could have run but chose no to. He then loaded the rifle, walked around to the front and confronted Tamburello at the side of the truck where Tamburello still was and said "Do you want some of this?" and then pulled the trigger. He then chased Tamburello around the truck before firing the fatal shot. Bolaski not only had plenty of time to run but had several minutes between shots. This wasn't spontaneous in the heat of the moment. He knew what he was doing. This was a deliberate and heinous murder! Why would they ignore the facts?? Did they not read the actual facts of the case or are they pulling a Robert Sand and manipulating the evidence to get the outcome they want? It seems to be the latter. Vermont will forever be shamed by the acts of our justice system.

Brian Davis   wesdavis7@gmail.com
04-27-2014 11:10:30 AM EST
I cannot believe they are giving this coward another trial. You shot the man in the back and beat him after he was well past the point of moving much less posing a threat. That's our judicial system for you! I wish you luck Vinnie Sr. I hope good prevails and sorry you have to go through this all again. Brian

04-26-2014 6:48:54 PM EST
I think you mean IP, Scott, as in IP address. ISP is 'internet service provider', which does not, and cannot reveal my whereabouts. Thank you for corroborating my initial post, though. You see, Scott, I'm Vinnie's Uncle, and what you're doing to this site is demeaning. Your personal vendetta is not sludge for this site. This site is for those that love and miss Vinnie very much. So, do us a favor...and back off. There are plenty of other avenues you can take to vent. This is not one of them.

04-26-2014 4:25:33 PM EST
Scott, aka John. You charge John LaVoie of prosecutorial misconduct, yet you prey on this site, and I'm sure many others, with the same delusional precepts you've been ranting for years. Why don't you stop feeding off of others, and just go on with your life. Vinny's family will handle this with the same love and convictions they did and continue to do without your ridiculous motions, notions, and insane babble. You have your opinion about John, as do I. Due process is not done by one man. It's done by twelve open-minded individuals that will serve the public the best way they know how. Bolaski was convicted because of HIS actions...not because of what John did or didn't do. Leave the Tamburello's alone, and let them continue their pursuit without your dejected, feeble-minded, input.

03-17-2014 4:42:15 AM EST
Both sides are sad and both sides suffer hurt and loss family friends acquaintances many good people.

03-17-2014 4:38:32 AM EST
Can We Say Lost. Yeah I think so. If you were there then you would have the right to a true opinion. But talk is talk we all do it when anger/upset. It's just my thoughts are maybe you should get the whole story not one side. Everyone has a right to there opinion so if this keeps you feeling content and helps you sleep at night then best of luck to you all.

Linda Simonds
03-12-2014 11:46:08 AM EST
Mr. Tamburello, I just read the news update on my FB news feed, as I live in Springfield, Vt. I must say, I am so utterly embarrassed by the Vt Justice System. Your sons story is so heartbreaking and I hope the hand of justice is felt swiftly upon ALL involved in this heinous crime. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Vin Sr.
12-28-2013 10:02:27 PM EST
DAILY REMINDER... You're a coward! You hide behind the anonymity of the message board with an alias. Use your real name and e-mail so the world can see what type of person you are that insults a dead person and then hides. Let everyone see that you are, as you put it... A "SCUMBAG!"

Michael Martin   mikemartin542@gmail.com
12-08-2013 11:21:14 PM EST

Hello VINNY ; I'm real sorry to hear this happen to u'r family , even more sorry for this being the first words u herd from me, since I left Boston. I received this article from u'r brother, I could not put it down just reading all the crap u went through from the state of Vermont. U haven't changed a bit still the strong family man I remembered.. I doubt very much If I could have had the will power to hold it together till they get around to finding the right man to do the right job ? I do know that my life is meaningless if I experienced the same tragedy! You are the true meaning of of the phrase "BOSTON STRONG" IT was a real shame to survive living in Charlestown just to move to places we grew up believing it was a lot safer to live outside the city limits but then again we do know it could have been a lot worse ? As someone else stated there should be a movie on this ? Just proving the corruption does not stop at the city limits. .I had to verify that what I was reading were true facts it all sounded like a bad low budget script being hard to believe. ..GOD BLESS U VINNY STAY FAMILY STRONG MIKE

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